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Best Free Quora Followers Hacks in 2024

Hello Readers, We came back with another great article on Free Quora Followers Hacks 2024. This article is here all your answers related to the platform named Quora. If you are into content writing or content marketing then you already have heard the tool before.

Even if you are new to the name, Don’t Worry we will be looking at everything in detail. If you want to brush up on your writing skills, share your knowledge, Gain Knowledge, and Be an influencer then Quora is for you.

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So, Without wasting any time here in the introduction let’s just move to our topics:

What is Quora?

Quora is a Question-Answer website where you can find answers to every question related to any field. People from all over the world have joined the platform and shared their knowledge.

For every query you put up on Google, you might find Quora answers ranking on the first page. This shows how much value Quora answers provide to the end-users. Right from household questions to topics relating to Machine Learning, You can find it all.

Not only just to gain knowledge but you can use the platform to share your knowledge on any topic that people have asked questions on. Quora also allows its users to have their blogs on the platform.

Their tagline for Quora is “The Best Answer to Any Question” which speaks it all. Earlier there were sites like Yahoo Answers and WikiHow which were trending among users around the world. After the entrance of Quora in The Question Answer domain in 2010, it outranked them in multiple domains.

What are the Benefits of Using Quora?

If the above description is not enough to satisfy you then we will be looking at the benefits of the Quora platform. They are just general benefits and can vary from person to person. Some people prefer fame and popularity and others are just happy with providing knowledge.

1. Sharing Knowledge

There is a great quote that I remember about sharing knowledge:

Share Your Knowledge. It is a way to Achieve Immortality. – Dalai Lama

Quora provides a platform where you share what you are good at. Helping others on tasks where you were struck while in the learning phase. This makes you brush up on your skills and knowledge to much extent.

No matter what your field is and at what learning level you are, You still have better knowledge than most of the people out there. Don’t just keep this knowledge only to yourself.

2. Gaining Knowledge

By creating an account on Quora you open up a gate towards knowledge. There are thousands of experienced people for every other field and skill out there on Quora. For every query, there is already a Quora question asked by someone.

If you are not finding it then you can add your question on the platform. Soon you will get the answers from people around the world.

3. Interact with People

There are millions of active users on Quora and you can find people with the same interest. This helps you in building a community of like-minded people. Share your knowledge and experience, Have new friends, etc.

All these things help you grow as a person. Being social is what the next generation requires the most. Multiple issues can be solved by coming together on the whole rather than working individually.

4. Get Followers on Quora

The platform allows you to follow someone worth reading. Thus if you are providing quality answers then people will surely follow you.

The more the number of followers the more appreciation and fame you will get. Many Quora users have millions of answer views and are tagged with the Top Writers tag.

5. Earn Money Through Quora

Quora does not directly provide any way to earn money but there are other ways to do this. You can have your Website, Blog, and Mobile app linked to your Quora profile and answers. This way you will get enough traffic to your campaigns and indirectly you will earn money.

Brands also reach out to the influencers getting millions of answer views to promote their products and services. Affiliate marketing could also be done with money from Quora.

We will have another article on tips and tricks to earn from Quora.

Some other benefits of Quora are:

  • Improving your writing skills
  • Communicating with people from all around the world.
  • Getting appreciation from hundreds of users
  • Solve all your doubts
  • Becoming an Influencer in any field.

These benefits are enough to get started with a Quora account now. The above segment was for those people who are new to this platform. But there are already many people writing answers on it but not getting enough exposure.

For any user on Quora, it takes time to see the results as mentioned in the benefits. To get all the results you will need enough followers which gives your content a reach. These are not a One-click Quora Followers Hack but you will gain them eventually.

In the next segment below we will be looking at some tips to Gain Quora Followers:

Best Free Quora Followers Hacks in 2024

Part 1 – For Fresh Quora Profiles

1. Niche Writing: Find a perfect field in which you are good and could help someone with their curious questions.

2. Searching Questions: Use the search feature on Quora and find Questions that people are asking in that specific field.

3. Trending Topics: Don’t answer questions that are not getting any views or which are not followed by others waiting for an answer. Find topics and questions that already have many followers.

4. Content: Write in-depth answers mentioning every key detail of that topic and sources from where you are getting the information.

5. Images & Videos: Adding images and videos to your answer makes it look more informative and reaches more people.

6. Updating: Don’t just write the answers and forget them for your life. Do update them and try to remove any unclear points or values.

7. Interacting: People will comment on your answers and you need to interact with them as much as you can. Reply to every doubt and do mention them with updates that you make in your answers after their doubts.

8. Credentials: Do add credentials like “Senior Manager at XYZ Company” related to the question in the answers which will help your answers in reaching more people. Quora allows you to add that and will notify you if there is any chance of changing the credential.

9. Profile: Complete your profile with all your details including your location, education, and the organization you are working in If any.

10. Author Bio: Have an author bio that compels the profile visitor to follow you for reading upcoming answers. Don’t just write fancy quotes like “My Father is my ATM”, etc. This is not Facebook or Instagram but a platform to share your knowledge.

11. Following: Follow other people in your field and most probably they will follow you back. In the start, you have to follow multiple people to get exposure.

12. Social Share: Share your answers on Facebook and Twitter to gain more exposure and followers on Quora.

13, Upvotes: Do upvote answers having less than 10 upvotes as users get notified for each new one. This way people will come to your profile looking at the notification.

These were some of the hacks for getting followers on Quora for new profiles. But if you have already gained 1-2k followers then you can follow the below points.

Part 2 – For Profiles Already Having Some Followers

14. Collaborations: You can collaborate with other members on the platform having fewer followers and can cross-share content. You should have the same topic or content field as them.

15. Promotion: You can promote your answers either with On Platform ads or by promoting them with Facebook and Instagram ads.

16. Buy Quora Followers: We will not recommend anyone to buy Quora followers but people are selling them. This will degrade your profile strength and will De-Rank your answers on the search.

17. Mimic Authors: Just find the top writers in your field and note the questions that they are ranking for. Write answers to those questions which are already getting millions of views. You will surely get enough followers.

18. Commenting: Comment on other trending answers and try to get enough upvotes on your comments there.

19. Mentioning: In each of your answers you can mention your profile link and ask people to follow you. Although your profile is shown at the end of the answer still you can mention it yourself.

20. Being Tricky: Ask a Question yourself from another Quora profile and be the first one to answer it. This way you will get the most no. of views before anyone else.

So here comes an end to the huge list of hacks to get followers on Quora. We hope that you liked the post. We will be writing another post on Earning Money on Quora, Stay Tuned.

Note: We do not recommend you Buy Quora Followers as this is against the Quora Policies.

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