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15+ Top Educational YouTube Channels In India [Updated]

Do you want to make it worth watching YouTube all day long?

If yes, then read this article till the end. We are going to share some of the top educational YouTube channels in India.

If you are an avid Internet user then you already know about YouTube as a platform. Anyone with an Internet connection can access the platform and watch the video content shared by online creators. If you have got something to share then you can also create a channel and share your skills online.

YouTube as a platform has got more than 2 billion users and that counts as one-third of the Internet. It is considered one of the best platforms to start learning a skill. This is the reason that we also have created a separate segment on our website to feature the best YouTube channels for different tech skills.

Best Education YouTube Channels In India

In this article, we will be looking at some of the best educational channels on YouTube. This list would include channels in multiple categories and you can choose them as per your requirements.

So, let us get started with the list of top Educational YouTube channels:

1. Study IQ Education

It is one of the most popular YouTube channels in the Education niche for the Indian audience. The channel has got more than 8 lakh subscribers and receives more than 60 million views every month.

The main focus of the channel is to train students for different government exams. These exams include UPSC, SSC CGL, Bank PO. LIC and more such exams. Regular content around the subjects related to these exams is shared and watched all over the country.

You can move to the Playlists section to find videos for different subjects and exams. Also, you can watch the live sessions regularly to keep updated with the latest lectures and study material.

2. wifistudy

This is not a new channel but was started in the year 2014. As per their official channel, they are getting more than 20k subscribers on a daily basis. This makes them one of the fastest-growing educational YouTube channels in India. Also, till 15th June 2020, they have received around 1.6 billion views which are the highest in the education niche.

wifistudy creates video content for the students preparing for government exams. With both study material and live sessions, they are covering all the topics and subjects as per the new pattern and syllabus of specific exams. The main exams that they cover are SSC, Banking, Railway, Clerk, and more.

By providing free lectures on all the major subjects and topics they are helping students learn them effectively. You can move to their Playlist section to find videos in an ordered format.

3. Unacademy

Unacademy is an online platform for quality learning. They have their subscription model for students where they can prepare themselves for various competitive exams. Unacademy also has got different YouTube channels based on specific exams like JEE, UPSC, and Banking.

Every individual channel is focusing on one of the exams and regular live sessions are organized. Students can go through the old videos from the video section and can learn online for free.

We are listing some of their main YouTube channels below:

They do have other channels too and you can look for them from the featured section on their official YouTube channel.

4. Mahendras

Mahendras is the Official YouTube Channel of Mahendra Educational Private Limited specialized in facilitating online classes for banks, SSC, Railways & other competitive examinations. It is another channel that is creating quality educational content for the past many years.

They have got more than 4 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. If you are someone who wants to prepare for the government exams then this channel is definitely for you. Going through the playlists section would help you in finding the right videos out of thousands of videos on different subjects and topics.

5. Mr. Indian Hacker

It is not a mainstream educational channel but an experimental-based science channel. We learn more with experiments than with any other thing. We can get a lot of knowledge from books and study material but concepts need to be cleared by experimenting with things.

In the channel, the creators do some science and daily life experiments and show people how things work. There are around 8 million subscribers and the channel is quite active in making new and informative content. You can assume to have 4 to 5 videos a week based on real-life hacks.

If you are interested in Science and Tech then do give this channel a try.

6. FWS – FunWithScience

FWS is another amazing channel with a light take on science and experiments. As we already shared the fact that it is easy to learn things with experiments. So, these types of channels are good for students who want to learn a lot about how things work.

There are only a few Indian creators that are creating quality experimental content. This is one of those channels and thus we have listed it in the list. Not only science experiments but DIY videos, magic tricks, and a lot more is shared on the channel.

Recommended for students and curious learners.


LESICS(formerly known as Learn Engineering) was founded by Sabin Mathew, an IIT Delhi post-graduate in 2012. Their videos are focused on providing quality content for engineering students. They create graphical videos explaining some of the biggest misconceptions and also some complicated technologies.

They are publishing new videos since 2012 and the channel has got around 4.8 million subscribers. You can go through the videos to go deeper into the concepts of engineering.

8. Neso Academy

This channel is no less than an angel for engineering students. It is not that easy for students to grasp concepts about some important subjects including Digital Electronics, Data Structures, and the Theory of Computation. They are one of the best channels to learn the things mentioned above.

Neso Academy also creates content on various other fields and subjects. They have more than 8 lakh subscribers on their channel and as per the comments, all of them seem to be happy with the video content. If you too are facing problems in your engineering domain then you can have a look at the videos and we are sure that you would love them.

9. Pranjal Kamra

Financial education is as important as academic education is. This is the reason for us to list this channel here with other channels. A lot of people are now getting interested in learning about finance, the stock market, investments, etc. Pranjal Kamra shares some quality videos based on the same topics.

The videos are created by focusing on beginners who want to understand value investing, stock analysis, and behavioral finance. The channel has got around 1.6 million subscribers and they publish videos regularly on these topics answering user queries.

10. LearnoHub

LearnoHub was earlier known as Exam Fear and is one of the most popular channel chains in the K-12 segment. They are providing educational lessons for classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12th. Talking about the subjects they teach Physics, Maths, Biology, English, etc.

From time to time they also share experimental videos based on science and tech for helping students learn more effectively. The channel has got close to 1 million subscribers and all over they have posted more than 5k videos under different topics.

We have linked to the one that focuses on the 11th and 12th classes. You can find their other channels from the featured section.

11. ZEE Kids

Zee Kids is a pioneer in providing wholesome entertainment for children of all ages. The channel provides kids with a mixture of animation and DIY content. So, this is not your go-to destination for academic learning but fun learning.

ZEE Kids is well known for providing informative and fun content that can be watched by kids without any parental guidance. All the content is carefully curated to make sure it provides no harmful influences to the kids watching. Currently, it has got around 6 million subscribers and the videos are really informative and actionable for kids.

12. CA Rachana Phadke Ranade

The publisher on this channel is Chartered Accountant Rachna Ranade. She is a Chartered Accountant, Bachelor in Commerce (BCom), Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) & Master in Business Studies (MBS). On the channel, she shares her knowledge and experience in financial education.

The aim of this channel is to improve financial literacy in India and to enable people to learn about stock markets in the most simplified way. There are around 1 million subscribers on the channel and it dates back to 2009. Since then the creator has been sharing knowledge in the form of videos and sessions.

13. Let’s Talk

For we Indians, learning English is an important part of career growth. English works as a tool to connect with people globally. Thus, it is important to have enough English speaking skills to get more varied opportunities. Let’s Talk helps people in learning English effortlessly.

They share regular videos on their channel about different topics in English. By watching these byte-sized videos on a regular basis, anyone can learn to speak the language effectively.

You can also go through the playlists section to get segmented lists of videos. The main categories are Vocabulary, Interview Skills, Spoken English Lessons, and more.

14. 7ActiveStudio

7 Active Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an educational 3D digital content provider for K-12 segments. Companies are trying their best to make it as interactive as they can. The channel publishes 3D interactive videos on different topics that students are interested to learn.

Some of the topics that they cover on their channel are Physics, Biology, Zoology, Medical Materials, and more. All the videos are created in a three-dimensional environment to help students learn them in a better way. 7ActiveStudio is the best fit for students who are not satisfied with the general video lectures.

15. Crazy GkTrick

Government exams need students to be excel in General Knowledge. Almost all major government exams do have GK in their exam structure. It is not easy to remember each and everything that comes under GK and thus it requires some tips and tricks.

Crazy GkTrick is one such YouTube channel for Knowledge that shares amazing videos on how to improve your general knowledge. The channel boasts 4 million subscribers. The playlists section would help you learn things according to their general category.

If you are preparing for any government exam then this would be your favorite educational YouTube channel.

16. Magnet Brains

Magnet Brains is one of the most popular educational YouTube channels and an online education platform that gives free full courses to students from Kindergarten to 12th standard. The YouTube channel helps students to easily understand topics and perform well in some of the toughest competitive exams including CBSE/NCERT, IIT/JEE/NEET, UPSC/SSC Exams, etc.

The channel was established back in 2016 and since then has served hundreds of videos in the education niche. There are more than 2 million active subscribers on the channel and the videos are categorized in the different playlists for students of different age groups and standards.

Bonus YouTube Channel: HKR Trainings

HKR Trainings is a certification and training provider for more than 700 courses with 2000+ Industrial experts.

They offer training on trending courses in cloud computing, BI & Analytics, Data Science & AI, Big Data, Project management, Programming, Web technologies, Databases, Testing, Security, Operating Systems, Digital Marketing, Mobile Development, Robotic Process Automation, Data Warehousing, and ETL, etc.

So, here comes an end to this list of top educational YouTube channels in India. You can go through the channels one by one and start learning new things. Or, you can refer these channels to your friends or knowns who want to learn for free on YouTube.

Do you know the best study channel on youtube in India?

If you have one to add to the list then do share the name in the comments and we would be happy to add it to the education channels list here.

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