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Choosing Right Colors For Your Next Presentation

The basic understanding of color or color psychology is not just limited to a fancy gimmick that you might have learned in your high school days.

In fact, the corporate industry prefers using the right color combination for their marketing campaigns to influence their audience.

Online viewers are prone to extreme viewing, making it crucial to understand choosing the right color palette for presentations. There are a number of free slideshow maker in the market which has pre-made templates with the best color combination. If you do not have much designing knowledge you can directly pick such templates.

Let us get into further details and understand the influence of color:

The Purpose Of Color Combinations In Presentation Slides

In any presentation or slideshow, colors fulfill a critical business function to make them look appealing. Colors help individuals highlight critical aspects of their presentations and make the slideshows appear consistent and up to the mark.

Every color has its meaning. So choosing them wisely for presentations will help you send the right message across. All you have to do is know the right combinations of colors to put in slides for presentations to influence the audiences.

You can also categorize the significance of various colors and how you can use them to maximize their effectiveness in presentations.

What Do Colors Depict?

To facilitate viewers, it is critically important to understand how they perceive colors. Understanding their perception is closely related to choosing the colors.

Let us walk you through some of the major colors variation and their representations-

  • Red- The red color evokes strength and passion. It is an intense color that depicts determination and power.
  • Blue- The blue color conveys confidence, security, and calmness. It is used in the healthcare, corporate, and finance industries.
  • Yellow- The yellow color is representative of the light that conveys awareness, energy, and creativity. It is usually used in food industries.
  • Green- Green is the color of nature and peace as it conveys balance and a sense of growth. This color is often used in technical or energy industries.
  • White- The white color is considered to be representative of innocence and purity as it evokes optimism and integrity. It is widely used in the healthcare industry.
  • Black- The black color is representative of elegance and courage, but it is also associated with intense nature. It is used in most luxury product ranges or fashion industries.
  • Orange- The orange color is representative of good causes and initiatives, and it conveys warmth and care.
  • Purple- The purple color conveys exclusivity and dignity, and it is widely used by financial institutions in their brochures or presentations.

Tips To Combine Various Colors In Presentations

In order to accomplish a well-structured color combination for a presentation, it is essential to have color harmony in the same.

It is crucial to follow the color wheel for your presentation as it will help you to understand the saturation and the brightness of presentations.

  • Hue- The hues of colors help to differentiate colors from each other.
  • Brightness- The brightness in any color combination defines how dark or light it is. The brightness also measures the capacity of the reflected light.
  • Saturation- It alludes to the purity of a color’s hue. Any saturated color or combination appears to be vivid, and de-saturated color appears dull.

Set The Mood Of The Presentation

To make a selection of colors for a presentation, you can start by determining its mood. Have you made the presentation’s message exciting for the viewers?

It is critically important to calm your viewers down as the presentation’s mood keeps the audience attentive and alert. You can experiment with the aforementioned colors to set the mood of your presentation. For instance:

  • Red represents speed and passion
  • Purple represents royalty and wisdom
  • Pink present warmth and softness
  • Black represents formality and glamour
  • Green represents refreshment and balance

Careful Application Of Color Is The Key To Drive Excellence

As you get your color palette together, try to create a precise combination in order to direct the audience’s attention towards it.

Try to understand the theme of the presentation. You can also experiment with the left to the right pattern of your presentation, where the first color may be used for headlines and the second one for the text.

You can also use other colors in the background. In presentations, the second color is used in the body text and the third color in the background.

Colour Combinations That Are Worth Trying In Presentations

In presentations, colors are always fascinating, but they can also stimulate viewers and allow you to critically represent your cause.

You can try the amalgamation of a warm color, cool color, neutral color, pastel color, and many more to create an impactful presentation. Take a look below at the creative combinations that you can easily superimpose in your slides:

  • Red And Grey- Always Memorable

This color palate is inclusive of red and grey shades that have a high contrast scheme. You can also integrate the darker shades of these colors.

  • Plum, Grey, Orange- A Vibrant And Young Combination

This color scheme is no less professional than any other color combination that you might be considering. This combination is innovative yet elegant. You can add dark grey to give a professional touch to your presentation and orange and plum to add royalty.

  • Dark Blue, Green, Tan- Retro Rules

The color combination of dark blue, tan, and green will give a retro feel to your presentation. To have a better understanding of this, you can refer to a retro poster that has the same color combinations.

In this color palette, dark blue represents power, which is perfect for corporate presentations. This color combination gives presentations a timeless and larger-than-life look to any presentation.


Choosing the perfect color combination or applying various colors to a presentation can help you to create more impact on the audience.

Try to experiment with the color schemes to have the right feel in your presentations and deliver your message well to your potential audience. If you are in a mood to experiment, it is advised that you stick to the white color theme and have basic colors in your presentation to break the monotony.

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