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Best Data Science Telegram Channels For You To Join

Telegram is one of the leading cloud-based instant messaging services. Telegram was launched on August 14, 2013, as a privacy-focused messaging platform on iOS which later was released for Android too.

Since its launch in 2013, Telegram has witnessed more than 40% growth each year. Also, it is among the top 10 most popular social networks in the world.

But, what is the reason behind the tremendous growth of Telegram even while facing huge competition with its alternates?

One of the main reasons is the features that it provides including control, privacy, communities, and more. We have always appreciated Telegram for its Groups, Bots, and Channels that allow people to do a lot more right from the chat application. In this article, we will be looking for some great Telegram channels for Data Science.

If you are interested in Data Science, Data Analytics, and similar concepts then you should definitely join these channels to:

  • Keep yourself updated about the Data Science industry
  • Get working project ideas
  • Learn a new skill and become a better data scientist

So, here is the list of some of the Best Data Science Telegram Channels:

1. Python Pundits

For working on Data Science models, you require to have a solid working knowledge of one of the programming languages. Python is one of the most popular programming languages used for Data Science. This Telegram channel shares a number of free tutorials to start learning Python from scratch.

Apart from that, you will get a regular dose of guides that focus on the practical application of Python programming. This way you will be working on projects right from the beginning.

2. KDnuggets

KDnuggets is one of the biggest communities based on Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, and more. The website was founded by Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro. On their Telegram channel, they share posts related to the latest trends, industry insights, learning guides, projects, and a lot more.

There are more than 17,000 subscribers to the channel and you can get regular updates on these trending skills.

3. Data Science Info

Another great channel for Data Science enthusiasts who want to have a pocket-friendly guide on their side. This channel is a learning hub that shares a lot of things including guides, courses, definitions, project ideas, and more. You can join the channel to keep yourself updated about the latest industry trends, insights, and workshops that can help you excel in the field.

It has got more than 31,000 active subscribers and is very regular at sharing quality content.

4. Machine Learning

No, we are still on the same track and even though the name is Machine Learning, the channel shares a lot of content related to Data Science. It is a complete package of knowledge where you will not be limited to a single concept but overall growth.

The channel shares practical guides, projects, research papers, and important concepts that you can learn and apply in your models.

5. Data Science/Analytics Jobs

Learning is just a part of your career and you need to keep looking for great work opportunities. Thus, we have added this Telegram channel to the list that shares the latest jobs and work opportunities in the Data Science and Data Analytics domain.

As per the channel owners, only genuine jobs are posted there with the contact details of the person publishing them. You can connect with them, share your details, clear the interviews, and start with your new job.

Here comes an end to this list of Telegram channels. We hope you would learn great things out of these and if you also know a channel, you can add share them in the comments section. We added only a few channels to focus on quality rather than quantity.

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