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10 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Django

Apps and websites make the majority part of our lives. Be it social media that helps us stay connected or apps focused on music or mental health, the world of apps has become a primary source of information and entertainment.

Each update makes the app more user-friendly and the inclusion of more features that makes the app more crucial in our lives While many of us feel these apps are easy to use, creating the same is a bit difficult, and—ask any developer—the development can be truly horrifying at times!

What is Django?

To help simplify matters, the web framework came to the rescue. A web framework is simply a collection of packages/modules that enables web developers to write web applications without worrying about protocols or thread management. One of the best languages to use while developing web applications is Python.

Django is a full-stack framework of Python. It is the perfect companion for people on deadlines yet wanting perfection. The best part of working with Django is that you can create smooth web applications without using complex and too many codes.

Best Django YouTube Channels

Many automating functionalities are done using Django for the framework utilizes the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle as the initial development of Django was done for CMS (content management system).

The most essential benefit of shifting to Django will have to be the inclusion of the Admin Panel. The Admin Panel makes it easier to keep track of the app developed. Developers who have to create this panel from scratch will definitely prefer Django.

Some giants utilizing Django are Instagram, Mozilla, Disqus, and Pinterest. If you want to get on with the framework and learn more, you can check out these YouTube channels:

1. JustDjango

The channel actively offers easy-to-understand conceptual learnings that cover the basics of Django. The creator’s website offers a comprehensive syllabus and courses to teach students the basics so they become better professionals. People who are already familiar with the framework and are looking for something advanced can check out the various playlists on their channel.

They cover everything to do with Django, React, and everything in between. Some of their popular playlists/videos are:

Joined YouTube: January 14th, 2018

Active Subscribers: 67+K

2. CodingEntrepreneurs

If you are an absolute beginner and have no idea about coding, you can try this channel. CodingEntrepreneurs is designated for people with a non-technical background working in the language and programming sector. Apart from Django, the channel offers comprehensive courses on almost everything, starting from learning the basics of Python to trying and upgrading projects with newer Django versions.

You can also learn all you want to know about React JS. Some of the most popular playlists/videos are:

Joined Youtube: June 30th, 2013

Active Subscribers: 194K

3. Codemy.com

Started by John Elder, codemy offers various tutorials on Python, Django, CSS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, and much more. The creator had made it fun to learn the basics and understand the core concepts by dividing the tutorials as per the day of the week, like Django Wednesdays or PyQt5 Thursdays, etc.

The site also offers certifications and an affiliate program to help developers earn more. Some of his popular playlists/videos are:

Django Wednesdays

Create a Simple Django Blog

Joined YouTube: January 18th, 2016

Active Subscribers: 93.7K

4. Programming With Mosh

This channel is created by Mosh Hamedani to provide comprehensive courses for beginners and professionals alike. Mosh is a software engineer with over two decades of experience. He has taught many professional developers that helped them gain competitive jobs. His tutorials are made to be comprehended by all. His channel offers courses and strategies to crack john interviews and everything a beginner at programming would want to know.

His videos on languages, especially Python, and frameworks like Django are over an hour long and cover all the essentials without boring people. Some of his popular videos/playlists are:

Python Django Tutorial for Beginners

Programming Languages

Node.js Tutorial

Joined YouTube: October 7th, 2014

Active Subscribers: 2.28M

5. Code With Stein

This channel focuses on Django and Vue with its curated premium and free courses. Started by Stein Ove, a Norwegian programmer, he also has a website with the same name. The channel focuses on making learning web development techniques easy and fun without compromising on the basics.

The channel also focuses on Python, Solar 2D, and various practical application building with Django. Some of the popular videos/playlists are:

Django tutorials

Django eCommerce Website

Building a simple CRM

Joined YouTube: August 5th, 2018

Active Subscribers: 10.7K

6. Telusko

For people looking to get everything under one roof, this channel is for you. Started by Navin Reddy who is a programmer and corporate trainer, this channel has everything tech, from beginner’s level to advanced level.

The website has various tests and live courses that will further help the students understand the concepts better.

The channel has tutorials for not just Django but also JavaScript, Python, C programming, Scala, etc. Some of the popular playlists/videos are:

Django Tutorials for Beginners

Programming Languages

Joined YouTube: April 29th, 2014

Active Subscribers: 1.61M

7. Dennis Ivy

Django learning has been made easy by Dennis Ivy in his channel. A programmer by profession, Dennis offers the core principles of Django and other frameworks to help the learner not only grasp the concept but to remember it with ease. His website contains more about the courses he offers, and anyone interested in more can contact him via the page. The channel offers comprehensive tutorials and practicals.

Some of his popular playlists/videos are:

Django Projects

What is Django Capable of? | Companies That Use It

Django How to

Joined YouTube: October 24th, 2017

Active Subscribers: 146K

8. FreeCodeCamp

As the name suggests, the channel is dedicated to teaching coding for free. This is a nonprofit organization that has a website of the same name. The mission of the organization is to aid people to gain technical knowledge and secure jobs that pay great. The channel covers everything—from basics to advanced levels. The creator Quincy Larson is also an active teacher with the organization.

Some of the popular playlists/videos are:

Django for everybody

Django tutorials

Python tutorials

Joined YouTube: December 17th, 2014

Active Subscribers: 5M

9. Traversy Media

One of the best channels to learn about both front-end and back-end development, Traversy Media offers extensive tutorial videos that are both easy to understand and easy to remember. The creator of the channel, Brad Traversy, offers fluff-free tutorials along with practicals. Brad began his coding journey in 2008 and had experience working as a freelancer and as a full-time developer.

In 2018 he decided to become a programming educator and content creator. The channel offers all you need to know about programming and arms you with the apt knowledge for the same. Some of the popular playlists/videos are:

Python Django Crash Course

Python Django 7 Hour Course

Full-stack React and Django

Joined YouTube: October 31st, 2009

Active Subscribers: 1.77M

10. Cory Schaefer

The channel was started to aid programmers and developers from all walks of life and experience to improve their skills. Corey also has a website that offers extensive guides that are easy to follow. His videos cover a wide range of topics, including Django, Python, Terminal Commands, SQL, Javascript, etc. Some of the channel’s popular playlists/videos are:

Django Tutorials

Python Programming Beginners Tutorial

Joined YouTube: June 1st, 2006

Active Subscribers: 886K

💡Bonus Channel – Webischool

Webischool is a YouTube channel created by Webisoft Technologies, one of the leading software development companies in Montreal. The YouTube channel provides tutorials and learning videos on various topics including mobile app development and software development.

Summing It Up

Django is a powerful framework, and knowing the ins and outs of this web framework will help you get the dream developer job. Since many social media giants and other companies have migrated to Python Django, following these listed channels will help you develop the desired skills.

You can also follow these channels to brush up on your language and programming basics or simply take up coding as a hobby.

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