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Learn JavaScript in Hindi | Free Tutorials & Courses

यदि आप हिंदी में JavaScript सीखना चाहते हैं तो आप नीचे बताए गए courses में जा सकते हैं।

JavaScript is one of the most popular client side scripting language. It is used to add dynamic elements in web pages and some other functions. These dynamic functions are used to enhance user experience and their interaction with the website.

Many students face problems while searching for courses and tutorials for JavaScript in Hindi. Thus, i though to create a list of all the free resources to learn JavaScript in Hindi. This list contains tutorials, courses and some certifications too.

Although it is always suggested to learn programming languages in English. But these tutorials or courses can be used as a side guide for taking help whenever you are not able to understand some programming concepts. I only listed some of the popular resources that are meant to provide correct information in an easy to understand way.

All the tutorials and courses mentioned in the list are free of cost. You can learn through them without worrying about anything to pay.

So let’s get started with the list:

1. JavaScript in Hindi from Best Hindi Tutorials

If you are good with textual tutorials then this website can help you in learning JavaScript in Hindi language. They have covered almost all the major programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and more. The content is written both in Hindi and English so that anyone can understand the concepts easily and without any problem. The first topic starts with the Introduction to JavaScript and also some advantages and functions of JavaScript.

After the basic introduction you will be learning more important topics. These topics include Syntax, Variables, Operators, Control Statements, Arrays, Strings and more. You will also be learning some advanced topics that are not easy for you to learn just by reading concepts. You will have to create your own projects by understanding every concepts.

2. JavaScript Tutorials from Hindi Learn

This is also a good tutorials for learning JavaScript in Hindi Language. They have segmented every topic in different categories. The tutorials cover everything from basics to advanced with code examples in an interactive ways. If you are just starting with JavaScript then it will be a good choice for you to start with.

The main topics covered in the tutorials are:

  • Operators & Loops
  • JavaScript Statements
  • Functions & Objects
  • JavaScript Built-In Objects
  • Form Validation with JavaScript

You can choose the topics from the sidebar at the left and skip to the topics that you want to learn in Hindi.

3. JavaScript for Beginners from Unacademy

This course is from Unacademy created by Sweta Kumari specially for beginners. The course contains 40 lessons explaining the important concepts and topics of JavaScript and why it is so useful in frontend web development. The course starts with a gentle introduction to JavaScript language and then you will also be shown some code examples.

Many people compare Java and JavaScript so the course also explains some major difference between those two languages. After that you will be learning about some basic concepts such as statements, data types, operators, objects, functions and more.

The course has more than 96 ratings which totals to 4.6/5 star ratings. More videos may soon be added to the course so you can start learning through it. And the content of the course is in Hindi which will help students in covering the basics in their own preferred language.

4. JavaScript Video Tutorials from LearnVern

The course will help you in learning the fundamentals of JavaScript and what makes it so much popular. Both beginner level and advanced topics are covered in course for students. The topics include data types, variables, events, cookies, validation, error handling, image mapping and more.

Anyone who has already learned HTML and CSS languages can start learning through this JavaScript course. You will need to have some basic knowledge of Internet and computer operations. This course could be beneficial for web developer beginners, software developers, testers and everyone who wants to learn JavaScript in Hindi.

After completing the course you can take quizzes to get course completion certificate. You can also take their AngularJS course to further advance your skills. We have already mentioned their Python course in Hindi language.

5. JavaScript Basics from Saurabh Shukla

Not everyone is good in learning with textual material and thus people require video tutorials. This YouTube playlist is from Saurabh Shukla from his PHP MySQL series. This playlist will not get deeper into JavaScript advanced topics but you will learn all the basics and how it works.

There are 12 videos each focusing on an individual topic and it is a part of longer series so the content is limited. The topics explained are variables, operators, control statements, functions, event handling and more. The content is of around 4-5 hours in duration and all the videos contain enough practical examples of use.

6. Core JavaScript from Geeky Shows

Another YouTube playlist covering the core concepts of JavaScript language in Hindi. It has got all the topics that are needed to excel your skills in programming the next web interface. The playlist contains more than 180 videos all having a specific topi to teach the students in Hindi.

Students might get confused when they start learning a new language and thus it answers most of the common queries. You will get to learn advantages and disadvantages of JavaScript, ways of adding JS code to your HTML, basic functions and how to use them right in your browser. Then it will be teaching about the further basic concepts that will come in way.

You can also put your queries in the comment section to get help by other experts.

7. Advance JavaScript in Hindi by Geeky Shows

It is from the same channel that we have shared above. If you have completed that core concepts of JavaScript then you can move on to learn advance JavaScript and some important functions. This is not a short playlist but a comprehensive one that contains more than 130 videos covering all the advance topics in Hindi.

You will be learning about Document Object Model, document tree, getElementByid function and some important selectors. For this course students should have enough knowledge about HTML, CSS and basic JavaScript. If you will straight away jump into the lectures then you will not be able to learn anything out of it.

All the lectures are up to date and created in 2019 so you will not have to worry about outdated content.

8. JavaScript Tutorials by CodeWithHarry

We mentioned one of the playlist from CodeWithHarry in our Python course list. They also have created a YouTube playlist for JavaScript. If you want to enter into the world of web development then you can start learning JavaScript coding with the video tutorials provided. You should go through the topics step by step to learn development from scratch.

You will also be creating a project to polish your learning skills side by side. And it is always suggested to create as many projects as you can for learning any programming language perfectly. The playlist have also got some quizzes to test your skills and it is suggested to solve them to learn in the best way possible.

And here comes and end to this amazing list of Hindi resources for learning JavaScript. Hope they would help you in your learning journey. Do share your feedback in the comments and share this list with someone in need. ♥

मुझे उम्मीद है कि आपको ये courses मददगार मिलेंगे। आप पाठ्यक्रमों में दाखिला ले सकते हैं और हिंदी में JavaScript सीखना शुरू कर सकते हैं।


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  1. I want to learn a javascript in Hindi.Because I want to be web developer .But my English launguage is very week this time.but ill learn very soon.

    • I hope these JavaScript courses in Hindi would surely help you in learning it. Do share your learning journey with us.

  2. I found your this post while searching for information about blog-related research … It’s a good post .. keep posting and updating information. Thank you so much for this post. This post very usefull for me:)

  3. I found your this post while searching for information about blog-related research … It’s a good post .. keep posting and updating information. Thank you so much for this post. This post very usefull for me:)

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  5. I found your this post while searching for information about blog-related research … It’s a good post .. keep posting and updating information. Thank you so much for this post. This post very usefull for me:)


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