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Top Eight Famous Applications Using Python Language

If you are in the field of Computer Science you might have heard people talking about Python. It is one of the fastest-growing programming languages with companies all over the world accepting it. Python language has seen tremendous growth after its use seen in Machine Learning and AI.

Earlier languages like Java, C++, and C were leading the field but Python has shown its worth. The programming language is easy to learn with simple constructs but is as strong as other high-end programming languages.

What makes Python easy is the huge number of libraries that it provides. You can have a library for each and every task that you can think of. Machine learning is made easy with Python and its libraries so far.

In this post, we will be looking at some of the famous applications built with Python Language. They are not totally dependent on Python but are using Python at its share with other programming languages:

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1. Google

Google is one of the most popular Search Engine handling more than 70% of searches made on the Internet. Being a tech giant Google understands the need for a language that is both stable and has the strength to handle so much data and constraints.
Google has started using Python as one of the official languages along with the use of Java and C++. The search side of Google is basically dependent on Python and C++.

2. Instagram

 The app which allows the sharing of pictures and byte-sized videos has python at its back. In around 60 seconds more than 4 lac pictures are uploaded on Instagram. This shows that Python is strong enough to handle this much data and provide better results to the end-users.

Python helps these applications in many ways. As the programming language provides an ease to develop programs it allows the developers to scale the app as per need.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is a Social Media Bookmarking kind of website to share pictures with others. People pin the pictures they like from all over the internet and it shows on their timeline.

The application uses Python and Django for the development of its module at the base and server level. Python allows faster development with a structure easy to implement and scale.

4. Spotify

One of the most popular streaming service providers Spotify uses Python language. The app which can be used to stream music without any delay for buffering is developed with Python. Although the website is made with some web technology more than 70% of services for the app are in Python language.
The major advantage that everybody notices about python is its development speed.

5. Uber

Uber as a company provides multiple services including cab sharing, food delivery, bicycle-sharing, etc. It is obvious that the developers need to handle tons of data scattered with categories and attributes.

Python as usual has got the capability to handle the data and make it useful for business decisions. Even the Uber app uses Python language to handle user queries and results in the calculation.

6. Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud service app that allows its users to store data in the cloud. It is one of the direct competitors of Google Drive and has grown extremely well in past few years.

Python helped Dropbox to scale efficiently and handle all the stuff. Dropbox is now one of the most popular web application which can be installed regardless of the platform. This is all with the help of Python as its base.

7. Netflix

If you are an avid user of the Internet then you might have heard the name before. Netflix is a leading television and media streaming service. The application has seen tremendous growth in its user base with the help of Machine Learning and AI.

The application’s movie recommendation system is built upon Python which helps it understand user requirements. Other services use Python because the language has multiple libraries which help developers build a robust service.

8. Bitly

Bitly provides an easy way to shorten the URLs for its users. Many times we come across a big URL that looks bad if we send it to someone or have it in an email. Thus Bitly shortens the URL to around 15-20 characters and thus presents it in a better way.

More of the Bitly programming is done with Python language. The libraries provided by Python helps to manage the programming constructs efficiently.

So, these were some of the top Python programming based applications. Now, if you want to learn Python then you can check out our list of YouTube channels teaching Python or some Python course in Hindi.

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