How to Get Free DataCamp Subscription For 2 Months?

DataCamp is an online platform providing courses for various specializations. It is very much popular for providing Data Science courses. The services are available both for individuals and companies to get started with learning Data Science, Machine Learning and other related courses. The company was founded in year 2014 and currently it has more than … Read moreHow to Get Free DataCamp Subscription For 2 Months?

Extracting YouTube Data With Python Using API

YouTube is making people go viral and actually YouTube itself is going viral. It is the second largest search engine after Google. Started in year 2005 the platform now has over 2 billion monthly active users. YouTube has helped content creators to get exposure and also earn some revenue out of it. In this article … Read moreExtracting YouTube Data With Python Using API

Programming Guidance – Every Beginner Should Read

This era has witnessed how far technology can go, and at present, it seems to be ruling all. Technology plays a significant role when it comes to innovations and a remarkable portion of such creations deal with software. Software development is mainly based on programming, and thus, it has become an exciting topic. Since a … Read moreProgramming Guidance – Every Beginner Should Read

Best Machine Learning YouTube Channels

Machine Learning YouTube Channels

Internet has already changed the way education system worked earlier. It was never so easy to get trained on a new skill right from your home. India has seen much changes because of the cheapest internet provided by telecom companies.There will be a day when every other skill could be easily learned through online channels. … Read moreBest Machine Learning YouTube Channels

Introduction to MongoDB and PyMongo in Python

Looking at some of our previous articles you might have guessed that How much do we love Python. And we are not alone here as the world is moving towards Python development. Companies like Google, Instagram, Uber, etc depend largely on Python. The language has seen huge growth in past 5 years after the trend … Read moreIntroduction to MongoDB and PyMongo in Python