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35+ Best Resources for Learning Full Stack Web Devlopement

The use of the Internet and its services is increasing day by day. Business houses either big or small are moving towards digital means of connecting customers.

This Digital boom is thus increasing the need for quality web developers. A huge trend could be easily noticed in the field of Full Stack Web Development. It is one of the most popular fields among coders and developers all around the world.

Like any other field, Full Stack Website Development is also transforming with each passing day. New technologies, programming languages, and platforms are emerging to cope up with the requirements of end-user.

Earlier, the focus on Websites was only to provide related information about any business. With the change in user preferences now the quality, user experience, and many other site attributes are also considered.

If you are just starting to Learn Full Stack Web Development or you are already in the field, this post is for you.

In this article, we have searched and collected over 35+ web resources that will help you throughout your learning journey.

So now let us start with the resource list segmented in different categories:

Full Stack Web Development Tutorials

1. W3Schools – One of the most popular websites to start learning Web Development.

2. TutorialsPoint – Complete set of languages and platforms required for building amazing websites.

3. Mozilla Developer Network – A website for complete beginners to enter the world of Building Websites.

4. Tutorial Republic – You will get your hands on various interactive tools while learning to develop websites.

5. GeeksforGeeks – Theoretical approach to teach the basics and covers all the fundamental languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScripts, PHP, etc.

6. The Odin Project – We loved the way they have designed their website. Step by step process track with minimal design content to teach web development from basics to advanced.

7. Coder Coder – Complete path created for knowing about how Web Technologies work and how you can start with them. Also provides all the tools and resource content for diving deep into the field.

8. Udemy – An online course providing a platform that also has some free courses. You can search for Free Web Development courses on Udemy and choose the one you like.

9. Khan Academy – Free basic courses are available for different technologies as well as non-technical fields.

10. CSS-Tricks – Blog based on new technologies and tips for web developers. You will get enough motivation to build amazing websites by reading the articles and following the resources.

11. Scaler Academy’s Web Development Program: Enroll in the best Web Development Course Online with the Scaler Academy Program and become an expert in HTML, CSS, JavaScript programming. Advance your career now!

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Full Stack Web Development Contests

11. 99designs – Companies give their ideas, Web Designers build a basic demo design and the winner gets selected. It is basically to hire web designers through online contests.

12. DesignCrowd – Same as 99designs Web Designers compete with one another to win and get selected. The winner gets to work with the selecting company on a project or on a role.

13. Punchoutphp – A 48 hours code competition for PHP developers in the field of Web building.

14. Techgig – Coding competitions related to multiple fields including software development, testing, and prototype analysis.

15. CodinGame – A website where you can compete with others based on winning games by completing coding tasks.

16.  CodeCombat – It is a game-based program where all the players’ code to compete with each other. You can choose the Web Development coding competition.

17. CodeWars – At the homepage, the user needs to select a language. After selecting the language it starts asking Coding questions, answers them, and gets a good ranking.

18. CodePen Challenges – A monthly theme is provided to design the front-end code for a website. The winner gets a feature on the website.

Web Development Communities

19. StackOverflow – A question-answer website for the field of Programming. Developers with years of experience are active on StackOverflow and answer questions related to multiple programming fields.

20. CodeProject – Community with thousands of people active every time to help and guide developers. You can join the community and gain insightful knowledge about Development and Designing.

21. Hashnode – An interactive community for all the developers connecting to share knowledge. You can read articles, already answered questions, and could ask your programming doubts.

22. IBM’s Web Development Community: Latest articles, announcements, and technologies related to the Full Stack Web development field. Get all your queries answered by Industry leaders and enthusiasts from around the world.

23. GitHub – It is basically a development platform where people can share the projects developed by them. They can also look at others’ codes and projects to get amazing ideas.

24. #Launch – Established in 2006, this community has members from all around the world. You can collaborate with people, discuss projects, have people review your work, and a lot more things.

25. Reddit WebDev Community: The community with over 350k members is built on the Reddit platform. You will get the latest insights and development tips for your career.

26. Quora – We feature Quora in almost every list because it is an all-rounder website. Having members from every field is also an amazing place to connect people from a development background.

27. Linkedin – Employment oriented platform having members from all around the world. You can connect and communicate with leaders and like-minded people.

Latest Web Development News

28. Hacker News – A social news website with a focus on the computer science field and WD to be specific.

29. The Next Web – Latest News related to design and development in the computer science field. Subscribe to the newsletter and keep yourself updated with everything new.

30. JavaScript Weekly – Once a Week digital newsletter about the latest trends in JavaScript. Join more than 1.6 lacs, subscribers.

31. DZone – Articles related to tools, tutorials, and the latest news from the dev community.

32. Slashdot – A social news website for programmers and developers.

33. Flipboard – It is a simple News aggregation website having content related to multiple fields.

Full Stack Web Development Jobs Searching

34. Indeed – One of the most popular jobs searching platforms. You can search from hundreds of Categories like “Web Development Jobs” and choose the location.

35. Krop – Get hired as a Web Designer. Build your own portfolio and let companies select you.

36. AngelList – Find jobs from Startups and get to learn while working with a growing company.

Here comes an end to the list containing more than 35 resources for learning Full Stack Web Development. The list is not only focused on learning but shows the resources for a complete career path. Have a look at the websites and get started with your learning journey.

We hope you liked the article. Do share it with someone that would need it the most 🙂

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