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Best Java YouTube Channels to Learn Java Programming [2024 Updated]

Java is an object-oriented programming language that has applications in multiple fields.

If you would talk about its major applications then it is used to design and develop desktop applications, embedded systems, web apps, scientific apps, and more.

Learning Java programming is not a task but instead, it is a process. It takes a lot of time and effort to master this skill. And there is no one place to teach you all about Java. You should be starting with learning the basics and then practice bit by bit to excel in it.

After you could move on to creating some projects and add functionalities to dive further. You should then start learning the advanced factors and concepts of Java developers to become a full-stack Java programmer.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the best Java YouTube channels and tutorials. You can go through them and choose the one that suits you the best. No channel is perfect for all and that is the reason for listing some most popular ones.

Some are focused on beginners and some have advanced concepts as video lectures. After learning Java through these YouTube channels you can move on to create Java projects. And we consider YouTube to be the best free learning platform on the Internet.

Let’s move on to the list then:

1. Derak Banas’s Playlist

The channel itself has hundreds of videos on different niches including Gaming, Web Designing, Marketing, and more.

The creator publishes new videos based on user demands and what users choose to be learned. We selected his Java Video Tutorials playlist which has got more than 94 videos.

The videos start with a complete basic introduction to what is Java and why it is used. Then you will be learning about the major concepts one by one. You will have enough knowledge of Java Programming after going through all the videos in a step-by-step manner.

And if you wish to excel in other languages then you can check some other playlists of this channel. There is so much to learn from the channel as a whole.

2. The New Boston

This is another YouTube channel that is known for providing quality tutorials on so many things. You will find video tutorials on Programming, Web Design, Game Development, networking, and more. They have separate playlists for Java Beginners, Intermediates, and projects if you want to do some.

You can also find some advanced concepts about Java programming. Some of the Java Playlists that we found are:

  • Java Beginners Tutorials
  • Java Intermediate Tutorials
  • Java Game Development Tutorials
  • Java GUI Design
  • Android Development for Beginners

They have got enough videos to get you started with your learning path. If you want to learn some other languages then they have also got videos for Python, JavaScript, Node.Js, etc.

3. Programming With Mosh

We have listed their video playlist recently in the list of YouTube channels for Python. The channel is quite popular for providing video tutorials and crash courses for all the top programming languages. Here we are listing the video from Programming with Mosh which covers all the basics of Java programming.

The video is more than 2 hours long and will help you learn about the fundamentals of Java. It starts with a gentle introduction and setting up your development environment.

After which you would be creating your first-ever Java program. On creating that you start your journey in the field of Java development with topics such as Data Types, Variables, Arrays, Operations, Functions, and more.

4. freeCodeCamp.org YouTube

This is one of our favorite YouTube channels and the reason is the availability of so many free video courses.

This one is a complete video on learning Java programming from scratch. The video has got more than 9 hours of content with the trainer showcasing every concept in detail.

Similar to others the video starts with a basic introduction to Java. You will be learning about Keywords, Packages, Constructors, and Access Modifiers in the first few minutes. Then it shows some tools for you to start working on including Junit, Maven, IntelliJ Idea, etc.

After that, you will be trained on some further topics of Java programming. Upon completion of the video, you will have complete knowledge of Java Fundamentals. You will be able to create your own Java applications from scratch.

5. Java Course from Telusko

We remember mentioning their playlist in Machine Learning YouTube channels recently. They have this full video course for Java programming. Eclipse has been used in the video as the development environment which shows how to set in your machine.

After setting up the IDE you will be trained on the important topics of Java. They include data types, operators, selection statements, classes, objects, and more important topics.

The video has more than 6 hours of content with multiple advanced concepts that require you to watch it from the beginning. You can work on your own projects side by side to get the most out of your tutorials.

6. Code With Harry

It is your go-to resource for learning programming languages in the Hindi language. It has multiple videos focusing on a single topic mostly and is created especially for beginners. The creator has also published a series of video tutorials for learning different concepts and languages.

The one mentioned in the list is their Java Tutorial in Hindi. All the above-mentioned resources were focused on the English language but this is for people who want to learn in Hindi.

The video has more than 2 hours of video content with step-by-step procedures to learn Java coding. The reviews in the comments are pretty much good and thus we thought to mention it here in the list.

7. Java by Saurabh Shukla Sir

The channel has been providing free video lectures on Java development for a long time. It is quite a popular YouTube channel and you will get a complete series of Java tutorials in sequence. Mostly a new video is uploaded every week and the tutorials are provided in the Hindi language.

You will find content both for beginners and intermediate students and learners. It is suggested not to skip the videos from the series to learn effectively. Not only the core Java concepts but you will also get advanced Java topics in a separate playlist on the channel.

Go through the playlist section and start learning Java step by step.

8. Java Full Course from edureka

So just like the other video courses this is another great full Java course from the Edureka YouTube channel.

And this is one of the longest that we have seen on the list with more than 10 hours of video content. In these 10 hours, you will learn everything you need to develop Java programs and applications.

There is so much to learn just from this video from basics to advanced concepts of Java. And the reviews from the viewers are also good and everybody appreciates the efforts of the creator. So if you want to learn all of Java with just one video then you can go ahead and watch the tutorial.

Also if you want to learn some other language then you can check their channel. They have many such videos covering all the topics in one full course.

So here comes an end to the list of Java YouTube channels with which you can start learning Java Development. We know other websites have mentioned several other Java channels as well but we only mentioned the ones which have complete study material.

The list will get updated with new channels added and removing outdated ones. We hope it will help you in your learning path. Do share it with someone who needs it the most. ♥

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  1. Another good resource is @DebugAgent channel on YouTube. The Java Basics and Modern Java playlists covers everything from Java fundamentals to modern concepts.


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