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15+ Free Data Science Courses, Tutorials and Certifications 2024

So you also want to become a Data Scientist?

Or you might have heard so many people talking about this field. Isn’t it?

The hype about Data Science is real and it’s all over the Internet. Most of it came from training platforms and institutes that are marketing it heavily.

But Data Science deserves that attention and that is the reason we thought to create a list of Free Data Science courses and certifications. So many people ask us to get some ideas on how to move into this world of Data and Analysis.

As per DataQuest, there is no Universal definition for Data Scientists. Every individual company takes a different approach to data and working models. This also means that similar positions in different companies may require you to work differently.

Being a field revolving around data and decisions, Data Science requires a solid understanding of concepts and evaluations. The free courses for Data Science mentioned in this article will be enough for you to cover the fundamentals. Some courses will even go further by letting you work on Data Science projects.

One thing to keep in mind is that this field requires the continuous evolution of concepts and ideas.  You can’t just learn through some courses and become a full-time Data Scientist. For that, you will have to work on real-world problems, face programming challenges, upgrade your skillset, play with tools, and more.

If you are now good with the introduction part then we can move to the list of free Data Science courses, guides, and tutorials.

Free Data Science Guide List

1. Career Guide from Data Quest

As for most of the readers, Data Science would be something new that they are going with. It is obvious to have many confusions in mind related to career opportunities, choices, salary expectations, etc. This guide is created just to help beginners in clearing all their doubts.

The guide starts by explaining all the job titles that you can choose after getting the required skills. After reading this guide you will be able to figure out the right career path for you. Then the guide will also help you in using your Data Science skills the right way.

At the end of the guide, you will find multiple articles for related queries.

2. How to Become a Data Scientist

Tomi Mester has created this video guide for helping beginners in their learning journey. This is a byte-sized course that explains the learning process for Data Science. All the basic questions are answered with practical examples and suggestions.

The course is shared on Data36 where you will also find some advanced guides and tutorials. For getting the course you will need to sign up with your email and then the course will be sent to you. Enroll in the course and follow the guidance to get the skills and right job opportunities for you.

3. A Beginner’s Guide to Data Science

We often read articles from Towards Data Science to keep our team updated about certain domains. They provide articles on Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Programming, and more. In this beginner’s guide, they are trying to help people in correctly knowing about this field.

Anyone can learn new things from the Internet but if the learning process is guided in a proper direction then it can help a lot. The guide is divided into different steps that students can go through one by one.

The steps mentioned in the guide are:

  • What is What
  • Statistics, Math, Linear Algebra
  • Programming
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Mining & Visualization
  • Practical Experience
  • Confirmation

You can read the guide to get full in-depth knowledge about all these steps.

4. 10 Skills to Master for Becoming a Data Scientist

Becoming a Data Scientist is not a one-day game. You need many skills in your pocket to work on complex data problems. And companies base their decisions on data solutions thus you need to be responsible enough for the work you perform.

Here is a guide from Edureka sharing some major skills that you need to become a data scientist. They have not just mentioned the names but have also explained further steps for you to gain those skills effectively. We love how they use graphics to explain things.

You would also be interested inBest YouTube Channels for Learning Data Science

Free Data Science Courses & Tutorials

1. Free Data Science Courses from Alison

Alison always gets featured in our list of free resources and they deserve that. On Alison, you can get any course for free you just need to pay money if you want the certificate from them. They are helping learners in gaining new skills without worrying about money.

There are 14 free Data Science and Data Analytics courses available at present. All of them have the certification available but you will need to pay to get a certificate. You can audit the course without paying anything for that.

Some major courses mentioned are:

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • R for Data Science
  • Visualizing Data and Exploring Models
  • Mining and Analysis of Big Data
  • Regression and Clustering Models and More

2. Mode Python Tutorial

Python is considered one of the best programming languages for working with data. The availability of so many libraries makes it perfect for data acquisition and exploration. This tutorial will help you in learning Python focusing mainly on Data Science.

The course has got 9 lessons which will give you a complete overview of Business Analysis using real-world data. It starts with teaching the basics of Python and then takes you into the world of data and how to work on the data acquired from different sources.

We have also created a list of free Python courses recently which you can check if you want to learn Python from scratch.

3. Data Science Essentials – edX

This free course is for people who have an introductory knowledge of either Python or R. Also the students will need to have basic Mathematics skills to query about things that are being taught in the course. Data Science Essentials is a part of the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science and AI respectively.

Students will go through some amazing concepts in the field of Data Science including Data Acquisition, Preparation, Exploration, and Visualization. They will also be working on some practical projects based on data using Microsoft Azure ML Platform.

The course is completely free but if you need to get the certificate then you will have to pay 99$.

4. Data Science Foundations

Data Science learning path from Cognitive Class AI for complete beginners. The learning path consists of multiple steps that will take you through the process. If you want to learn Data Science from scratch then you should take the courses provided.

The three main modules of the path are:

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Data Science Tools
  • Data Science Methodology

Students will also get badges from IBM showcasing their skill set. After completing all the modules you can get your IBM Foundations badge and also a certification. They also provide some practical knowledge through their own AI tools which you can work on.

4. Data Science Course from DataCamp

DataCamp does not provide free courses directly but it provides two months of free access through Microsoft. When you create a Microsoft Visual Basic account then you get two months of free DataCamp account. Two months are good enough for learning the fundamentals of Data Science.

You can choose either Python or R for your learning path and get trained in that specific programming language. I have taken their Python course and loved how they test your skills with quizzes in every segment. I completed the Python course in just 1 month so you can also give this a try.

We have linked to the guide for you to get two months of free access through Microsoft.

5. Computational Linear Algebra

You might have escaped from Mathematics all your life but in this field, you are required to be a good Mathematician. For the basics, you could skip the Maths part but as you go further you will need computational skills for sure.

Now there is no quantitative answer for the requirement of Mathematical knowledge. So here is a YouTube playlist from Rachel Thomas teaching Computational Linear Algebra.

You can go through the videos whenever you feel it’s the right time for you to learn Maths. The playlist contains 10 comprehensive videos covering all major aspects of Linear Algebra.

6. Data Science Tutorials from Data Flair

You will not find complete tutorials like this anywhere else. They have covered every question that you will ever think about in full detail. Starting from the Introduction they will answer the questions including

  1. Applications of Data Science
  2. Why learn it
  3. Is it difficult to learn
  4. Top Skills Required
  5. Tech and Non-Tech Skills
  6. Top Algorithms to Learn
  7. Project procedures and Ideas and so many other questions

After getting answers to these questions you can scroll down in the list for Python tutorials. The tutorials have covered everything you need to learn in Python programming.

7. Data Science for Engineers – Expired

Another great course for students from Swayam. If you are not familiar with the name then Swayam is a Government of India initiative to provide free online courses. Students can learn any new skill related to different domains. If anyone wants to get certified then they need to take an exam at allotted centers and pay some fees for that.

Another great thing about Swayam online courses is that the marks can be added to a student’s academic reports. This will help students in learning new things and getting benefits in their academic results. This Data Science free course is provided by IIT Madras and will start on 27 Jan 2020. It is an 8-week long course for a complete overview of skills and tools.

8. Video Tutorial from Barton Poulson

freeCodeCamp is a very popular website for learning different tech skills for free. They also have a YouTube channel where they provide full-skill courses in a single video. We have got their video for learning Data Science and our team watched the complete video for reviewing it and selecting it for this article.

This video is by Barton Poulson from datalab and they have shared it on YouTube through their channel. It’s a 6 hours video covering all the fundamentals that students need to learn. We also checked the comments and people loved the content and overall they had a good experience learning from them.

You can check the description for the video timestamp so that you can land on the right topic.

Other Free Data Science Courses 2022

We already shared so many free courses for Data Science that are good enough for beginners to start learning. But still, there are many other good courses that if you want can have a look at. There is no ranking at all for the courses mentioned, they are all good.

1. Intro to Data Science from Udacity

2. Code Free Data Science from Coursera

3. Python for Data Science from Udemy

And now as with every amazing list for the year 2024, this list of Free Data Science courses and tutorials also ends here. We at Present Slide try our best to find and feature the best free resources for you. Hope you have a good time learning through these courses.

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