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8+ Free & Best Storytelling Courses and Tutorials to Learn

Storytelling is an art of sharing a message in the form of stories by using facts and narratives. Different niches may have different meanings and elements of storytelling.

Even, the use of storytelling can be different for different individuals. This article would focus on business storytelling which is used to narrate brand messages and values in different forms of content. Brands use storytelling to communicate with their audience in a better way thus building trust and credibility.

Storytelling as a business activity is getting much attention and people are willing to learn it. By learning the art of storytelling, you can use it to change the way in which you dealt with the process of Traditional or Digital Marketing.

We are sharing some of the best storytelling courses, guides, and certifications that you can go through and learn Storytelling. So, let us get started with the list of free storytelling learning material

Best Storytelling Guides

1. The Ultimate Guide to Storytelling

This guide is from HubSpot, which is a software development company. The guide focuses on developing storytelling skills to elevate your brand and connect to your audience. HubSpot is always known for its amazing content marketing activities and they do use storytelling to connect with their target audience.

HubSpot has divided the guide into multiple sections as mentioned below:

  • What is Storytelling?
  • Why Do We Tell Stories?
  • What Makes a Good Story?
  • The Storytelling Process
  • Storytelling Resources

For a beginner who wants to know each and everything about storytelling from scratch, this guide is a must. And, at the end of the guide, they have also shared some resources for you to go through and learn further about this skill.

2. Changemaker’s Guide on Storytelling

Changemakers is a program to connect high-potential changemakers in order to accelerate the rate of change for critical social issues. They divided into four major types as The Challenge Story, The How-To Story, The Big Idea Story, and the Impact Story.

For the guide, they divided the process of storytelling into eight major steps. Below are all the steps mentioned:

  • Reflect and Build Your Narrative
  • Identify Your Key Audience
  • Select Your Core Message
  • Choose Your Story Type
  • Create Your Call to Action
  • Select Your Story Medium
  • Create an Authentic and Concrete Story
  • Optimize Channels for Sharing Your Story

After going through all the steps, you can check out the resources that they have shared. Using those resources you can create your stories in different formats as per your brand requirements.

3. The Ultimate Brand Storytelling Guide

StorySoft has crafted an amazing guide focusing on storytelling for brands. StorySoft is a marketing platform built for storytelling and the whole company itself is based on storytelling. This is one of the most comprehensive guides on brand storytelling that you will ever find on the Internet.

They have divided the guide into different chapters and each of them focuses on a different topic. Below are the chapters mentioned:

  • Brand Storytelling Basics
  • The Power of Brand Storytelling
  • Structure Your Brand Storytelling for Success
  • How to Get Started With It
  • Telling a Brand Story in this Digital World
  • Conclusion

Each and every chapter has enough examples to explain things in a better way. By the end of the guide, learners would be able to create their own brand stories.

4. Storytelling Guides from Visme

Visme is a platform to create infographics and presentations. On their blog, they share guides, case studies, and resources related to content creation and marketing. We have selected some of their most popular storytelling guides for you all.

These guides cover all the major topics and you will have enough understanding of how things work. Make sure to bookmark them as they have got so much information that would be difficult for you to grasp at once. Below are the guides that we have chosen:

Best Storytelling Courses

1. 5-Day Storytelling Mini-Course

Waldorf.Ish has this course on their website and you just need to signup to receive one-course module everyday. As the name suggests it is a mini-course which will be completed in 5 days. They will be sending you content related to storytelling provided by some authority content creators.

Each day a new topic will be sent you contain either blog or video content. This way for 5 days you will be getting valuable content sent directly in your mailbox.

2. Presentation skills: Speechwriting and Storytelling

Coursera provides thousands of course under multiple categories. This course is a part of the series named Presentation Skills offered by National Research Tomsk State University. Though, if you will take the complete course, it will be a paid opportunity for you, but, you can audit the course for free.

Audit Coursera Courses

This way you can learn from the course but you will not be getting any assignments or certificates. But still, the course is worth your time for learning a new skill. The modules are dividing into multiple weeks and the topic for each week is as follows:

  • Setting the Goals
  • Sustaining Interest
  • Providing Evidence
  • The Middle: Lesson Choices
  • The language of the Presentation
  • The Beginning and the End

3. The Power of Storytelling

We already mentioned a guide from HubSpot at the beginning of this article, We can’t resist adding another lesson from HubSpot on Storytelling. HubSpot Academy provides different free courses and you can enroll to learn without any hassle. The one we are mentioning is not a course but is a lesson with 3 videos and 23 minutes of duration.

They create these small lessons to cover up a small topic in detail. Videos from this lesson are focused on how businesses should focus on drafting a story and the process of doing the same. Every beginner should have a look at the lesson to get a complete overview of the process and its powers.

4. Leadership Communication for Maximum Impact: Storytelling

Coursera has got another spot on this list with this course on leadership communication. It is the part of a 6-course series offered by Northwestern University. The main series is focused on the topic of Organizational leadership Specialization.

As storytelling is an important part of leadership, leaders use this activity in different ways including communication, engaging with clients, and to grow their impact on the world. This course would help you to learn most of these skills right from the experts.

So, these were some of the best guides and courses on storytelling mainly for business and marketing purposes. We hope that you would get enough value out of these guides and courses. Do share your feedback in the comment and share this article with your friends.


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