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Finding Free Resources for Learning New Tech Skills?
We Have Got You. Here is a List of Free Online Resources Curated Just for You.

The List Contains Helpful Tutorials, Courses, Tools, etc. for Some of the Most Popular Skills That Are in Demand to Get a Job.

Tech Skills

We know how stressful it is to find free online resources for learning. We also know that it is always good to pay for the efforts of creators.

But sometimes our pockets never agree.

We here at Present Slide respect the energy and efforts given by the content creators. Thus we only share resources that are provided for free directly from the creator itself.

Neither we own the content and nor we pretend to own it. Also we never provide copyrighted paid material for free.

All the free resources listed below are linked to our detailed lists. Those lists will take you to the original websites of that respective content including courses, guides, tools and services.

Present Slide puts efforts to curate the best available free online resources for Learning New Tech Skills including Programming, Web development, Blogging, Digital Marketing, Video Editing and lot more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, All of the resources mentioned in the respective lists are free.

No, Present Slide has only curated them from the internet and they are linked directly to the Official Content Pages.

That totally depends on the respective course owners. Resources are free until the resource owners make them paid.

While mentioning the resources we have checked them to be free. They might be changed to a paid option in near future by the resource owner.

No, they are made free by the owner itself. We are only finding free learning material from the Internet and listing them here.

Read Privacy Policies and guidelines on respective resource website before taking any actions.