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20+ Free Blogging Resources To Start & Run Successful Blogs [2020]

Blogging as a Tech Skill needs no Introduction.

You might have seen people sharing their Blogging Journey every now and then on the Internet. Some are even earning thousands of dollars with their blogs.

And this is not just a hype but people are really making a living out of this skill. If you are someone who wants to get into the field of Blogging and to become a successful Blogger then this article is just for you.

While my blogging journey was just like a roller coaster ride I don’t want yours to be the same. So here in this article, I will be sharing some free blogging resources that will not only help you to start a blog but also in growing it.

The list contains Courses, Guides, Blogs, Case Studies, and much more for the year 2020. After reading this article and using these free resources mentioned you can easily start and run your own profitable blog.

One last thing to mention is that the list is segmented in different steps that you will be going through. It will help you to start from scratch with no prior knowledge about Blogging & Stuff.

So Let’s get started.

Free Resources on Niche Selection

You will need to find the topic that your blog will provide articles about. There are so many niches that you can start blogging on and that’s where the problem starts. People often get confused about which niche to go with and what to write about.

So, below is the list of some guides that can help you in selecting the best niche for you:

1. Niche Selection Guide from BloggingWizard

So this guide hits you right on your confusion about niches and the selection of best ones for you. Adam Conell has structured the guide pretty well and has got some questions that you need to ask yourself. And after answering the questions based on various facts you will surely get the perfect Niche for your Blog.

There are some amazing tips right from the expert that will boost your beginning. And at the end of the guide, there is one special bonus waiting for you. The bonus contains an infographic presenting 100+ Profitable blog niche ideas that you can instantly pick to start a blog.

2. Ultimate Guide To Choosing Your Niche

This is another comprehensive guide to help you in your niche selection process. The guide is segmented in various subtopics each explaining different queries that people often have. Some important concepts that you need to take care are also explained in detail.

Some important points mentioned in the guide are:

  • How to Define Your Market?
  • How Do I Know If My Niche Is Too Narrow or Too Broad?
  • What If I Get My Niche Choice Wrong?
  • What If My Niche is Saturated?
  • The Path Forward

Free Resources for Starting a Blog

Now you have found the niche that you can rely on you can move on to create your first blog. It is an easy task but you always need a guide to know about the basics. For a simple blog, you will need a Domain name which will be your online address and a hosting to store your files.

Below are the guides which you can go through for knowing the complete process:

1. How to Start a Blog in 2019

Scoot Chow has put great effort in creating this complete guide on starting a Blog. Anyone even with no prior knowledge of any blogging can get on the right track. You will need to have some basic computer skills to perform the steps mentioned in the guide.

And if you are using an Internet equipped device to read this article then you are already there. The main steps in the article are:

  • Get Started
  • Setup Your Blog
  • How to Use Your Blog
  • Customize Your Blog
  • Start Writing Your Blog
  • Promote Your Blog
  • How to Make Money Blogging

2. 7 Steps Guide From WpBeginner

The above guide already covers all the aspects but still, I am mentioning this amazing guide too. The complete process has been structured in seven simple steps to help you get the best out of your efforts. WPBeginner is the one-stop blog for all the queries related to WordPress so you can also bookmark the site for further lookup.

Here are the major steps in this setup process by WpBeginner:

  1. Setup
  2. Installing WordPress
  3. Selecting Your WordPress Theme
  4. Creating Your First Blog Post
  5. Plugins & Customization
  6. Making Money From Your Blog
  7. Mastering WordPress

3. PowerPack Blog – Learning Elementor

Elementor is one of the most popular builders for WordPress. It helps people in designing blogs and websites with easy drag and drop feature. People often use Elementor to design blogs so it is good to learn it right from the beginning.

PowerPack provides a number of articles and guides for getting the best out of Elementor. You will get the latest updates, Tips, Tutorials, and Guides for Elementor. Although it is a drag and drop tool but still there is a lot to learn while designing complex elements.

Free Resources for Content Creation

There are so many blogs out there and the main thing that differentiates them is their content. And for creating a successful blog you will need to provide valuable and attractive content that your audience will love. The more high-quality content you will provide the more trust you build with your readers. So below are some free blogging resources for Creating content that matters:

1. How to Write a Blog Post – Comprehensive Guide

Blog posts are one of the major blocks of any individual blog. So, you need to learn the tricks to write amazing blog posts to attract a healthy audience. Brain Dean has created this comprehensive guide for helping beginners to learn every aspect of amazing blog posts.

This is not any random textual guide but is full of illustrations, facts, pictures, and real-world examples. One of the best articles on writing blogs that can boost your blog to top. I would suggest everyone to give it a read even when you already into blogging for years.

Look at all the 9 chapters to know everything about creative content writing.

2. Creative Blog Post Ideas

Blog posts can have multiple dimensions and can have different levels of knowledge and awareness. You can write a comparison article between two products, You can ask your visitors to take a quiz, You can also write a FAQ article and so on.

CoSchedule has written this article with more than 180 creative blog post ideas. These kinds of blog posts get much high user engagement and also some social shares to boost your traffic. And if you are lacking the time to read then they also provide visuals for you to download and read them later.

Some important segments of this guide are:

  • Content Marketing Ideas
  • Creative
  • Wishes & Goals
  • Seeing The World Through Different Eyes
  • Advice
  • Inspiration & More

Free Resources for Learning SEO & Promotion

So you came all the way down here and you have already got resources for starting your blog and writing content. Now you need to learn the ways to optimize your blog according to search engines. Also, you need to promote your content to get people to visit your blog. A Blog without traffic is just like a car without diesel, it won’t take you anywhere.

So below are some resources to learn Search Engine Optimization and Blog Promotion.

1. Free SEO Course & Guides List

I myself have created a list of Free Courses, Guides & Certifications for SEO recently. The list contains ten such resources which are enough for you to learn about Search Engine Optimization completely from scratch. Some courses will also provide a certification that you can present in your resume.

Check out the list and start learning.

2. Traffic Guide from FirstSiteGuide

As I already mentioned, your blog will not be able to survive without traffic. Even when you are writing blogs as a hobby you will still need people to engage and appreciate. So, this guide is your one-stop solution for all your queries related to blog traffic and promotion.

More than 100 tips are there explained with practical examples and facts. Learning these tricks and strategies can surely open new opportunities in your Blogging journey.

3. Social Media Guide From QuickSprout

Social media will always be an important part of your blogging success. Some blog owners just focus on Social Media channels to get traffic and engagement on their blogs. Even if you will focus on Search Engine Optimization you should be having enough Social Presence to give a ranking signal to search engines.

Quicksprout’s Social media guide can help you in learning everything about Social Media for Blogging. The article is divided into multiple topics and steps that you need to follow.

4. SproutSocial’s Social Media Insights

Social Media channels are always getting new updates with changes in their algorithms and functionality. For getting the best results from these channels you need to keep yourself updated with all the latest trends. SproutSocial shares all the latest news and happenings in the social world.

Not just articles but you can get guides, case studies, reports, and much more. By knowing about the recent changes and trends you can optimize your content accordingly to get the best results.

5. Later’s Blog on Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks among bloggers. Especially if you are blogging about Arts, Designing, Food, Photography, Travel, etc. then Instagram can do wonders for you. Instagram marketing also helps in converting your blog into a brand as it brings you closer to your audience.

Later’s blog has got everything that you require to amaze your Instagram audience. It has got tips, guides, reports, case studies, courses, and much more.

6. Resources from Buffer

Buffer is basically an application to manage social media accounts. Anyone can schedule posts and updates on different social media channels through buffer. Also, they can analyze their results from different campaigns.

Buffer has created a separate segment on their website for resources. Here they generally share amazing stuff and news related to social media. So, you can subscribe to them and get all the updates on your mailbox.

Free Resources for Learning Income Generation

Almost everyone starts a blog with a dream to generate some passive income out of it. But with so much competition only a few are able to get stable income through Blogging. There are multiple ways to make money through blogging like putting up Ads, Promoting Affiliate Products, Writing Paid Articles, and more. Below are some resources for you to learn ways to make money blogging. Some of the best free blogging resources.

1. ShoutMeLoud’s Adsense Guide

Adsense is one of the most popular and common ways to earn money with your blog. Google lets website owners put ads on their site and shares revenue with them. But earning through Adsense needs proper guidance and strategy else your account can get banned.

Harsh Agarwal has prepared this guide on Google Adsense to show the power of Blogging. His blog ShoutMeLoud gets millions of visitors each month which allows him to make enough money through advertisements. In this guide, he explained how Adsense works and how you can use it well on your blog.

In each section, he mentioned his articles which further explain some core concepts.

2. Alison’s Google Adsense Course

Alsion is a free online learning platform providing courses in multiple domains. All the courses are available to learn for free and students only need to pay when they require a certificate.

In their Adsense course, they have tried to explain every bit of the platform. Beginners can take this course to learn the workflow and some tips on getting much better results from the Adsense platform.

3. Neil Patel’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing

So, Adsense is not the only way to earn some passive income with your blog. People are earning a lot through affiliate marketing but only after they know the basics well. Neil Patel’s Guide to Affiliate marketing guide is one of the most comprehensive guides for knowing about it from scratch.

Multiple concepts are divided into smaller steps and explained with real-world examples. After going through the guide you will have a basic understanding of how things work and what you need to do further.

4. The Smart Passive Income Blog

The Smart Passive Income Blog is focused on Affiliate Marketing and all related aspects to get better results on your affiliate campaigns.

There are articles, guides, case studies, podcasts, and many other resources. You can also join their newsletter to get some amazing working tips right in your inbox.

Some Important Topics That They Cover:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Courses
  • Podcasting

Some Bonus Resources

1. Authority Hacker

Creating a blog is just not enough in this so damn competitive field. You need to be an authority blog to get ahead of your competitors. Authority Hacker provides everything that you need to build High Authority websites and Blogs. It is always easy when you get to know the right way to do things.

They have covered multiple domains including Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Website Technologies, Sales, etc. Read their posts regularly to get some amazing industry insights and scale your blog to an authority blog.

2. One Page Love

When we start a blog we usually start with a simple and basic design. But soon as we start to grow we want to show it as a brand. Most of the authority blogs have got their custom-designed themes having an attractive look.

But it is not easy to get ideas for designing your Homepage. So, here is this website One Page Love which has curated more than 7000 one page web designs. These designs can inspire you a lot to come up with eye-catchy design ideas.

3. Free Pinterest Course

Use the power of Pinterest as a social network to grow your audience. Pinterest gets millions of active users each month and this can surely help you in overcoming your low traffic problems. This course is delivered right in your inbox for six consecutive days.

Each day with a new topic and a new way of knowing about Pinterest and some valuable tips. Join now and start to learn.

4. Stupid Simple SEO Bootcamp

The enrollments to this free SEO Bootcamp will start in February 2020. SO you can join the waiting list to get notified. Earlier they provided 5 days Bootcamp to teach SEO with guides and challenges.

5. 12 Months Blog Plan

A complete one year plan for your blog which you can apply right from this moment. This is a self-paced online course so no need to worry about losing any course material.

6. Backup Your WordPress Blog

Here is a complete guide on how to backup your blog effectively. It is always suggested for you to keep safe backups if anything goes wrong you will have your files at a safe place. The guide provides multiple ways with which you can have your files backed up for later use. These backup files could also be used while migrating your blog from one hosting server to another.

You can also check our other guides on similar topics:

So, here comes an end to this huge guide on Free resources in 2020 for Bloggers to start and run a successful blog. The list will be updated frequently to add in more free blogging resources and to remove the outdated ones.

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