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10+ Best Free WordPress Tutorials, Courses & Certifications

Do you want to create your own blog?

Or you want to create a business website?

WordPress can help you in creating almost every kind of website. And if you are someone who doesn’t even know about this platform then continue reading to know it before you get into the list of best free WordPress courses and certifications.

WordPress is an open source content management system developed in PHP programming language. It is a popular system to design and develop websites and web resources. And according to a report from W3Techs, WordPress is being used by more than 35.7% of websites that they have found using some kind of CMS.

That number is huge and shows that WordPress powers almost one third of the websites on the Internet. This makes an important point for you to learn WordPress and start creating websites for you or for your clients. Another thing about WordPress is that you don’t need to learn programming and everything is handled at the backend.You will be just focusing on the Content and Execution part.

So, after knowing the importance of WordPress we should now be moving to the list opf free resources to learn WordPress. This list contains free courses, tutorials and certifications for you to learn WordPress from scratch.

Let’s Get Started.

1. WordPress Tutorials from FirstSite Guide

FreeSite Guide is a popular website helping people in starting blogs from scratch. They have created a segment in their website where they have got some tutorials for learning WordPress. The tutorials are mainly focused on creating blogs through WordPress but you will also be learning setting up themes and plugins.

You will start learning by setting up your blog and for that you will also be choosing a domain and hosting. After that there is guide for using and managing WordPress effectively. The other resources section brings in some advanced things that you will be needing after you have setup your blog.

2. WordPress Codex

It is an online manual right from WordPress containing guides, tutorials and documentation. You will be getting all the tutorials to start learning it from scratch. There is a different section for each query like for installing WordPress, Using Themes, Using Plugins and other basic functionalities that you will need to create your own blogs and websites,

Aprt from creating websites or blogs you can also learn about the backend development. This thing is focused on coders who want to develop their own themes and plugins for WordPress. They can learn the process of that through step by step tutorials and guides.

3. WordPress Tutorials from WPsetup

WPsetup provides guidance on setting up WordPress websites in an easy way. They have got so many guides and tutorials for beginners and intermediates to help them create blogs and websites. Afer the creation you will also learn to manage them in the best way possible.

With a blog or website there comes many things that you need to take care. This includes it’s design, speed, structure, search engine optimization and more. You will learn all these things in individual segments that they have created.

And as most people create blogs for earning money so you will also be learning the process to monetize it. So, there is so much to learn from this website and its tutorials.

4. Beginner’s Guide from Smashing Magazine

This is a complete guide focused on beginners to create WordPress websites. The guide will take you through the complete process of creating and deploying the website online. The guide starts from choosing and purchasing a domain name and then you will be taken through the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

Then you will also purchase a hosting and setup your domain for creating a live webisite. After installing the WordPress you will be learning the process to change themes, plugins and customizing your website according to your needs and requirements.

And as the security of your website is an important factor you will also be knowing about securing your website. After going through this guide you will be able to create your own websites without any need to code.

5. WordPress Course from Udemy

We recently reviewd Udemy for all the courses that they provide as we mention them in our lists every now and then. This free course is provided by Udemy for beginners for helping them learn the basics of WordPress. Students will be able to learn the process to install WordPress, themes, plugins and setup it in the right way.

The course contains 1.5 hours of training material with full time access content. As it is a sel paced course so you can learn it whenever you want. This course will also provide you a certification on completion which you can add up in your resume to showcase your skills.

You just require basic computer skills to start working through this course.

6. Video Tutorials from FirstSiteGuide

We already mentioned the textual guides from them above but they also have video tutorials. As no single thing can suit them all thus we thought to mention the video tutorials as well. This is one of the best web resources for learning WordPress.

The series has got more than 45 videos with each focsuing on an individual topic. The videos are segmented into different categories so that you can skip to the section that you want to learn. You will learn not only the creation process of blog but also to optimize it and get traffic from different channels.

They have also got a section for helping students learn about Niche Blogging. It is an important aspect when it comes to Blogging and WordPress.

7. Free WordPress Training from Yoast

So this free WordPress course is from the makers of famous SEO plugin for WordPress.In the free version of this course they cover the setup process of a website. Also you will be learning about the basics of Search Engine Optimization.

After completing the training you will be able to setup your own website, manage it for getting traffic, securing it from hackers. And the security part is very crucial so it’s important to learn it right from the beginning. They are also providing some additional paid plans where they will be training people more about SEO and how you can rank on Search Engines through it.

8. WordPress Course from WebYoda

There are multiple courses available for free to start learning WordPress. The basic courses starts from choosing a web hosting to host your website. Then you will be installing WordPress on your hosting from scratch. After completing all the courses you will be able to build your own websites without any problems.

And at the later stage you will be creating a shooping cart website with the help of WP platform. This will help you in learning the steps to create ecommerce websites on WP. And you will be usrely needing some SEO skills to get visitors on your website so they have also included an SEO course for the students.

9. WordPress Tutorial from Tutorial Class

All the tutorials and courses mentioned above were in English. This tutorial is specially for someone who wants to Learn WordPress in Hindi. As there is almost no programming invloved so it is okay to learn it in your preferred language.

Here are the segments from this tutorial series:

  • WordPress Introduction
  • WordPress installation
  • WordPress Frontend & Backend
  • WordPress Dashboard Screen
  • Dashboard Overview
  • Posts, Pages and More

All these segmnets contains both wriiten and video tutorials so that you can learn everything in details. And the video covers topics in Hindi so you would not face any difficulty in understanding things.

10. Website Learners YouTube Channel

Website Learners is a famous YouTube channel providing videos on website creation. They have a complete series of videos covering the WordPress website creation process. And if you are in a hurry to learn then you can also watch the 10 minutes video which shows how you can create a WordPress website in just 10 minutes.

The other videos in the series contain further explainations on blog creation, themes setup, plugins setup and more. These videos are enough for you to learn about the fundamentals about this platform. There are more videos in the library to teach you some important things that you can add in your website to get more out of it.

11. Elementor Tutorial from Web Monkey

Elementor is one of the most used website builders on WordPress platform. It makes it easy to design complex web designs and provides a drag and drop functionality to the users. Although WordPress allows you to install themes and plugins but it is not that much easy to setup themes as per the requirements.

Thus it is very important for you to learn Elementor right from the beginning. This video tutorial from Web Monkey has got complete step by step process to learn Elementor. The video contains more than 3 hours of content and the reviews in the comments make it worth watching.

With this the article on Best Free WordPress courses and certification came to an end. We hope you would like the resources and will utilize them to the fullest. Do share your feedback in the comments and also share it with someone in need.

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