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Best Whiteboard Applications for Teachers to Teach Online

Everything is moving towards Digital, Isn’t it?

The need for everything to settle down inside Digital devices is growing eventually. More and more fields are walking with technology in one hand and business in another.

Teaching profession has also seen tremendous changes in past few years. People have started using Internet more for learning purpose rather than wasting time and energy.

Teachers can use Tablets and even Mobiles to Teach Online on YouTube. They can even broadcast there screen to the students out there for teaching them online.

In this post we will be looking at some of the best Whiteboard applications that teachers could use to Teach Online with Table or Mobile. These apps are available on Play Store:

1. LiveBoard

LiveBoard is an interactive Whiteboard application and can be used for collaborative tasks. The application gives you a Whiteboard which could be used for Working together, Teaching Students, Drawing, Taking Notes and Sharing Notes remotely.

The Whiteboard application allows you to add an image to the whiteboard as a reference. PDF files could also be imported as per the requirements.

This makes it an complete app for Teaching Online on YouTube. You just need an internet connection, some subject skills and a Stylus to write with.

2. Explain Everything Whiteboard

A simple and effective Whiteboard application which allows you to sketch, write and collaborate. It also gives you the feature for recording your board and thus allows easy sharing.

You can add media, text, annotations to the Whiteboard for explaining things easily. The free feature has soome basic options and can be upgraded with a minimal charge.

3. Ziteboard | Online Whiteboard

It is another Whiteboard application with online sharing facility. The board works with an Internet connection thus makes it easy to work in collaboration.

You can have discussion on topics online and can also be used to teach subjects including Maths, Science, English, etc. While writing text, shapes, annotations could be added to make the concepts look more clear.

4. myViewBoard – Digital Cloud WhiteBoard

It is very easy to use Whiteboard with many more additional features. You can add documents like Image, PDF, Word files to explain things well.

A browser window could also be added to help people with some additional information. There are various pen tools and types to get the best out of it. The default color is Green which could be changed to any of the given one.

5. Microsoft OneNote

Although it is not a Whiteboard application and is used for making notes. It could be used same as all other apps describe above.

It allows the user to draw with a pen and highlighter tool which can be used to teach online. You can add documents including Docx files and PDF files for extra understanding and teaching. It does not have a recording feature but a screen recorder could be used to record and share the screen to YouTube.

These were some of the best Whiteboard applications which can be used to teach online with tablet or mobile on YouTube.

The post is not sponsored by any of the application owner and i have tested them all on my own.

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