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The Social Video Sharing App TikTok is Under Investigation

The famous video sharing app TikTok is facing Investigation. The China based company allows it users to record a small video clip and share it around the world.

The use of this application is seen increasing with each day. Its user base consists mainly of children below the age of 25.

Concern for this investigation was related to the fact that how it is handling Children’s safety. As most of the users are children thus it should ensure complete safety for user data. The investigation on TikTok is carried out by the UK’s information commissioner.

Since its start TikTok has faced multiple consequences regarding its data handling and services. Earlier this year TikTok was removed from the Google Playstore in India after its ban. But the ban was removed after a while and it is now available to download again.

TikTok was also fined by FTC with a sum of around 6 Million Dollars this year. The reason was TikTok collecting information related to children who were under the age of 13.

There are multiple concerns related to the investigations and here are some:

1. Are there any guidelines for what content are children watching?

2. Is there a process to filter out adult content for children.

3. How the data is collected and transmitted by TikTok.

4. What parameters are followed to secure a Child account.

5. Also its new messaging system allows anyone to send messages, how is this thing controlled.

This ongoing investigation will bring out many results on the TikTok app. Lets see how the company deals out with it by showing proper documents and guidelines for each concern.

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