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Ten Ways How Google is Tracking Everyone

If you are using Internet then its pretty much obvious that you are using a Google Product. Google has changed the way how Internet worked earlier. For a normal working person Google is something that helps to find out searched information.

But Google is lot more than what a normal person could see and understand. Google usually works as a search engine and helps people in searching information at no cost. But as you already know that nothing in the world is actually free.

If you are using Google’s services for free then Google is using your persona details. Google is nothing but an advertising company that helps business houses to show targeted ads. By targeted we mean that it only shows you ads related to your interests and behaviour.

Here are some of the ways through which Google is tracking and noting your information. This information is collected to be used by Business house to cater advertisements to you.

1. Google Search Engine

Everyone who uses Internet uses a search engine to find information. Google is one of the most popular search engine around the world. Around 73% of searches that happen on the Internet are handled by Google.

Whenever you search something, Google knows a bit more about you. Every new search defines your interests, behaviour, likes and dislikes. All this information is stored in linking with your account and is used to serve targeted ads.

Even if you have not created a Google account it can still track you through your IP address. So you can’t hide from the Tech Giant.

2. Gmail

Gmail is a Google product which allows users to create an Email ID for sending and receiving mails. Everytime you send or receive an email on the product the content is checked by Google and related information is stored.

You can choose what type of information you want to share while creating a Gmail account. If you have selected to share information then all the data like the receiver’s mail, your device, network, time will be collected and used.

3. Chrome Browser

Chrome browser comes preinstalled in almost every Android mobile phones. This makes it obvious to use chrome browser for surfing the internet. Using Chrome browser lets Google track you and your behaviour on the Internet.

All the websites you visit, all the things that you download or like are known to Google. This information helps Google in understanding its users and what kind of services they would like to have.

4. Android OS

Around 76% of Mobile market is handled by Android operating system. Google owns Android and this makes it obvious that the user data is tracked by the company. Anyone using an Android device is tracked at every term.

The people you interact with, the location you roam in, the devices you connect with and lot more. These are just few of the things that are being tracked and you are the one that agreed to share.

5. YouTube

After the entrance of Jio in telecom market, Internet prices have lowered heavily. People moved to online streaming and video surfing sites lately. YouTube is one of the most popular video content provider on the Internet.

YouTube is also owned by Google and whatever you watch at the app is tracked by the company. Even when you like and dislike a video Google takes it as a factor defining your interests.

6. Google Calendar

The Google Calendar app comes preinstalled in the latest versions of Android smartphones. It holds all the details of your upcoming events, meeting and appointments.

This way Google knows your schedule and how you deal with works and meetings. Every single details could be used by the company to serve you with old Google products and bring in new products too.

7. Google Maps

You might have used Google maps whenever you try to find some directions in real life. Google Maps is a handy tool when it comes to find the best route to your destinations. But do you know the fact that Google is watching all the paths and routes that you are moving through?

Google exactly know where have you been and which all places you have visited. It also knows that either you were driving a four wheeler, two wheeler or moving on legs.

8. Google Reviews

Google allows its users to review a particular business or service through Google Reviews. This way Google gets to know about your likes and dislikes. Places which you have given 5 stars and a good review are added to your favorites and others are added as dislikes.

This data can be helpful for Business to target users that are already in love with the services. Also the company can try to connect with users that disliked the service and could take feedback.

9. Third Party Browsers

Most of the third party browsers use a Block-list created by Google to check if the website is spam or not.  On checking the list Google at the ends gets the information of user and the website he/she is accessing.
So even if you are not using a Google product you are under the tracking of Google.

10. Google Ads

Google uses all the tools stated above to show advertisements to the end users. The advertisements are shown in different ways including Search Engine ads, Display ads on websites, Video ads on YouTube.

These ads are also used to track user behaviour. When you click an ads Google finds out the ads you are interested and then shows further ads based on the same.

These are few of the ways by which Google tracks everyone on the Internet. Tracking this way is not illegal as you are the one who has agreed on the agreement while signing up for a Google product.

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