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The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Both the Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing fields are in Trend. People already started guessing the possibilities with a combination of both fields. Many of them have already created multiple blueprints of how AI will change the marketing domain. As seen in recent times Artificial Intelligence is outranking human beings. AI has recently found elements in Scientific research that were hidden from the mind of scientists.

But as a popular phrase says “With Great Powers There Come Great Responsibilities“. So, AI does have great powers of solving and computing things better than humans but it’s our responsibility to manage it well.

The Artificial Intelligence field is still uncertain of its capabilities. Even the Digital Marketing field is evolving with new technologies and strategies. Combining both can be interesting but it needs to be done under deep research and strategic planning of an expert digital marketing consultant.

In this article, we will be looking at some applications and the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing. Some of these applications are already under use and some could be built in the near future.

AI will surely have a great impact on Digital Marketing Strategies. We are already using Automated bidding and automated placement in our paid ad campaigns. With more advancements, multiple new automated applications could be initiated.

Lets now start with our list of Future Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing:

1. Targeted Content

All the major Social Media platforms are facing the problem of information overload. With the increase in user interaction on these platforms, it is not easy for these channels to show relevant content.

Platforms such as Facebook, and Instagram are working on AI algorithms to filter out content. It is now high time for showing targeted content to the users. You might have already seen this thing in recent times.

By liking just one or two posts related to Digital marketing the timeline gets occupied with relevant topics. It also depends on multiple other factors which AI takes care of.

Profiles which have you interacted with, Your previous interests, Likes, and Dislikes are all used to learn your preferences. As Digital Marketing is mainly focused on content thus it can have a great impact on its working strategies.

2. Analyzing User Intent

Artificial Intelligence is powerful enough to guess user intent accurately. By getting trained on past user behavior it knows about the next possible decisions.

This helps Digital marketers to optimize their spending on Marketing Campaigns.

The targeting is done in such a way that users who are intended to buy something get the deals. This was never so easily possible in traditional marketing or Digital Marketing without AI.

3. Copywriting Made Fantastic

Although Copywriting will always need a Human touch still AI could deal with it. Not every other copy needs human thinking. Mostly it includes sales terms, calls to action, branding notes, and writing email headlines.

AI could be trained on such things easily and there are tools already on the market. Learning about user behavior can create more personalized copies for advertisements and emails.

Marketers usually fear by the thing that it might overtake human work. But if managed properly AI could help in building more robust solutions for human beings.

And if you are using Grammarly then you are already into the use of AI & Machine Learning in Digital Marketing.

4. Buyer AI Persona Creation

A Buyer Persona is a fictional representation of your end buyer or audience. It includes their likes dislikes, preferences, demographics and other targeted things. It helps you to run highly targeted campaigns to get maximum output.

Artificial Intelligence can help marketers in creating a Buyer Persona easily. Google is already using this thing in targeting audiences for advertisements. And soon there will be enough tools available on the Internet to make it possible to get quality interest-based targeting.

5. Advertising At The Right Time

The major problem with Advertisements these days is to get enough Return Over Investments. Due to the fact of having so many options people don’t usually buy even after interacting with the ads. The timing could be one of the reasons for that.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing could predict the best timing to show advertisements. This way the user will most probably end up buying things and getting converted. Not just timing but the best placements that could get you amazing results.

Facebook and Google are already using these Machine Learning & AI techniques. Maybe there will be more independent tools in the near future for that.

6. AI Chatbots

AI Chatbots are in trend all over the Internet. Most websites are moving towards AI chatbots from traditional ones. They are already capable enough to handle general user queries.

After getting trained on user data they could even guide users on various tasks. We will also be creating an article on creating a simple chatbot and then will train it on user queries. this is still under testing and research because there are so many possibilities of wrong decisions.

But on looking at the power AI Learning holds advanced chatbots are just around the corners.

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Final Words:

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing have lot of scope. If it is managed and planned well then we will be witnessing amazing applications of AI in Marketing. The results are already getting popped up but still need stability.

Hope to see some amazing tools which might also save the degrading image of Digital marketing.

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