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Salesforce Career Path For Beginners: A Complete Guide

People nowadays are not just looking for a job to pay bills.

Having a job that challenges intellect is becoming crucial for many college students. This is why opting for a career in the IT field is gaining momentum. One can look for a career opportunity in Salesforce but without a proper understanding of the work, getting overwhelmed can be a possibility.

Before delving into the nitty-gritty of certification and getting jobs in Salesforce, let us understand what exactly is Salesforce.

What Is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a CRM or customer relationship management platform developed by an American company of the same name. Tech-savvy folks are already familiar with CRM.

If you are not then CRM is a software that provides efficient management of all details pertaining to a company’s customers—both existing and potential ones. CRM has provided tons of benefits to enterprises in terms of providing streamlined processes and analytical feedback.

Developers working on CRM keep track of the updates required to make the process smooth and update the same.

Salesforce tops the list of effective CRM implementations and hence, considering a Salesforce career path comes with loads of benefits. To learn more about this technology and pursue a career in Salesforce, sign up for an industry-recognized Salesforce certification course.

Why Opt For a Career In Salesforce?

If you are looking to work for reputed tech industries, then getting a Salesforce job should be part of your search.

The number of jobs offered by the company is high, and they aim to generate about 3.3 million jobs within the industry. This means that, right now, a career opportunity in Salesforce will lead to better opportunities and promotions within the company.

That said, other benefits of the Salesforce career path are:

  • Being able to partake in bringing about digitalization across the globe on a major scale. Salesforce aims to streamline most of the processes that are involved with the operational and analytical aspects of a business. Bringing in your brand of expertise will help you be part of this revolution.
  • As a developer, getting a Salesforce job becomes easy. Salesforce keeps updating its software features on a routine basis. Since they are one of the largest CRM providers across the globe, having a steady and ever-growing team of developers is the backbone of the company and they will always hire more talent.
  • The key players in Salesforce are the talented and creative folks who decide the direction the software will take. Being in such a leading position means you are always engaged and your thirst for intellectually challenging work will be fulfilled.
  • The salary offered to Salesforce employees is jaw-dropping. A developer with Salesforce can earn at least $111,232 per year. Even a freelance developer with Salesforce can easily make $100 per hour on average.

A Guide to Salesforce Career Path For Beginners

The Salesforce career path is interesting and does require certificates and adequate knowledge about software developing and coding. While technology is not restricted to people who have an IQ that can compete with that of Einstein, some amount of out-of-the-box thinking skills are required.

The salary mentioned above is not just for the hard work you will put in but also for your mind and logical processing of a situation.

There are many options and designations to choose from in Salesforce, but the most popular ones are:

  • Designer – You can be an experienced designer or just start your journey. A designer job would require you to create experiences within the Salesforce platform that will be human-centered.
  • Marketer – You will be using the cloud-based emailing platform offered by Salesforce to generate new leads. You need to be well-versed in the products and have a keen eye for proper marketing which also requires sufficient post-creation skills.
  • Architect – perhaps one of the most versatile career options within the Salesforce industry, an architect needs to operate in a multidimensional environment. As an architect in Salesforce, you need to be able to provide expert solutions to various tiers like sharing and visibility, lifecycle development and deployment, application and its architecture, etc.
  • Consultant – Your job as a consultant would revolve around implementing the Sales Cloud platform. You also have to be able to build a functional Cloud for the company and not just maintain the existing ones.
  • Developer – Rated as one of the best jobs, as a Salesforce developer you will be the expert who will do the coding for the ecosystem and also see to automating tasks that can take away the boredom from humankind.
  • Admin or Administrator – This job requires you to have a deeper understanding of the salesforce platform and applications related to it. You will also be required to keep a constant check on salesforce and improve the features and user experience.

Each has a specific career path and, depending on the job you want to apply for you have to choose specific Salesforce certification pathways to increase your chances to join the bandwagon.

Complete Salesforce Career Path for Beginners

Landing the correct job means opting for the correct degree. You cannot become a doctor with a degree in Zoology. But, IT is such a field that does not require you to spend a major part of your life studying.

The salesforce certification pathways offer programs that can get you ready to enter the Salesforce industry. Each course is designed to cater to the particular career you are going to opt for.

And the best part of these certification pathways is that they can be taken up even when you are working within the company.

If you are a Marketer and want to become a Consultant, you can easily apply for a certification course while working and then get the promotion to become a Consultant. Some of the key roles and certification requirements are given below to help you begin your journey with getting a salesforce job.


If you are looking to complete an entry-level platform developer course, you are looking for a 6-month course that will cover topics that include: Fundamentals of Salesforce; Data modeling; Automation of Processes; Features of Localization, and relation to coding.

Having a background in IT and the drive to learn new things will be your best mentor in this course. For a mid-level job, you need to have deeper platform developer knowledge that can be somewhere between 2 years to 4 years.

The benefit of this certification course is that you get to progress rapidly to higher positions with enough experience and a developed skillset.


In order to become a successful consultant in Salesforce having proper knowledge of the Pardot platform is a must. The consultant will be working through Pardot and bringing the technical and creative aspects of projects together.

The job of consultant begins at mid-level and the course can be between 2 years to 5 years. If you aim to become a specialist in CPQ then you can get a certificate after 12 months.

The core topics that are taught in these courses include Industry Knowledge; Pricebook Management; Integration and Data management; Lead Generation; etc. The benefit of opting for a consultant certification is that the course prepares you for easy transfer into other roles within Salesforce.


Usually, for experienced IT experts, the job of an architect within the tech industry is of a senior level and requires at least 5 years of study. There are various avenues with broader architectural knowledge.

You can opt to become a data architect and deal with developing a workable environment for the customer 360 platform or you can opt to become an integration architect and work on a scalable solution for integrating into the Lightning Platform.

The avenues are vast and you can demonstrate your creative side as well as technical side within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Primarily you will be dealing with the customers and provide suggestions as per their requirements. Your courses for certification will vary on the basis of the kind of domain you will be choosing.

But, evaluation of the current ecosystem, designing better alternatives and upgrades, integrating the solutions, and maintaining the ecosystem will all be part of your coursework.


You will be a jack of all trades person as an admin. Not only will you be required to have technical expertise but also demonstrate a sound business mentality. The average certification time to become an admin is around 6 months.

If you are just starting out and have the bais tech education, you can opt for a 2-year Salesforce Admin Program to accelerate your chances of joining as an Admin. Since you will be also dealing with stakeholders, you would be required to provide customized solutions and create new fields.

A consultant also has a great scope of becoming an admin with a 6-month certificate pathway program.

Opt For Salesforce, Opt For Challenge

The career opportunity in salesforce is vast and people from all levels of work experience are opting to join the tech leader. The chance to have a better work scope and to contribute to the digital community are adequate incentives along with higher salaries when compared to the country average.

Opt for a career in Salesforce and with curated salesforce certification pathways you can be the change you want to see. If you have any further queries, you can visit our Salesforce forum to get your queries answered.

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