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Earbuds Buying Tips for Students – What To Look For

Earbuds are amongst the most used little accessories. We find these as a complimentary as well as customary objects which come along with any sort of mobile phone.

Yet, they are prone to damage, and you might have to look for another pair of these. They’re usually made out of silicone or rubber, and hence, this is among the common problems.

When you reach out to a shop or try shopping online for new earbuds, what are the main things that are considered? The color, how stylish they look, and the last constraint would be price. Very few of us actually consider the brand and material quality used.

All of the above are correct, but there’s more to this. We are here to help you out to get the best earbuds for yourself. We are going to list down below a number of criteria that you should consider before buying a new pair of earbuds.

Earbuds buying tips- What to look for

Product details and specifications

A pair of earbuds is something that is attached to an earphone. Therefore, this has some specifications of its own. Some of them are-

Level of Sensitivity

this is a way of informing us how the electrical ways turn into sound waves and reach our ears safely. This is hence measured in Sound Pressure Level(SPL), and only the earphone, which has middle-level or somewhat low SPL, should be considered for listening to music, etc.


This is an essential criterion as it tells us how a particular range of audio can be repeated. It is measured in Hertz(Hz) and lets you listen to your favorite music in a safe range.

There are other factors such as impedance and also the drivers which should be concentrated upon while making a purchase. Impedance will help you listen to your favorite jam at its best crisp quality, and drivers will boost the audio.

Does It Fit You?

This is among the most important constraints because this will determine the entire earbud’s performance. The earphone’s size and shape definitely matter. You could buy the costliest earphones from the entire list, with a thousand amazing features and which is manufactured by a top-class brand but, until it fits your ear’s cavity, you would never be able to experience all of the goodness.

This factor also considers the material quality of your earphone. A slippery material like plastic or weak silicon tends to drop out of the earhole easily. Even a simple bit of moisture in there will hinder their position. Rubber henceforth works the best. You also get a huge variety of options like foamy ear tips or the ones which have custom made ear tips for the utmost comfort.

Therefore, always go for a pair of earbuds that aren’t slippery, fit your earhole decently well and give you a comfortable feeling. This will act as a great foundation for your entire earphone apparatus, and you will be able to enjoy your favorite music without worries.

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Product Type and What Are Its Specialties?

Earbuds do have a number of special functions and features that many of us don’t really notice. Some of them are-

Noise cancellation function

This stands to be the actual main purpose of an earbud.

All we want is clear and amazing music. But if there are cars honking or dogs barking, all the fun seems dimmed. Hence, this feature helps you keep enjoying and cancels out on all the unnecessary background noise.

Sweat and grease resistance

Many of us love listening to music during our morning jog, workout sessions, or generally on a rush day. Let us admit, we all perspire, and hence, the sweat tends to collect around the ear region.

The sweat and grease resistance feature allows the earbuds to stay intact in the earhole even if there is moisture or grease around.

There are a few other specialties available in the market, which include Bluetooth connectivity and voice assistant. Well, those are considered to be the secondary and additional features that might not be something that everyone is seeking. However, there are plenty of products that give you a solid combo of everything!

If you are a student who spends most of his time in online learning then you should definitely look for something with better battery life. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of time charging the earbuds while going through the courses.


We really hope that the criteria mentioned in the earbuds buying tips- What to look for- list will help you make a clever purchase, and you keep enjoying your musical experience.

Do consider all of them to ensure that you get the best product. This is our attempt to present to you a concise concept of all the possible information that we have found and collected.

Although we put in our best efforts to introduce to you the best, genuine and accurate information, we cannot guarantee or promise you with any completeness and accuracy of the information and data, which has been found from different sources.

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