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23+ Best Telegram Bots That Everyone Should Know [2024 Updated]

Hello Readers, We hope that you are all fine.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the best Telegram bots. If you are not familiar with the platform then don’t worry, We will start everything from the basics.

With automation in trend, every other company is trying its hands on it. Bots are the simplest automation tools. They are pre-coded programs that provide results based on input patterns.

Other special kinds of bots use artificial intelligence to make multiple decisions in their workflow. You might have seen chatbots popping up when you land on some websites. These chatbots answer some specific user queries based on their instruction sets.

By developing bots programmers can build simple applications that can do multiple tasks on their own. They are used in various applications like Search Engines, Social Media, and Recursive Application building in which each task is to be performed recursively.

[Updated Statistics]

According to DemandSage, Telegram has 700+ million monthly active users and the daily active user count for the app is around 55.2 Million. Since the time we wrote this article, the number of users on Telegram as well as the bots available has increased.

Now you are familiar with bots we will be moving on to the next part of this article.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging service that allows users to send text messages, images, videos, and other media files. The data storage is maintained at the cloud level which allows Telegram to be accessed portably.

The application is quite similar to WhatsApp but has some additional features. Moreover, these features make it the top competitor of the WhatsApp messaging application. Some of its features are:

  • Fast Messaging Service
  • No limit on File Sharing size
  • Cloud-Based operations
  • Added Telegram Bots and Channels
  • Can be Accessed on the Web without a direct connection to a mobile.

The most popular feature of Telegram is the Channels and bots that it allows. We will now be learning about Telegram bots and Channels.

What are Telegram Bots and Channels?

As we have already seen these Bots and Channels make Telegram very much popular among users. Telegram channels are created for broadcasting Content to subscribed users.

Just like YouTube channels in which people subscribe to them and get content delivered to them regularly. In the same way, anyone can create Telegram channels and send broadcast messages to all the subscribers.

Telegram bots are coded programs at the backend for automation with which any user can interact and get work done. For example, there is a Telegram bot that can bring you the latest trending information from around the world whenever you need it.

Here is a video that shows how you can create your own Telegram bot without coding:

Telegram bots are different from channels and work to provide multiple automated task results. Now you might be thinking about how you will subscribe to a channel or find the best and most useful Telegram bots to join.

Now we will be looking into our next segment of this topic and know the process to join some cool bots on the Telegram app.

How to Join Best Telegram Bots?

Every bot on Telegram has its unique username which allows users to join. Just search for any specific username and the useful bot will appear on search results inside the app.

Tap the bot and it will ask you to start the interaction. By tapping the /start button you initiate the interaction. Each bot has different features and options to perform tasks. Choose one of those options and enter any required information as per the instructions.

You will get the required results from the Automated Bots like finding certain music, Converting media files, etc. Now we shall look at some of the best and most helpful Telegram bots that everyone should know.

What are some of the Best Telegram Bots?

Below is a list of the Best Telegram bots in 2024. They are not organized as per rank or something but just features that we liked.

Xbot App – #Featured

Discover how Xbot can revolutionize your note-taking experience by transcribing and summarizing voice notes into text. Ideal for creative minds, Xbot offers seamless sharing features for WhatsApp and Telegram users, as well as AI-powered voice commands like “catch me up” to keep your thoughts organized effortlessly.

1. OpenMember

The OpenMember bot allows you to quickly and easily accept membership payments for your Telegram channels or groups.

The OpenMember bot and web dashboard tool allow you to charge whatever you want for access, at any frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or one-time). It’s super simple to get started, Just visit OpenMember, set up an account, and complete the quick onboarding steps.

Here are some of the great OpenMember features:

  • Setup customized pricing and charge your subscribers at any frequency in any currency
  • Automatic invitations when someone subscribes and kicking when they stop paying
  • A web dashboard to monitor revenue, subscriber growth, and churn and manage your subscribers
  • Setup unlimited number of paid channels or groups, with an unlimited number of subscribers

OpenMember has no monthly fee and only charges a 5% transaction fee to help support the platform and build new features.

Start OpenMember Bot on Telegram

2. InviteMember

If you want to easily accept payments and send invite links to your paid channel or group members  — you’ll love this bot.

InviteMember will let you create your own membership business in Telegram in just 5 minutes.

To make your groups and channels members-only, just start the bot and you’ll be guided step by step on how to create your subscription-based business.

Some of the features you’ll get for free are:

  • Credit, debit, and crypto processing
  • Automated subscribers management
  • Fully customizable membership bots
  • More than 15 languages for your subscribers
  • Custom commands

You can get these and more features for just a 10% commission for each payment received with no fixed monthly fee. There are also pro features for bigger projects, included in InviteMember’s Starter and Growth paid plans.

Start InviteMember Bot on Telegram

3. GameBot

You can find the bot by searching @gamebot in Telegram search or by clicking the link below while using a mobile device.

This is a very simple Telegram bot that allows you to play chat games with friends. Just start the bot as we have explained before and click on “Play With Friends“. It will ask you to choose the contact with whom you want to play.

Just tap on any of the contacts and it will ask you to choose the game. There are currently three games available to play:

  • Math Battle: Yes or No questions based on Maths Quizzes.
  • Corsairs: You have to dodge cannonballs to get to the next level.
  • LumberJack Bot: You have to chop wood and save yourself from branches to touch.

Gamebot is an amazing telegram bot that saves you from getting bored. Waiting for your friend to come online? Start playing games and enjoy the extra time.

Join GameBot on Telegram

4. Skeddy

If you are a person who forgets things often then this is for you.

Skeddy is a reminder bot that messages you reminding you things. It is a simple bot through which you can create reminders by sending a text message. Isn’t automation amazing? We just love the fact that this app can do amazing tasks on its own.

You just need to send messages in simple text like “Call Varun in 20 minutes“. It will notify you through Telegram messages that you have a reminder scheduled.

After starting the bot it will ask you to set the Time Zone so that you will be reminded of the exact time. Further, you can send messages as reminders and time and you will get the notification.

Join Skeddy on Telegram

5. File to Bot

File to Bot allows users to save files on the cloud with unlimited storage. You can send files in the chat and they will get stored category-wise.

Uploaded files could be checked and downloaded easily through it. There is no limitation on file size and all file types are supported by the Telegram bot.

A link to a specific file could also be created making it available for others to download it. Whoever with the file link could access and download it from anywhere portably.

Join FiletoBot on Telegram

6. Get Media Bot

We found this to be an amazing Telegram bot and you would too.

Get Media Bot can help you to get any media files from all over the Internet. You just need to enter the query and it’s all done.

Here is the list of services that it provides:

  • Download Music
  • Download Video
  • Search Lyrics
  • Download Instagram Story
  • Direct Download Media

The Direct Download feature could be used to download media from Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Soundcloud. Give these best Telegram bots a try and comment down your feedback.

Join Get Media Bot on Telegram

7. Feed Reader Bot

The list of bots is getting insane with each new one getting added.

Feed Reader allows users to subscribe to RSS feeds of any blog or website. After the subscription, you will be notified of the latest posts from that website right in your Telegram inbox.

Not only to websites but you could also subscribe to YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter accounts and get the latest posts delivered to you in your inbox.

Another great feature of this Telegram bot is to search specific feeds. For example, if you want to find popular Artificial Intelligence feeds then you can do it too. It will give you a list of popular AI RSS feeds that you can subscribe to.

Join Feed Reader Bot on Telegram

8. FB Video Download Bot

As the name has already suggested this bot allows you to download Facebook videos. Users just need to send it the link of any public video and it will revert to that video in the inbox.

This saves so much of your time and outranks all the Facebook video downloader tools. Bots like this made Telegram an amazing instant messaging application.

Join FB Video Download Bot on Telegram

9. Sticker Download Bot

Almost every messaging application has now added the ability to send stickers. Telegram also has a variety of stickers but they are limited to be used on Telegram.

With the use of the Sticker Download Bot, Stickers from Telegram could also be used in other messaging applications. Just send any sticker to this bot and it will provide the sticker in PNG, JPEG, and WEBP formats.

These formats could be added to applications like WhatsApp in the form of stickers. If you send a pack of stickers then it will return the formats in a Zip file which could be directly added to WhatsApp.

Join Sticker Download Bot on Telegram

10. Tweet It Bot

It is a Twitter client that lets its users tweet anything right from the Telegram app. Even photos, videos, stickers, and Gif images could be tweeted through the Tweet it Bot.

It also has inline features where you can add tweets to your messages while chatting. After starting the bot you will need to sign in to your Twitter account through the app. Although it is secure you should be safe while using third-party services.

Join TweetItBot on Telegram

11. Poster Bot

We discussed Telegram Channels at the start of this post. They allow anyone to create a subscriber list to which you can broadcast media and text messages.

Poster bot goes one step further and allows you to do more with Telegram Channels. After starting the Telegram bot you will be able to send posts from different social networks to your Telegram channels on automation.

There is a lot to modify in this bot and you will need time to completely set up it step by step. It provides all the instructions that need to be followed to get results.

Join Poster Bot on Telegram

12. Movies Tracker

Want to know any information about any movie?

Movies Tracker is the ultimate place where anyone can get all the information about any movie. Users just need to type in the name of the movie and the bot will find out all the information from IMDB including the cast, plot, reviews, etc.

We have tried the bot with ‘Tubelight’ and it provided the result with Salman Khan’s movie Tubelight. So it works like a charm.

Join Movies Tracker Bot on Telegram

13. NewsBot

You are already guessing it right, These best telegram bots provide you with the latest news from all around the world. Don’t worry, It will not send any other news to your inbox. The user could set the preference of what kind of news He/She is interested in and then it will curate the best results for you.

On tapping the /start option it fetches the latest news from the Internet. If you want to read full information then tap on the Read More option and it will take you to the official news source.

Join News Bot on Telegram

14. AppFollow Bot

Finding better applications for mobile devices was a lot better earlier. There were only a few applications to select from. But now if you will open any Play Store you will find hundreds of applications related to any other category.

AppFollow is an app discovery bot that can tell you the most popular apps related to any particular category. Not only the top applications but there are multiple other options including:

  • Top Applications for a Particular Category
  • Search Results for a Keyword
  • Suggestions for any Search Term
  • Trending Searches
  • Application Details

These details will help you to find the best applications for your mobile device. Option for both Android and iOS is present in the bot.

Join App Follow Bot on Telegram

15.  GitHub Release Bot

Great little Telegram bots for all the coders out there. Start the bot and it will let you follow any GitHub repository. After that, you will be notified every time there is a new release on that repository.

You can also follow more than one repository at a time. You just need to send /follow the Owner/Repository name and that is it. Get ready to get all the latest releases from that channel.

Join GitHub Release Bot on Telegram

16. Babelgram Bot

Chatting with someone from another country or spoken language?

Babelgram could save the hassle of copy-pasting translated text bits every time. You can use Babelgram which helps you in translating messages right while you are typing them to someone.

The inline feature lets you type anything and choose the language you want it to be translated into. It does the rest of the part and your message will be sent translated to the specific language.

Join BabelGram on Telegram

17. Dr. Web Bot

While downloading files and media from the Internet, Safety should be the first concern. Dr. Web Bot ensures safety by scanning all the files and links that are transferred by the Telegram account.

The bot could be added to any group and will scan every file that is sent in the chat. If you want to check individual files then you can send the files to the bot and it will provide you with the results.

Join Dr. Web Bot on Telegram

18. IFTTT – If This Then That Bot

IFTTT is a web-based service with which anyone can create conditional applets. By conditional, it means that if a certain thing happens then it triggers an event that is automated. For example: If you get connected to your office WiFi, Your phone will be turned silent.

By using the IFTTT Telegram bot you can build multiple automation applets for Telegram groups and channels. Like sending some specific posts from selected social media and a lot of other things to try.

There are more than 360 services that can be connected this way with your channel or group.

Join IFTTT Bot on Telegram

19. URL Shortner Bot

There are situations when you come across a long URL. You feel bad for sharing that in a chat and this is the place where the URL shortener bot enters and does wonders.

Just send the long link and it will return you a short link from Bitly or TinyURL service. It is quite a useful Telegram bot and people loved it every time they used it.

Join URL Shortner Bot on Telegram

20. Meme Auto Bot

Tired of chatting and doing lots of work? Meme Auto Bot can help you relax a bit from hefty schedules.

The bot can be used to create simple memes in the meantime. Send top and bottom texts to be used in the meme, Send the picture on which you want to add the text, and boom, it’s done. It will return you the created Meme picture.

It will take just 10-20 seconds to create a meme with the Meme Auto Telegram bot.

Join Meme Auto Bot on Telegram

21. File Converter Bot

The name has already told you about this amazing bot but still, we will continue our work. It allows users to convert files from one format to another.

File types supported are Images, Audio files, Video files, and other documents files. We tested it by sending a JPG file and it returned the option to convert it into PNG, WEBP, GIF, BMP, TIFF, and PDF.

So this will help you in lots of your tasks where you require a tool for converting files every time.

Join File Converter Bot on Telegram

22. URL2IMG Bot

This bot is a simple website screenshot creator tool. By sending any URL to it you can get a screenshot of that website in seconds.

Most probably it will not look clear and thus you can request a picture file. We requested the file and it was sent to us in PNG file format which was clear enough.

Join URL2IMG Bot on Telegram

23. Drop Mail Bot

You might need this bot next time while creating multiple profiles on various services. It creates a temporary email with just a single tap. These emails could be used at some places where you don’t want to share your original email ID.

Multiple temporary emails could be created in no time. This bot could save a lot of time and work from your side.

Join Drop Mail Bot on Telegram

Here we got at the end of this huge list of some of the best working telegram bots in 2024. More bots could be added as soon as we will come across them.

We hope that you liked the post, Do share it with your friends 🙂

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    @Corona_Inzidenz_Bot sends incidence values for all German cities.
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    Now is over 70000 groups in the list worldwide.

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