10 Best YouTube Channels For Learning Website Development

Do you want to learn web development?

Are you looking for some free resources to start with?

Then, this post is definitely for you as we are here with a list of the best YouTube channels to learn Web Development. YouTube as you all might already know is one of the best places to start learning any new skills.

We love YouTube as a platform and have already shared a lot of listicles on the best YouTube channels for different skills. You can check those articles from the main menu above.

Web development as a skill is very much complex to learn and master. New technologies are being introduced every now and then which a developer should always have knowledge about.

YouTube is a place where you can keep yourself updated with all the latest happenings of any specific field. And when you have got the zeal to learn then there are enough active channels that would take you through this journey.

So, let us now start with our list of such YouTube channels to learn web development.:

1. LearnCode Academy

Subscribers: 705,000

Do you want to learn how to develop websites? So what, you’re a beginner. If you follow Learn Code-Academy you’re in for a treat. This YouTube channel covers an amazing beginner level to advance level video playlist for those eager to learn from scratch.

The channel has 24 videos for your reference. They cover broad topics on programming, software development, web designing and development, career advice, and more.

Things you can learn: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Responsive Design, Angular.js, React.js, Dev Ops, and more.

2. The New Boston

Subscribers: 2,480,000

With approx 2.5 million subscribers, The New Boston is a popular YouTube channel to learn end-to-end web development. Initially started by Bucky Roberts, this channel has bloomed into an expert online community.

The New Boston already got featured in our list of YouTube channels to learn Python. The quality content made us feature it again this time.

With over 4200 video tutorials, there is plenty to explore. It covers a wide variety of topics including programming, game development, and many others.

Things you can learn: Angular 2, Gulp, Python, ECMAScript 6, React JS / Redux, SEO, Illustrator, PHP, Java, Ruby, and more.

3. Traversy Media

Subscribers: 1,260,000

Traversy Media is one of the best YouTube channels for learning website development. Brad Traversy is a full-time stack developer who creates easy to learn videos on computer programming, framework, and the latest web technologies. There are many videos on JavaScript too.

The channel has over 1.2 million subscribers and that adds a cherry on the cake.

Here is the practical guide for web dev in 2020. It taps into every aspect of web development and design you need to choose your learning path.


Things you can learn: PHP, SQL, JavaScript, Node.js, Angular 2, React.js, HTML, CSS, Android, and more.

4. Academind

Subscribers: 586,000

Academind is a YouTube channel founded by Manuel Lorenz and Maximilian Schwarzmüller to provide online learning materials to everyone.

You’ll find many web development guides, front-end development content, and short training videos that you may use to get familiar with new technologies. With them, there is always something to learn.

Things you can learn: Data Science, Javascript, Web development, iOS, Android, Vue.js, MERN, CSS, Python, and more.

5. Freecodecamp.Org

Subscribers: 2,530,000

It is an open-source community that helps you to enhance your web developing skills. It is a great channel to learn coding, hacking, and a variety of web design tutorials.

With over 2.5 million subscribers their YouTube channel features a lot of short conceptual videos on Math, Science, Software Development, etc.

Learn and master the most common Data Structures in this course:


Things you can learn: Data Structures, Tkinter, HTML, CSS, Ethical Hacking, Django, and more.

6. DesignCourse

Subscribers: 665,000

Looking for a full-stack education on web development topics? Stay tuned with Gary Simon – the full stack developer for 20 years.

Gary has worked with few big players such as LinkedIn Learning, DigitalTutors.com, and Lynda.com so you can expect some cool stuff there. You’ll find a lot of videos on graphic design, coding, web development, and UI.

Here is the latest video posting from the channel. Learn Fluid Typography right away!


Things you can learn: HTML, CSS, UI/UX Design, Android, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and more.

7. LevelUpTuts

Subscribers: 328,000

LevelUpTuts ranks in our list of the best YouTube channels for learning website development.

The channel was created to help users improve their documentation skills and provide courses on web projects. Since 2012, Scott Tolinski has uploaded 750+ web development and design tutorials. He covers topics like Sass, Stylus, WordPress, Sketch application, etc.

Things you can learn: HTML, CSS, WordPress, React, Meteor, Sass, Drupal, and more.

8. Adam Khoury

Subscribers: 194,000

With 700+ video Adam Khoury is a pure tutorial experience you can get online. Be a better web developer with his amazing video tutorials.

It has the best video tutorials on computer programming languages and graphic design. The channel stands out for its in-depth technical and step by step demonstrations. So are you ready to design like a pro?

The channel is quite underrated in this field but the value that it would provide is amazing. Just head over to the channel and go through some videos to get a sense of the quality.

The most popular JavaScript video on the channel is:


Things you can learn: JavaScript, SQL, PHP, CSS, HTML, Android, ActionScript, and more.

9. The Net Ninja

Subscribers: 567,000

The Net Ninja has a dedicated YouTube channel with really impressive videos for web developers. Over 1400 videos Net Ninja covers various programming, web development, and website designing tutorials.

This particular channel can teach you a lot about Web Development. As a trainer, they have covered a lot of technologies both for beginners and advanced coders. If you are just starting with the coding thing then do check this channel out.

Things you can learn: JavaScript, CSS, Vue.js, Firebase, HTML, Node.js, React, and more.

10. Dev Ed

Subscribers: 430,000

These YouTube channels for learning website development skills accelerate your personal goals in digital marketing. Dev Ed brings easy programming tutorials that make learning hassle-free.

This channel is great to learn web dev and create independent real-world projects. It’s time to start creating your website, learn 3D modeling and tools like Figma without getting bored. Check this channel out and share your views in the comments.

Here is a crash course to learn Sass:


Things you can learn: HTML, CSS, JavaScript Animations, Node.js, React, Python, and more.

I hope you’ve already made a note of these YouTube channels for learning website development.

Now it’s your turn to help fellow developers.

Which channel you’re going to give a try first? Do you already follow any web developer?

Leave a comment in the box below right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth learning web development in 2020?

Though the process of making a career in any web development company is complicated, you need to develop a skill set that makes you stand out from the crowd. If you have it in you, you should give it a try.

Is it hard to learn web development?

Yes, learning web development is no piece of cake. It will take time and perseverance. Learning is ongoing and it takes years to master web developing skills.

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