Privacy Policy

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Here is the list of what kind of personal information we collect from our users when you visit our website and how we protect user information




Our Blog may use cookies to enhance user experience, cookies are the files which are stored in users computer to record the previous visit of the websites.


We use blogger for managing our blog and it may use cookies for a better experience. You may change the setting of your web browser to refuse cookies.




DART Cookies may be used for ad serving through Google’s AdSense which use the information to provide ads related to the need of the visitors. 

You can disable cookies in your web browser if you want.


E-mail Addresses


When you make a comment, contact us, or subscribe us to the mailing list. We get your e-mail address which we promise to never sell to any third party.




The author of the blog reserves the right to moderate comments and the links to any third parties will require moderation and the author also deserves the right to delete such comments. 


Comments are solely for getting feedback and to answer any question if arises and are not meant for advertising your products or website. 

The comments which are not suitable for our blog can be deleted by the author at any time.


Changes To the Policies


We can change the Privacy Policy at any time , but we will mention the date at the bottom of this page to make sure you get to know the last updated date. You should frequently check this page for any changes to the privacy policy.


Privacy Policy Last Updated : 3 July 2019 (India)