Free Digital Marketing Resources for Online Learning

Are you looking for some free resources to learn Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is one of the most trending Skills in the market. One of the main reasons is that you don’t need much technical knowledge to start working on it. You only need basic computer working abilities.

People who are scared of Programming and Codes are intended to learn Digital Marketing. There are thousands of online resources for learning Digital Marketing. Some of them are affordable but some are not.

We have curated some of the best and Free Digital Marketing Resources. These resources are available on the Internet and are created by professionals from all around the world. They have decided to provide them for free to help students.

As already told that we don’t own these courses or study material. We have curated them from the Internet to help students and learners. Most of them are linked to their respective official websites. Others are linked to the sales page or enroll page.

Important Note: Do read privacy policies and terms of use on respective free resource websites before using the material.

Free Digital Marketing Courses

Online courses are always good to start with a new skill. There is enough training material available on the Internet to learn Digital Marketing but most of it is paid. We have listed some of the best Digital Marketing free courses that you can check and start learning. Do keep in mind the fact that they are free courses so never compare them with paid courses.

1. Google’s Fundamental of Digital Marketing

A Simple course to get started with the basics of Digital Marketing. The course will take you through the terms and functionality of the Digital Marketing world. You will also get a certification on completion of the course from Google Digital Unlocked.

2. Free Digital Marketing Course by Sorav Jain

The course is provided on the Udemy platform by Sorav Jain. Udemy is one of the biggest platforms for online learning. It provides both paid and unpaid courses to students all over the world. With most of the free courses on Udemy, you will not get a certificate and lifetime access.

This course only has the content and does not provide you with a certification. But the content is promising enough for you to learn Digital Marketing.

3. Digital Marketing Courses by edX

edX is an open course provider from universities likes Harvard, MIT, and more. There are multiple free Digital Marketing resources available and you can choose any one accordingly. All the courses are basic and good for beginners to get their hands on. For getting a certificate you will have to pay a fee that is mentioned with each course individually.

4. Content Marketing – HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy has some of the most amazing free courses. Many of them also come with a free certification as well. Content Marketing course is one of their most popular free certifications. Other courses include:

  • SEO Training Course
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • YouTube Marketing Course
  • Graphic Design Essentials and a lot more

The content marketing course has got 12 lessons and 54 videos with 6 hours of content. It will take you through all the steps to become a perfect content marketer.

5. Facebook Blueprint

Facebook has provided a way to learn Facebook Ads in a better way. Facebook blueprint has more than 100 videos categorized into different topics including:

  • Get Started with Facebook
  • Get Started with Advertisement
  • Target the Right Audience
  • Build Awareness
  • Generate Leads Through Facebook Ads
  • Promote Apps on Facebook
  • Instagram & Messenger Promotions and a lot more video lectures.

All these video lectures are highly informational and you will learn a lot from them. Make sure you start from the basic block and then move further step by step. Advertising on Facebook is not that easy as it seems. It takes much planning and strategies to get the best ROAS.

6. Instagram Marketing from Later

This is not just a single course but heaven for those searching for Instagram marketing. There are more than 8 Instagram short courses, Guides, Downloads, Case Studies, and much more. A complete package for learning everything about Instagram that too for free.

The video courses are of amazing quality with insightful content. You can also download EBooks, PDF files, and other course content as per their content policies.

7. Google Skillshop

Digital Marketing field revolves around the search engine giant Google. The majority of the tools that we use are from Google. Starting from Google Search Console to Google Ads platform it is everywhere.

To help people learn all these tools and platforms effectively Google launched Skillshop. It is a place where you can learn all these tools from scratch and also get certified for it. The most popular one is Google Ads Certification. There is a test which you need to clear for getting the certification.

Other courses include Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Marketing Platform, etc. All these resources are free and you can learn much out of them.

8. Google Primer

Google designed Primer app especially for Business owners who are busy in their daily schedules. It is not easy for them to move out and take a complete course. To solve this problem Primer is occupied with Short and Simple video lessons related to various topics.

There is no fixed learning path and you can watch any video related to any topic you want. The topics are not just limited to Digital Marketing but are also about sales and business goals. You can even watch the videos while you are offline through the Google primer mobile app.

Is there any other excuse left?

9. Learn Digital Marketing from Digital Deepak

This course with 25 Free modules is from Deepak Kanakraju who is a Digital Marketer himself. In these 25 video lessons, you will learn about all the major topics in Digital Marketing. These topics will include Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and a lot more.

Students will also get a certificate at the end of the course which they can add to their resume. My suggestion for students is to gain as much knowledge they can without looking at the certificates. They don’t even matter much in the real world.

10. Beginner’s SEO Tutorial by Daragh Walsh

This one is especially for those who just want to go with Search Engine Optimization. More than 1.5 lakh students have already enrolled in this course. There are close to 20 thousand ratings and reviews from students.

As the name suggests the course is focused on beginners only. If you have prior knowledge of SEO then this might not suit your needs. But as it is free you can always give it a try and then test it out.

Being a free Udemy course you will not get a certificate for this.

These were some of the free courses for Digital Marketing from the Internet. We have curated them and listed them one by one. No single course is best for everyone and you can go with anyone you want.

More courses will be added soon in this list so stay tuned. If you have got any course that you wanted to add in the list then share it to us on

Now we shall be moving towards some more free resources for Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Blogs

Digital Marketing is a field of regular updates and trends. So, blogs are one of the best ways of learning about new updates and insights. Blogs will help you to understand the things that you are doing in a better way.

You will get the best answers for your queries related to DM through these blogs.

1. Search Engine Land – SEO

As the name suggests the blog is focused mainly on Search Engine Optimization. But it is obviously not limited to SEO and encompasses all other topics as well. It is a well-known fact that Google rolls out new updates to its search algorithms.

So, it is better to keep yourself updated with the latest industry insights. Search Engine Land is an authority blog and is here for many years. You can trust the information provided without any doubt.

2. Moz Blog – SEO

Moz is a software and service company based in Seattle. It is famous for its tools related to Digital Marketing. You might have already heard about Moz Domain Authority which is a domain rating scale from Moz itself.

On their blog, they feature articles related to Search Engine Optimization, Inbound Marketing, and other tips. Most of the articles are for beginners but they also help already settled Online Marketers.

3. HubSpot’s Blog – Content

HubSpot gives complete tools package for business owners and entrepreneurs.  HubSpot’s blog is intended to provide knowledge mostly about content and inbound marketing. You will learn some amazing things about Content Creation and its marketing on different channels.

Their articles are loved by content creators all around the world. If you are just beginning your journey in Digital World then you should surely join the blog.

4. Optin Monster’s Blog – Email Marketing

Email Marketing will always be one of the major parts of your learning. Some people debate that Email Marketing is dead but some are earning dollars from it. So, even after doing your course, you will need a constant connection with the latest tricks that are working.

Optin Monster blog writes about Email Marketing tips and tricks that you should follow. All your campaigns will fail without proper planning and strategy so go and try learning with them step by step.

5. PPCexpo’s Blog – SEM

PPCexpo is a popular Google ad reporting tool. Their blog is very helpful for anyone learning paid ads on Google. It has got everything right from creating your first ad to optimizing your high budget ads. I myself take help from the blog in multiple scenarios.

Courses will only give you a basic understanding of Google Ads. For practicing them you will need someone who you can query. The blog has answers to all your queries related to PPC advertisements.

6. WordStream’s PPC University – PPC Ads

This is one of the best digital marketing free resources that you will get for Paid Ads on the Internet. They have structured the content in the form of a course. You will get every other topic related to PPC advertisements on this blog.

Not just blog articles but some case studies, guides, webinars, white papers, and whatnot. Anyone could get to the advanced level of paid ads just by going through the blog and applying it live. They also suggest and provide some tools and that is up to the choice of the learner to get them.

7. Later’s Blog – Instagram Marketing

We have already mentioned Later’s Instagram marketing course in our previous section. Their blog is no less than that. It has got lots and lots of tips, tricks, and guides for skyrocketing your Instagram journey.

Every platform has its own set of algorithms that judge which all things to boost. By learning these tips you will be able to figure out things that work well for Instagram.

8. Social Media Explorer – SMM

The blog is focused mainly on Social Media and how it is impacting the business world. The authors are sharing amazing tips and tricks to make your social media strategies working.

Start learning new things about different social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

9. Meet Mari’s Blog – SMM

Mari Smith is a Facebook Marketing expert and is known for her amazing social media tips. She is referred to as “The Queen of Facebook” because of her expertise in the field of Facebook Marketing.

She is also listed in “7 Women Who Are Shaping Digital Marketing” by IBM. She on her blog teaches about how anyone can use Facebook as a platform to grow business easily. Learn through case studies, live webinars, and ebooks.

10. Jeffalytics – Analytics & Reporting

If you are not analyzing your campaigns then you are losing much of your opportunities. Digital Marketing decisions should always be based on proper analytics and reporting. All the blogs above are good to plan and apply things. But you should also learn to report and analyze the results.

Jeffalytics is the blog that you can reach for every Analytics query. Not just Google Analytics but also the reports from other advertisement channels.

These were some of the best Digital Marketing blogs having free resources to learn. We have curated them into multiple categories to make it easy for you to choose one. There are thousands of other blogs too on the Internet but we have mentioned only the best as per our selection.

More blogs could be added in the coming future. So stay tuned with the list. We will now be looking at some other Free Online Learning Resources for Digital Marketing.

Free Digital Marketing Guides & Templates

We are listing them in different categories so that it would be helpful to find the desired ones. One important thing to note is that these free DM resource websites may ask you to provide your Email Ids. It’s totally your choice to provide one to download or use the resources.

Read the privacy policies of the respective websites before moving further.

1. HubSpot’s Social Media Templates

Managing social media is not an easy task and needs much reporting. The reporting and schedules should have standard organization so that everyone can understand them. For this purpose, it is good to start working on pre-built templates.

They are Excel or Powerpoint documents created especially for specific tasks. Below is the link to get 10 Social Media templates from HubSpot.

2. CoSchedule’s Template & Guides Bundle

This thing just amazed me and it will amaze you as well. They have created hundreds of informational guides and templates for you people. They could be downloaded and used for your Digital Marketing projects. These are one of the Best Free Online Resource for Digital Marketing.

The templates include:

  • Blog Schedule Template Bundle
  • Content Marketing Strategy Template
  • Facebook Marketing Strategy Templates
  • Content Calander Templates
  • SEO Copywriting Templates
  • Email Marketing Report and Templates

The list will go on forever if we would keep mentioning the names. So you should check them and download the needed ones.

Digital Marketing Tools

So, for working on Digital Marketing campaigns you will need tools, right? Although this page is dedicated only to learning resources we will not let you feel bad.

We will not be mentioning the tools here but are sharing the link to an article below. This article has got all the major Digital Marketing tools that a beginner needs.

Digital Marketing Tools You Should Know About

Like all the things in this Universe this article too came to an end. We tried to make it as short and simple as possible. We will be adding more free digital marketing resources to the list in the near future.