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Free Python Courses, Tutorials & Certifications [2024]

Python is the programming language that we always talk about. Not just us but people all around the world are loving this power-packed language.

According to Tiobe’s Index Python could easily surpass Java & C language incoming 3-4 years. It is currently on the list of most popular programming languages at number 3. The popularity of Python grew at a much faster rate after the acceptance of its use in Machine Learning and AI by developers.

Looking at some other indices Python is already the most popular Programming language. Even some of the biggest organizations have accepted it as their core development language. We recently wrote an article on the list of some popular apps built over Python which includes Google, Uber, Instagram, and more.

This thing makes it clear that if you are willing to move into development then Python is the language for you. Being one of the easiest languages to know and learn about it’s the choice of most beginner programmers.

In this article, we will be sharing some free Python courses, tutorials, and certifications. They will help you in getting a basic overview of how Python programming works. Some of these courses also include project-based teaching which will help you in building some Python projects with step-by-step guidance.

Let’s get started with this amazing list of free courses and guides for learning Python. And as we always suggest, you can bookmark this article for using it later.

Free Python Courses & Certifications List

1. Introduction to Python Programming

This free course is from Avinash Jain and is hosted on the Udemy platform. More than 3,00,000 students have already enrolled in this beginner-friendly course. If you are very much new to Python and even programming then you should join the course for sure.

Lectures will help you dive deep into Coding with Python right from scratch. The course starts from the basics of Python and then moves into strings, variables, data types, loops, and conditional flows of programs. 4.5 hours of video content with lifetime access and certification.

What else do you need to start your Python journey?

2. Learn Python 3.6 for Total Beginners

Another great free Python course from Udemy. We clear this thing every time that we share multiple similar resources so that you people will have choices to select the one that suits you. This course is also for beginners with more than 54,000 students already enrolled to date.

The creator has also embedded multiple exercises to test your skills side by side. The course starts by teaching you the installation process of Jupyter Notebook(Where you will code) and then takes you through the fundamentals. Always keep a notebook and pen with you to note down important points as you will need these points while writing programs.

Here is the course content:

  • Introduction
  • Basics
  • Data Structures
  • Control Flow
  • Loops
  • Comprehension
  • Functions
  • Handling Errors
  • Files & Some Bonuses

3. Learn Python: Build a Virtual Assistant

The more projects you will create for any programming language the better you will understand. This course by Adam Eubanks provides the basic knowledge of Python Programming and then lets you build your first Python project.

You will be developing a Virtual assistant from scratch with the help of Python. More than 44 thousand students have already taken the course and learned Python fundamentals. One thing to note here is that you should have a basic knowledge of Programming. Only then you will be able to deal with the course content.

If you are a complete beginner in programming then first take the above-mentioned courses. After that, you can start building this project on your own and some help from the trainer.

4. Learn Python – Free Interactive Tutorial

Ron Reiter has started this project to provide free Python tutorials to students. Not just for Python but Ron has started this project for multiple other languages including Java, HTML, and more. The expenses of hosting, domains, and work are taken care of by the ads that run on the site.

Students will be presented with byte-sized tutorials with step-by-step guidance. Every segment has its testing quizzes for testing your learning. You can directly run and test the codes in your browser. No signup is required and just on the homepage, there is a list of topics that they have covered.

Get on the site and start learning Python.

5. Python Course from SoloLearn

SoloLearn is an online platform providing free content for teaching coding. They have the largest collection of free programming resources. They too have Pro plans if someone wants to learn advanced coding skills.

In their Python tutorial, they have put so much effort into providing in-depth knowledge. There are 9 modules containing more than 90 lessons in total. It will cover all the fundamentals of Python programming and how you can implement them in real-world programming problems.

Each module contains multiple quizzes and questions to test the knowledge. Further videos open only after you answer all the questions from previous modules. If you already know some topics then you can skip them by answering some questions.

6. Python Tutorials from TechBeamers

TechBeamers is an online learning platform providing programming and testing tutorials. They have free tutorials mainly for Python, Selenium, Java, and other web development languages. They have Python tutorials both for beginners and working professionals.

After going through the tutorials you can work on creating some projects as they have guided. You can also try learning some other related programming languages which will enhance your skillset.

Some important topics from their content are:

  • History of Python
  • Salient Features of Python
  • Python Programming Domains
  • Why You Should Learn Python?
  • How to Install & Run Python?
  • Create Your First Python Program
  • Learn Python – Step-by-Step
  • Python Program for Beginners

7. Learn Python Programming – Real Python

Real Python is one of my go-to resources for all queries related to Python. They provide online courses, articles, news, books, and much more. The segment that we selected for featuring here in the article will help you in learning Python in these three situations:

  • You Are New to Python Programming
  • You Are an Intermediate Python Developer
  • You’ve Got Experience With Other Programming Languages

At each level, you will be provided with content focusing on different aspects. For beginners, they will teach the basics and how to code in Python. For intermediates, they will give some tips and tricks to enhance their coding skills. For developers already have experience in another language, they will teach things about handling Python.

8. Python Introduction from Python Tricks

If you want everything about Python in one place then this website is for you. It has step-by-step text tutorials for training students in Python language for 2024. The sidebar has all the topics that you can either go in a learning flow or directly jump to a specific topic.

Good for both beginners and intermediate programmers to get answers to their burning queries. Do check out the site and its content. You can also bookmark it for later use.

9. Python Playlist from Simplilearn

We love YouTube for helping students learn online anything for free. Course creators put so much effort into creating the best possible learning material. Simplilearn is one of those amazing creators who are helping students.

In this playlist, they have prepared 37 videos from basics to advanced tactics. After the basics of Python, they have also covered some other topics including Web Development with Django and Game development too. If you want to use Python for web development then you will need to learn Django for sure.

The videos in this playlist will prepare you for professional Python development.

10. YouTube Channels for Python

We wrote an article months ago about some popular YouTube channels for learning the Python language. It got a huge response from the readers and it is even ranking on Google’s first page. When we wrote this article it had only 7 channels but soon the team researched and added 3 more to the list.

In addition to the Python channels, some channels are also providing Machine Learning & AI tutorials.

Another great list of free Python courses came to an end. Hope you would like the content featured in the list for the year 2024. Comment down with your feedback and do share it with someone in need. ♥

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    • Hey, You can take the courses mentioned from above in the list to get certified. Some of them provide certifications without any charge.

    • You can try learning with freeCodeCamp and for certification you can just go through any Udemy course. Certificates don’t matter much if you have got the coding skills.


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