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10 Best YouTube Channels to Learn React JS

Every day the digital world is evolving.

The need for a better user interface too is evolving and programmers from across the world are creating realistic and interactive user interfaces. Since the pandemic and the lockdown, the need for more user-centric interfaces became the highlight. This has given a lift to the popularity of React JS.

People familiar with JavaScript might have heard of React. This is a UI framework library from the developers of Facebook along with a team from the open-source developer community.

The library contains full-length architectural support and extensions that will form the basis of applications. And the best part is that all such extensions are completely reusable.

If a developer wants to add the same button to multiple sites, they need not fret about writing the same code multiple times, they can simply turn to React JS to get the work saved and they can not only turn to the library to use the code later on but also to break the code and use it partially for other purposes.

Best React JS YouTube Channels

The flexibility of breaking down complex codes into easily manageable components has made many companies shift to React JS. Hence, knowing the basics of the same is essential for beginners and experienced developers who are new to React JS.

Here are 10 YouTube channels that will help you get a better understanding of the React JS library:

1. Java Guides

This channel offers not only tutorials about the React JS environment but also takes you through practical applications. The founder of this website is Ramesh Fadatare who not only provides video tutorials but also has a website of the same name.

Ramesh is a developer and has created specific courses at various online learning portals. He is VMware Certified Professional and provides easy-to-follow tutorials.

The channel was started in 2012 and has covered not only React JS but also Vue JS and JAvaScript tutorials to refresh your memory about the same. All the videos and playlists listed provide hands-on tutorials to help understand and memorize the course with ease. Here is a playlist for React JS that can help you understand the concepts better.

Joined YouTube: January 6th, 2012

Active Subscribers: 57.2K

2. Wes Bos

Wes Bos is a Full Stack JS developer hailing from Canada. His channel provides all the basics that a beginner can easily follow and master. He provides video tutorials and has a podcast and a website that offers courses to become an experienced Full Stack JavaScript developer.

The channel offers a wide range of tutorials and how-to videos that are not just aiming to give an idea about React JS or JavaScript but also guided practicals like implementing the same to fly a drone.

The video can be found here: Flying a Drone with React and Node.js!

Joined YouTube: January 26th, 2006

Active Subscribers: 139K

3. Simplilearn

Hailed as one of the best channels on YouTube, Simplilearn is an award-winning Bootcamp channel that can be a go-to for everything technical. The website and channel offer tutorials from experts and cover various topics, including data science, cyber security, and cloud computing, along with brushing up the basics in programming languages and coding.

The channel offers playlists and a plethora of free full-length videos that help the learner to begin their journey with the React JS environment. The video React JS for beginners is 4 hours and covers all the basics along with practical examples.

The full playlist can be found here: ReactJS Tutorial Videos

Joined YouTube: October 29th, 2009

Active Subscribers: 1.6 million

4. Quentin Watt Tutorials

Residing in South Africa, Quentin Watt started his coding and programming journey when he was a high schooler. His channel has courses, and crash courses, that have videos about learning the basics of React, HTML5 and CSSS3 tutorials, Javascript tutorials for beginners, and even WordPress basics.

Quentin Watt offers all the skills he has gathered over the decade as a professional software developer. His tutorials are easy to follow and remember. The React JS playlist has all the basics that a beginner can hope to understand the concepts and the key areas for using the library.

Joined YouTube: August 20th, 2011

Active Subscribers: 162K

5. Techsith

A teacher and blogger based in California, Hemil Patel started this channel to help developers learn new tricks and refresher courses to stay updated with the latest JS technologies. Like React, Angular, or Node. he also provides tips and tricks for cracking interviews with tech companies that have helped many developers gain acceptance to their dream company.

Link to the React tutorial playlist: React JS from Scratch

Joined YouTube: June 17th, 2014

Active Subscribers: 141K

6. Intellipaat

Based in India and started by Diwakar Chittora, Intellipaat offers quality courses in various technological sectors that have helped many students and professionals to brush up their basics and advance to a better learning curve. The channel has many videos and tutorials that cover the basics of programming languages. The channel also covers cryptography, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and even Salesforce basics.

Their tutorials on React JS cover all the aspects of the topic, from explaining what is React to understanding the components of the library and how to create simple applications using React JS. This 6-hour long React JS tutorial is the full course and can be easily understood and followed by beginners.

Joined YouTube: January 24th, 2013

Active Subscribers: 1.25 million

7. Academind

Started by Maximilian Schwarzmüller and Manuel Lorenz, this channel and the website have a plethora of courses running from beginners guides to advanced programming techniques. Max began coding at the age of 12 and had faced difficulties in finding the correct resources to learn. This inspired him to join hands with business analyst Manuel to curate courses that will help students overcome difficulties they face in their learning and coding journey.

The tutorials offer explanations and practicals to help the students remember the course with ease. Apart from React, the channel also focuses on other JavaScript technologies like Vue or Node and offers tips to create customized WordPress themes and Amazon Web services basics.

The full playlist for the React JS can be found here: ReactJS Basics

Joined YouTube: December 5th, 2015

Active Subscribers: 751K

8. Codevolution

Created by Vishwas, this channel perhaps offers the easiest-to-understand videos and tutorials about the React JS technology. The playlist has around 118 videos covering all kinds of topics that help people understand the React environment and even has something for the pro React developers. The channel focuses primarily on React JS, and hence, the teachings are all well-focused and ideal for people wanting to know just about React.

With over 11,404,000 views, the playlist aims not to overwhelm the viewers and students as each video is not more than 15 minutes long and focuses on one part at a time.

The playlist can be found here: ReactJS Tutorial for Beginners

Joined YouTube: November 20th, 2015

Active Subscribers: 338K

9. Traversy Media

Created by Brad Traversy, this channel has a loyal follower base of web developers and the channel offers every kind of video that a React JS enthusiast can ask for. The teachings and tutorial videos in this channel are found in both long and short formats that help learners to grasp the basics with ease.

The videos deal with not only React but other JS technologies like Angular, Node, and even Rails or CSS can be learned or relearned from his channels. This hour-long React JS crash course acts as a refresher and offers basic guidelines for the beginner. Once this is done, developers can proceed to the project playlist to further enhance their developing skills with practical applications.

His React JS playlist can be found here: React Projects

Joined YouTube: October 31st, 2009

Active Subscribers: 1.75 million

10. Clever Programmer

Founded by Rafeh Qazi, Clever Programmer is a channel that offers one-stop solutions to all things coding and software Bootcamps. Qazi is a Python full-stack developer and loves to curate content for all things tech and coding.

The channel is a fun and interactive space where Qazi provides tutorials and holds live sessions and question & answers sessions to interact with the developers and students looking for clarity about certain aspects of coding.

The channel offers not just React tutorials but also provides courses in Node JS and Python programming. The best part about the channel is that it provides tutorials to build clones of popular sites. The benefit of this clone-building is that learners will get to understand the concepts of React JS better.

The playlist can be found here: Build App Clones with ReactJS

Joined YouTube: March 12th, 2016

Active Subscribers: 1.07 million

Opting for React JS

React comes under some of the best frontend frameworks development of JavaScript. Learning React is not a difficult task, and people diligently seeking help can master the basics within 4 to 5 days.

These tutorials are there to help you find the best program and follow it. This way, you can learn the basics and even have some practicals to progress to self-development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that beginners usually ask before they start to learn React Js from any online source. By answering them, we are helping the learners get confident about their learning process.

1. What are the prerequisites to learn React Js?

For learning React Js, it is good to have enough knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS. The JSX syntax used by React is based on HTML. So, having knowledge of these languages will help you in your learning journey.

2. How much time does it take to learn React Js?

It usually depends on the person and the prior knowledge that you have regarding the basic and advanced programming concepts. On average, you will be able to learn about the fundamental concepts and basic development in one month of time.

After learning the basics, it will take a few months of your focused time to become proficient in React Js development.

3. Is YouTube a good platform to start learning React Js?

YouTube is one of the best platforms to learn new skills including React Js. You will be able to get enough understanding of the technology and concepts that would allow you to move forward to the advanced stuff.

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