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8+ Best Python YouTube Channels to Learn Python Programming

Python is one of the most popular programming languages around the world. The use of Python language in the field of Machine Learning and Data Science has increased its worth.

In recent years this language has already taken over many of the programming languages including Java and C++. In this post, we will be first knowing the importance of learning Python Programming. After that, we will be looking at some of the best Python YouTube channels.

We at Present Slide consider YouTube as a knowledge hub. Anyone who wants to start learning a new skill can use the platform to learn a lot. There are so many creators that are publishing quality content made available for everyone who has got access to the Internet with a smart device.

So, let us start with our journey to dive deep into the Python programming world.

Why Learn Python Programming?

Why to Learn Python programming?
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1. Python is an easy to learn language with simple constructs. Anyone with no prior programming knowledge can learn its basics just in few weeks.

2. Python has the availability of multiple libraries and packages. This makes it very easy for building robust applications in no meantime.

3. Although it is a simple language it is still very much powerful. The ability of the Python language to handle tons of data makes it very much useful.

4. It is now one of the most popular programming languages. It is used in Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning which leads it into the Trending IT field.

5. Python programming is also used to develop Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Creating Visual Reports, and building Machine Learning Algorithms.

6. The Salary packages for Python developers or Machine Learning Engineer are very much high and thus the field is in high demand.

These points are enough to convince anyone interested in Programming to learn Python. Now we will move to the part which you all might be waiting for. Now we will be looking at the list:

List of Best Python YouTube Channels

1. Telusko

The channel was started in the year 2014 and now teaches various Programming topics. The video lectures include:
Core Java, Advanced Java, Python, Android Development, Blockchain, JavaScript, and many other languages too.

The Python playlist has more than 100 videos that will take you from the basics to the advanced language. You can also learn about the Django and Flask technologies to advance Python Learning. If you are hearing it for the first time then Django is a high-level Python framework that allows developers to develop secure and maintainable websites.

2. CS Dojo

It is also one of the best YouTube channels for Learning Basics of Python. The channel was started back in the year 2016 and has gained much popularity lately.

You can ask your questions to the trainer and get them answered. Currently, it teaches you about the basics and building some projects with Python and JavaScript.

3. Corey Schafer

This channel is mainly focused on creating training material for software developers and programmers. The material includes lectures on Python, Git, SQL, JavaScript, and other important technologies.

It has a complete playlist for Python training right from the beginning. The setup process may be old as it is a very old channel but all the concepts are amazingly explained.

4. Harshit Vashisth (Hindi)

All the above channels were teaching Python language in English but this is a Hindi channel. For the people who are willing to learn Python in Hindi can choose this channel with amazing content.

The playlist contains around 250 videos starting from the basic introduction. Videos will be covering each and every topic in the field of python and its coding.

5. Sentdex

Another Best YouTube Channel to Learn Python language efficiently. The trainer focused the videos mainly on Python 3 and how it differs from the earlier Python 2 language and syntax.

If you are done with the basics and advances then you can also learn Machine Learning basics from the channel. The trainers have also prepared Machine Learning videos which are enough to grasp how it works and how to build basic algorithms for Machine Learning.

Bonus YouTube Channels for Python Programming

After writing this article we have found a few more YouTube Channels for learning Python programming. So we thought to add them to this list for you. None of them is listed based on their popularity or content but they all looked good for students in the first level of learning.

6. The New Boston

This channel is nowhere limited to Python programming. You can find hundreds if not thousands of video lectures including languages such as Django, Angular 2, Flask, HTML, CSS, etc.

It was started in the year 2008 and since then providing quality material to students and teachers. You can also learn to work on GitHub by uploading your codes and files. As for the growing tech needs, you cannot just cram things up and should be dynamic enough to handle new trends.

7. Programming with Mosh

This YouTube Channel has gone too far with its approach to providing tutorials. They created a complete video on Python Basics. This video lengths around 6 hours and gets you through all the major part of learning this programming language.

You don’t need to move through videos after videos to gain knowledge. Just open up the YouTube video and start learning. You will find the time schedule for each part in the description of the Video.

8. Anaconda

Anaconda is one of the most popular Data Science platforms all around the world. It helps in package deployment and management of major Machine Learning languages including Python and R language.

On their channel, they have videos related to all the Python aspects that developer needs. The company Anaconda also hosts webinars, sessions, chat introductions to help students learn new Python skills.

You can check the playlists to get an idea of how well they have created the content so far. Here are some of the playlist names:

  • 2020 Anaconda Sessions
  • Python/Open Source
  • Distributed Computing
  • Data Visualisation
  • SciPy and PyData

The list is endless with multiple other domains and libraries for Machine Learning and AI. Go check them out.

These were some of the Python YouTube channels to learn and create Python projects on it. The list will get updated with more channels as we will get to find them.

We hope you liked the article and do share it with your friends to help them learn to code with Python.

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