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20+ Best Telegram Channels For Learning New Skills 2024

As of August 2019, Telegram has acquired more than 365 million lifetime downloads. And that number speaks all about its capabilities to outrank WhatsApp soon.

We have already shared an article about telegram bots and that got a great response from people. So, we thought to share some informative and interesting Telegram Channels that you can join now.

The main thing that differentiates Telegram from other chat apps is the availability of bots and channels. Another great thing about this app is that it has fewer restrictions compared to other competitors. Anyone having some programming knowledge can create bots and automated channels for telegrams.

Statistic: Number of monthly active Telegram users worldwide from March 2014 to March 2018 (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

You can see the above graph from Statista showing the growth of Telegram from the year 2014 to 2018. From 35 million active users it grew to 200 million active users. The growth is much faster after the release of some recent amazing features.

Now coming back to the topic of this article the list contains the best Telegram channels related to some important tech skills. And this post might look a bit lengthy to you so just bookmark it for later use.

Best Telegram Channels List 2024

1. Data Science by ODS.ai

Data Science needs no introduction and this field is getting popular with each passing day.

Being in the field of research their so many things getting new updates and projects. So it requires the person interested in this field to be updated with the latest happenings, news, updates, case studies, etc.

This Telegram channel has more than 26,000 active subscribers at present. It provides regular content about topics including Data Science, AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, Statistics, General Maths, and the applications of the former.

2. DataFlair

The data that we consume and store is increasing at a great speed. According to an article on Forbes 90% of the world’s data is generated in the last 2 years. This makes it important to organize this data and use it to help businesses in their decision process.

DataFlair is one of the amazing and cool telegram channels providing content about Data and multiple related fields. A Major field like AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning are dependent on data and thus require people to learn how to manage and treat data in a better way.

It has currently more than 4,000 subscribers and shares content regularly.

3. Python Pundits

Our love for Python becomes much stronger every time we write about it. Being one of the most popular programming languages it is in demand for career opportunities. Python Pundit is an amazing Telegram channel in 2022 that shares Python Tutorials regularly.

It was just started recently and has gained over 1,500 Subscribers on Telegram. By the time of writing this article, they have shared 28 tutorials. So, if you want to learn Python programming then you can surely join the channel and start learning.

4. Programmer Jokes

There is nothing bad about taking a break from the work schedule and relaxing for a bit. Programmer Jokes shares jokes on programming and tech skills daily. You will surely laugh at the simple and funny jokes based on the work that you do daily.

And this channel is really popular among people all over the world. It has got more than 96,000 subscribers and our team had a laugh looking at those fun images.

5. Tech Guide

Telegram has multiple tech channels and this is one of the most popular. If you want to keep yourself updated with the latest news on Android, iOS, Gadgets, and Technology then you will surely want to join it. Not only News but you can also get working tips and tricks related to the tech field.

The channel also shares the details of all the latest gadgets that have been launched recently. This way you can keep track of the changes in gadgets and their technology.

6. Programming eBooks

eBooks are great for learning things right from where you are. They are portable and accessible on many smart devices which makes them so popular. This is one of the most loved Telegram channels mostly by people in the programming field.

The creator shares eBooks related to different fields including Programming, Software Engineering, and Coders. You can download those eBooks and learn through them anytime you want.

7. Coding News

If you are a developer then you should surely join this amazing Telegram channel. There is so much stuff to learn and practice for your coding career. Students and learners can get quality content including videos, articles, quizzes, and graphics related to various technologies and skills including HTML, CSS,  Saas, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Angular, and more.

We went through the articles and posts and found them informational. Even if you are a beginner you should join to get updated with industry updates.

8. Web Dev

Web Development has seen so many changes in recent years. So many new technologies have emerged out of nowhere and replaced the old ones. New design concepts, Coding Processes, and technologies are making it hard for old developers to survive.

Thus you need to keep yourself updated about all those things. This Telegram channel will help you to get all the latest news from the Web Development world.

9. Android ResId

Android development is also one important and popular tech skill for a career. There are so many opportunities in this field and the one who keeps himself updated wins them. Android ResId regularly shares amazing resources for Android Developers or learners who have an interest in developing apps for mobile devices.

These channels were not there some years back and people of that time missed a lot of guidance. But, you are living in the year 2020 and thus can always take the help of current technology. Join the channel and start learning some amazing skills.

10. iOS Dev

Just like Android Development, iOS App Development is also an amazing field with a great career path. iOS developers are being paid much higher packages due to the lack of skilled people. This lets new talent make a valid space in the industry.

There are around 7 thousand subscribers on this channel who are taking benefit of the resources shared now and then. While checking the material shared we found it really good and thus thought to share it with the students.

11. Python Resources

Everybody loves the collection of resources and that too when you are getting them for free. The Internet is full of information and you might be finding yourself stuck among so much learning stuff. Python Resources can help you in getting the best resources for learning Python programming.

This is one of the best Telegram channels that we came across recently. Managed by the @Python group on Telegram and the content is really helpful even for beginners.

We recently shared an article about Swayam’s free courses they also are providing Python training courses. You can check that too if you are willing to learn it through video tutorials.

12. Amazing PHP

PHP was called the worst programming language because of several performance issues. But it is still being updated to overcome the factors that were keeping it back. It helped companies including Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, and more to grow so fast.

Amazing PHP helps you in learning the language by providing you with quality content. You will be getting the latest updates, working tips & tricks, and other useful documentation. With the help of this channel, you surely be able to cover things pretty well.

13. Programming Challenges

You will not be able to become a good programmer until you face some extensive challenges. The more you will work on logical programming problems the better you will become at your coding skills. Programming Challenges helps you in becoming a better coder by letting you solve some tricky queries.

They share interactive stuff regularly and they have around 10,000 subscribers. Join them and test your programming skills by taking on the challenges.

14. Psychology Today

No matter in which field you are working you will have to face people for sure. And thus it requires you to know about how people behave and how things can influence human behavior. By knowing some simple psychological tips and tricks you can get your work done for people efficiently.

This Telegram channel has close to 10,000 active subscribers. You can too join in and start learning Psychology with the help of the content shared regularly.

15. Interesting Engineering

If you are a lover of engineering, science & technology then you should join this Telegram channel right away. They share innovations in the field of Engineering and how the field is helping human beings in tackling multiple problems.

The recent shares on the channel were:

  • The smallest contactless dynamo bike lights
  • An efficient lavender collecting machine
  • An emergency drone

You will surely love the videos they share. This might be the reason for them having 36,000 Telegram subscribers.

16. Linuxgram

Linux is an open-source operating system and is popular all over the world. Linux as an operating system resides under all other functionality of the computer system. Linuxgram Telegram Channel is your go-to resource for all your needs related to Linux.

They teach students through articles about the latest Linux technologies, careers, best practices, and more. You can guess the popularity of the channel just by knowing that they have more than 42k subscribers. With their regular updates on the Linux environment, they are helping learners know about all the important aspects of Linux.

17. JSWorld Group

We know this was a list of Telegram channels but we couldn’t resist adding this group to the list. There are around 1200 members in this group and it is for people learning or working on JavaScript language. There are no restrictions on the topic but they should be related to front-end development.

And unlike other messed groups here you will be finding proper moderation of messages. This will make sure that you can focus only on learning without getting spammed by other users. You can ask in your queries related to JavaScript or other front-end web development languages.

Make sure you go through the group rules before taking any further actions.

18. GitHub Repos

If you are into the field of development then you already have heard about GitHub.  It is just like a community of software developers who can come together and build better applications by sharing resources and knowledge.

GitHub Repos features some of the best repositories and projects from GitHub. There are lots of benefits to looking at multiple other projects that are working well in different niches. You can have better ideas about your projects and concepts in mind. Also, you can check out their functionalities and can upgrade your projects.

Currently, the channel has more than 5k subscribers and they are very regular in sharing amazing GitHub projects.

19. Digital Marketing CA

There is a lot of hype about Digital Marketing all around the world. As companies are moving Digital the demand for skilled Digital Marketers is increasing. As this is the field of knowledge, logic, and experience you need resources to feed your brain with the right elements.

Digital Marketing CA is the channel that our team personally follows for DM updates. Although they are not been that much active recently the content that they have already shared in the past years is available. There are infographics, articles, case studies, news, and much more to dive deep into the Marketing world.

Their Telegram channel has more than 16k subscribers and topics that they share include SEO, SEM, SMO & PPC.

20. English for Life

Communication remains the topmost priority for any career path. If you also want to learn English for better communication then you should join this Telegram channel. They share daily use expressions and words with their meanings, synonyms, and simple explanations.

All this is shared with the help of visual graphics so that you can memorize things well. Slang words are also explained with their uses in different situations. Our team joined this channel a month back and we appreciate the efforts made by the creators.

21. English Day By Day

Join the channel to get a daily dose of English words and idioms and their perfect uses. Keeping the description short we are leaving the feedback of this channel on you. Keep noting all the important words and examples to revise and to get a hold of them.

22. Best UI/UX Ideas

UI and UX design have seen so much growth in the past few years. Design preferences have changed and people are liking the new minimalist designs. This Telegram channel shares the latest design trends, ideas, and concepts directly from expert designers.

You can get a lot of ideas about new trending design elements. And if you are willing to choose graphic design as your career then this channel has a lot to offer.

Here comes an end to this list of best Telegram channels majorly updated for the year 2024 that you can join and learn new tech skills. Hope you find these Telegram channels good for your learning.

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