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14+ Best Free Copywriting Courses to Improve Your Skills

Looking for some free copywriting courses?

Then, you are at the right place and Present Slide would help you find one.

Copywriting is the process of writing content mainly for marketing and advertising. But as the field is growing there are many additions in the uses of copywriting skills.

One important thing to know that copywriting is not just limited to writing but has many other factors. Copywriters try to use words as their tool to convey messages to the audience in the right way at the right time.

It is very much different than normal content writing. And the people who are experts at creating effective copies earn a lot of selling stuff with their skills. In this article, we will be mentioning some best free Copywriting courses. And this article will also include all other resources that you will require to get further with your course earning.

So without wasting any more time, we are heading towards the list:

Free Copywriting Courses List

1. Copywriting Course from Kopywriting Kourse

This is a simple but effective course to get you started on this journey. Byte sized video tutorials will take you through the basics of copywriting. Most suited for complete beginners who want to know about this field well. There are 8 parts in the training and the modules are as follows:

  • What is Copywriting?
  • Difference Between Selling and Educating
  • The AIDA Formula
  • Write As You Talk
  • Appealing to Your Customers
  • And 3 More Modules

They mention it as 25 minutes of Copywriting training. It is obvious that you will not become an expert after completing this course. The free copywriting course is designed for people who just heard about the term and want to know further about it.

We have tried the video tutorials and they were really interactive. So go to the course section and start learning now.

2. Become a Copywriter Pro from Ground Up

It is a complete package to learn about the process of copywriting. Eduonix has provided this course for free and gives you lifetime access for the content. You will also be getting a certification of completion at the end of the course. Certifications are good to be added to your resume to present your skills well.

The course content offers you five modules with video lectures. Each video will let you dive deep into the world of copywriting. We have tried the video lectures and found them pretty well to be listed here. Below are the modules that the course offers:

  • Course Introduction
  • Who is a Master Copywriter?
  • Writing Well
  • Turning a Passion for Writing into Profession
  • Course Conclusion

Content has been prepared by keeping in mind about the beginners. But at the end of the course, you will have enough knowledge to start working on your first copies.

3. Copyblogger Free Membership

Copyblogger is one of the best websites for content creators and copywriters. There are tons of resources including articles, eBooks, notes, videos, and much more. Copyblogger is providing free membership in which anyone who wants to learn the basics and advances can join.

After joining the membership you will get around 10 powerful eBooks having more than 100,000 words. Not just these eBooks but you will also get access to a 20-part course on Copywriting and Content Creation methodology.

They also have updated their membership with fresh content and added many more topics. Copyblogger has an experience of over 3000 articles so you can trust the quality of the material they will provide. Some of the eBooks that they were providing before updates were:

  • Copywriting 101 – How to Craft Compelling Copy
  • How to Write Magnetic Headlines
  • Content marketing
  • How to Create Content That Converts
  • Landing Pages – How to Turn Traffic Into Money

The list might have got updated recently and you can check that after joining.

4. Conversion Copywriting 101

One of the best free copywriting courses on the Internet. This course is from CopyHackers with Joanna Wiebe as the instructor. You can simply join the course and get access to the course material for free. It contains video lectures where many people have been featured to answer questions regarding copywriting.

The course is focused on the topics related to the use of copywriting for increasing conversion rates. There are around 14 segments in the course with each having some different questions to answer. We ourselves have tried out some of the videos from the content and they were really informative.

Some important topics from the Course are:

  • Conversion Copywriting Vs. Regular Copywriting
  • Copywriting for Different Stages of Awareness
  • How to Lay Out a Great Web Page
  • How to Write Headlines That Get The Click
  • How to Write Adwords Ads

There are more such segments for you to Enroll and learn.

5. Mysterious Email Tips

All the previous courses we mentioned were not focused on any general niche. Mysterious Email Tips from Ben Settle is focused on Copywriting for Email marketing. There are around 24 guides in which he will tell all the things that you can use to double your sales with Email Marketing.

Copywriting matters much while creating copies for Email campaigns. The headline, Preview text, Call to Actions, and all the content that body features affect your open rate and link clicks. You can just sign up and receive all the guides directly in your inbox.

6. Simple Writing System

Another great free copywriting course for both beginners and someone who wants new ideas about Copywriting. The instructor John Carlton is known as “The Most Rip-Off Writer on the Web“. In this course, he talks about the importance of stories in your ad or sales copies.

On the first day of signing up, you will receive a downloadable PDF of the SWS Express course. The very next day you will be getting the training video explaining every bit out of the Simple Writing System course.

So, if you want a quick glimpse of some amazing and insightful concepts on copywriting then you should join the training.

7. The Unbounce Landing Page Course

You might be thinking about our choice to add this course here. Yes, this course is about the landing page but is closely related to Copywriting. The creators have taken copywriting into consideration to create effective landing pages. The course itself has 7 segments and one of the segments is completely based on copywriting.

Elements of the course are:

Part 1: Landing Page Fundamentals

Part 2: Page Elements and Architecture

Part 3: Call to Action Design

Part 4: Lead Capture Forms

Part 5: Landing Page Copywriting

Part 6: The Landing Page Sessions

Part 7: Landing Page Design

What more do you need to get yourself on the track? Start working on things right now!

8. My 3 Tip Copywriting Course

If you are someone who is already into copywriting and wants to improve your skills a bit then this is for you. Its a 3 video course with each video having a simple but effective tip. These three tips will help you in getting more out of your efforts.

The three tips that are explained in the course are:

Tip 1: Use benefits that matter

Tip 2: Write customer-centric copy

Tip 3: Edit the flab into fab


Some Free Resources on Copywriting [Bonus]

1. Free Guides and Resources From Kreative copywriting

Kreative Copywriting is a website providing resource related to Marketing, Storytelling, and online courses. They have a segment on their website for free resources on Copywriting. Two free guides that have been mentioned on the landing page are Headlines and Storytelling.

You can get further guides by signing up for there email list. They will be sending all the latest guides about Marketing and Copywriting directly in your inbox.

2. CopyHackers

We have already mentioned one course from CopyHackers on our list. The website itself is a complete package for learning every single thing about this field. There are hundreds of articles on Copywriting, Freelancing, Blogging, Growing your content base.

3. Copywriting Formula

This is another guide from CopyHackers and is named “The Ultimate Guide to No-Pain Copywriting“. Written by Joanna Wiebe it is a 59 Minute read the complete article about Copywriting and how it should be used in different scenarios.

Some of the Important Topics from the Article are:

  • Headline Writing Formulas
  • Testimonial Formula
  • Facebook Ad Copies
  • Pre-Publishing Copywriting Checklist and more.

4. QuickSprout’s Complete Guide to Copywriting

Just like the above article, this is also a guide with more than 5000 words. Not just words but concepts, tips, tricks, explanations, and much more. They have created that post in the form of Questions and Answers related to different aspects of Copywriting.

5. Headline Hacks

Headlines Hacks is an eBook containing 52 tips for creating Headlines that works. Written by Jon Morrow it will help you in writing Viral Headlines for your blog posts. You can sign up for the mailing list to get your eBook right in your inbox.

6. Power Words for Conversion

A complete guide for using power words in your marketing copies. The article contains 600+ such power words categorized in different categories. Either you can read it online on the website or it can also be downloaded in the form of PDF.

The different types of power words as mentioned by Smart Blogger are:

  • Fear Power Words
  • Engagement Power Words
  • Lust Power Words
  • Anger Power Words
  • Greed Power Words
  • Safety Power Words
  • Forbidden Power Words

Check the article to learn more about them.

7. Copywriting Complete Guide from TakeFunnels

So, this is a complete copywriting guide for beginners created by TakeFunnels. We updated the post to add this guide as we found it good for beginners who are just starting with Copywriting. The guide is divided into multiple parts with basics and then some important terms that would help you get a complete overview of the topics.

You can check our other articles on similar topics before leaving:

Here comes an end to the list of some of the best free Copywriting courses. We have also added some resources to help you in learning the best for your skills. We hope that this article and the courses mentioned are enough for you to learn Copywriting that too for free.

Disclaimer: The article does not contain any affiliate links and all the courses are linked to the official sites. Read their respective privacy policies before going further with enrolling in the courses and guides.

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