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10+ Free Laravel Tutorials, Courses & Certifications 2024

So, you finally thought to learn Laravel?

And, are looking for some free Laravel courses to start learning it?

Laravel is an amazing open-source framework used in the development process of web applications. It helps developers by making some of the most common tasks a bit easier without degrading the application’s functionality.

For helping students get started with Laravel we have created a list of some of the best free Laravel courses, tutorials, and certifications. They will help you in getting an overview of one of the best web development frameworks.

So, let’s get started with the list of free learning stuff for Laravel:

1. Laravel Guide from Cloudways

So, this is a step-by-step guide for beginners who are just getting into the Laravel framework. You will start learning things from scratch and will know about the reasons that make Laravel so popular. Then you will be taken on a series of tutorials that will give you enough knowledge about working concepts.

Even if you have never used Laravel before and it’s your first time hearing it these tutorials are enough for you to learn. It also includes the process of installing Laravel on localhost and cloud systems. After knowing things about the work you will also learn some best security practices that you need to keep in mind.

There are around 11 individual tutorials covering topics like Laravel Basics, Performance Benchmarks, Real World Solutions, Testing, Front End, and more.

2. Code Tutorials by Envato

Envato has its segment named Tuts+ where they share learning resources. For training you on Laravel, they have various how-to guides that can help you while you work on this platform. The guides include some tips, tricks, and error resolutions.

Working on a new platform is not as easy as it seems. You always need some resources to query whenever you get stuck somewhere. They also have some eBooks and Guides that can help you a lot in learning new things about Laravel.

3. Laravel 6 Framework for Beginners Udemy

This is a free Laravel course from Udemy, especially for beginners. In this course, you will be learning the core functionalities of Laravel, Laravel 6 CRUD, and the default authentication system that it provides. After completing the course students would be knowing about:

  • Inserting and Reading Data from Database
  • Updating Data
  • Default Authentication System
  • CRUD Functions
  • Change Password

So it will not be enough for you to get an overall knowledge of Laravel but is good for getting a hold of the fundamentals. The course contains more than 6 hours of learning material and you will also get a certification on the completion of the course.

4. Laravel 6 From Scratch by Laracasts

The design is not the only thing that you would love about Laracasts. They have created this series for training students on Laravel 6 right from the fundamentals. The series has 48 episodes which total more than 5 hours of learning.

The series is divided into 11 sections with each focusing on an individual topic. Here is the series structure:

  • Prerequisites
  • Routing
  • Database Access
  • Views and Forms
  • Controller Techniques
  • Authentication and Core Concepts

There are more on the list and we only mentioned a few of them here. After going through the videos you will know the fundamentals of Laravel. You will be able to create projects on your own or from further tutorials.

5. Build Your First Laravel App

Self-taught Coders has created this free 5 video course to help beginners in creating their first app with Laravel. Programming is all about the projects that you build and it feels amazing while you create something of your own.

The course will take you through the process of creation and deployment of the web app. First, you will need to set up the environment and start creating the initial segments of the application. You will also learn about connecting applications with databases and handling data flows inside your application.

After completing the course you will have your app created with the help of Laravel. For starting the course you will need to have some working knowledge of programming concepts and PHP.

6. Video Courses from Laravel Play

It is always suggested to learn programming by doing projects. The more projects that you will create the more you can polish your skills. Laravel is an effective platform to create different types of web applications. They include Social networks, Blogs, URL shorteners, Admin Panels and so much more.

LaravelPlay has so many free video courses for Laravel to help you create projects on your own. They also have video courses for training students with Laravel, PHP, Vue.js, and other important languages. Below are some of the projects that we liked:

  • URL Shortener with Laravel
  • Login System
  • Web Scrapping
  • Udemy Clone with Laravel
  • Chatrooms and Forums

So there is a lot to learn and each tutorial comes with multiple video lectures. And with every new update to the platform, they create a tutorial to explain the updates on features.

7. Make a Blog in Laravel Udemy

Laravel is a powerful and robust platform and can be used to build blogging sites. This free course from Udemy will help you in creating your Blog with the help of Laravel. You will need to have a working knowledge of PHP, OOP Concepts, and the Basics of HTML and CSS.

The course starts with a basic introduction to Laravel and installing them on your system. Then you will start creating your blog from scratch by creating categories, pages, posts, and signup facilities. You will also learn to verify the emails of users signing up on your blogging platform.

The course has around 5.5 hours of video content and similar to the above one you will also get a certification on completion.

8. Social Network Course from CodeCourse

Laravel can be used as a programming language to build a social networking platform. This is one of the best free Laravel courses from CodeCourse that lets students build their social network platform.

The platform will have the ability to create an account, add friends, update statuses, and more.

The course is divided into 20 sections having a step-by-step explanation of the creation process. You will be installing the framework and then setting up your environment. After that, you will be creating individual processes for your application like signing up, searching for people, adding friends, etc.

After completing the course you would have your skills polished and have your mini social network. You can then add functionalities by learning new things side by side.

9. Building a Blog with Laravel -DevMarketer

Though it is based on an older version of the framework the same concepts apply even now. You can learn to create a working Blog from scratch with the help of Laravel. As per the creator, this is one of the most in-depth series on this framework for real-world applications.

The video series is hosted on YouTube and contains 54 videos. The students will need to have basic knowledge of programming concepts and the framework too. It starts from sharing the knowledge on File Structure, MVC, Database, etc, and then moves on to building the functional blocks of your blog.

10. Full Course from freeCodeCamp.org

freeCodeCamp always makes a place in the list of free courses and certifications. They provide courses on almost all the major tech skills. They have created a full Laravel course in a single video for complete beginners. The video covers all the major topics of this framework and how you can use it to create amazing applications.

Some advanced concepts are also covered in the video so it is suggested that you watch it in a stepwise manner. You can find the course timeline in the description which allows you to skip the video to the important topics if you want to.

The video has more than 4 hours of content and has got a positive response from the audience. So get started on your journey to learn Laravel.

With that here comes an end to the list of free Laravel courses 2022, tutorials, and certifications. You can enroll in the courses and watch the tutorials to learn Laravel in the best way possible. Also, start working on projects that will help you in learning things in a better way.

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  1. thank you admin for sharing these free Laravel courses, I needed them the most as I am a beginner and starting learning Laravel but was not finding any good Laravel courses that are free too.


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