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Are You Interested in Writing a Guest post for Our Blog?

We accept high-quality guest posts that would be loved by our audience. Through the articles, they would learn about a new topic, acquire a unique point of view, or get aware of a new tool or technology.

In return for your guest post, you will get exposure to Present Slide’s audience.

You also get a description of your company or author and a “Do-follow” link to your site. You might already know that for ranking a website DoFollow links are very much crucial.

Present Slide as a tech skills website gets thousands of active visitors every month. To maintain the quality of our website, we only accept a few guest posts from people who actually value guest blogging.

If you are someone who is looking to spam our website with useless links then please do not email.

What Our Audience Wants to Read?

  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
  • Programming
  • Data Science
  • Technology
  • Mobile App Development
  • Cloud Computing

Which Kind of Articles Do Well?

  • Posts like “Top 10 Machine Learning Libraries” or “Top 5 Applications of AI”
  • How to Posts related to the above topics
  • Latest Technology Trends and News articles
  • Artificial Intelligence Research Work
  • Programming Implementation of Languages and Tools
  • Complete Career Paths of Different Skills like Data Science, Machine Learning, etc
  • Best YouTube channels related to a particular skill. Please do check our website, we have already covered a lot of them

You can have a look at our blog articles to find out more about our preferences. There are already multiple articles on AI libraries including spaCy, TextBlob, etc. So, you can write for us on Programming, AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Technology and more.

Post Guidelines to Be Followed:

  • The article should be original and plagiarism free.
  • It should at least have 1200 words.
  • Should not be copied from the internet and Present Slide should be the first website for its posting.
  • It should not be posted anywhere else after submitting it to Present Slide.
  • No promotional posts allowed related to your products or services. For that you can have sponsored posts on our website.
  • We don’t allow biased product reviews to be posted on our blog.

What you need to send us?

  • Your Post idea (Not complete post, the only idea of the post)
  • Author bio describing you
  • Link to your personal blog/website.
  • Your email address

Send all this information to contact@presentslide.in and wait for our revert to you. We will then ask you to write a complete article if we liked your idea. Check our blog first and make sure that your idea might be already posted there.

You will find multiple blogs which allow guest posting in Technology, Programming and Artificial Intelligence field. The main reason for doing guest posting is to get a dofollow backlink to your post and this is the best way to find Blogs that allow guest blogging.

The guest post page is accessed through:

“write for us” Artificial Intelligence

“write for us” Machine Learning

“write for us” Data Science

“write for us” Programming

write for us AI

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