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10+ Free SQL Tutorials, Courses & Certifications 2024

SQL short for Structured Query Language is a standard language for relational databases. Data is stored in relational databases and SQL is used for storing, manipulating, and retrieving that data.

Thus, you will need to learn SQL for communicating with databases no matter which programming language you are using. Another important thing is that SQL can work with almost every kind of database to perform database operations.

Students find it very easy to learn the language as it is just like you are writing English sentences. The advanced concepts though require much logic and functions but you will learn the basics in no time.

In this article, you will be getting some free tutorials and courses for learning SQL. Some of them also provide certifications that you can add to your resume.

So, let’s get started with the list of free SQL courses and certifications that are good for you in the year 2024:

1. Tutorials from SQLBolt

SQLBolt is a website that is completely focused on training SQL. The tutorials are specially created for beginners to know all about Structured Query Language and the learning process.

All the tutorials are interactive where students can execute commands side by side to test what they are learning.

Every topic starts with teaching the basics and at the end of it, you have a command box where you can execute queries. This will help you practice things in a live environment with examples. The interactive tutorials contain more than 18 lessons with exercises, examples, and theoretical concepts.

You can also move through the More Topics section to find some intermediate and advanced concepts. These include Union, Join, Intersection, Subqueries, and more.

2. SQLZoo Tutorials

Just like the above one they also have a complete list of SQL tutorials for beginners. The tutorials are divided into stages and thus you can skip to an advanced stage if you have got the basic overview. With the basic operations, they have also provided some advanced topics of SQL too.

After completing the tutorials you can get the assessments containing multiple test questions. And they also have a resource section where you can get answers to any of your queries related to SQL. And if you are facing some errors while setting up or working then you can look in the errors segment.

3. SQL Tutorials from Data Flair

We have recently featured their Python tutorials in our list on the Present Slide. And for SQL tutorials they have created an individual segment on the website. Here you can find all the learning material for Structured Query Language. The first section contains some tutorials both for beginners and intermediate learners.

After that, you will find important Interview questions for cracking SQL interviews. This is something good for students to know about beforehand and prepare well for the interviews.

Then in the later sections, they categorized all the tutorials into Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. All the topics are mentioned there so you can switch to the topic that you want to learn.

4. Video Tutorials from Intellipaat

Intellipaat is an online professional training platform providing video lectures in different domains. These SQL videos are focused on beginners and how they can learn about Databases and Structured Query Language from scratch. The first video in the list is for the basic introduction to the language and then you can move further to learn working on the commands.

Some important segments from the tutorials are:

  • What is SQL?
  • Some Important Features
  • How to Install it on the Machine?
  • Tables and Data Types
  • Some Important SQL Queries and Results

They also have one video of more than 4 hours covering all the concepts for this topic. You will also find some additional videos on the issues faced by developers and programmers.

5. SQL Course from Stanford University

This is a beginner-level course from Stanford University for students to have a fundamental knowledge of SQL queries and working.

The course is divided into different sub-topics with each having videos and transcription for easy learning. Each topic is explained with some live examples throughout the video lectures.

After going through the lectures and learning you can then complete the exercises. There are multiple exercises based on your learning to assess your skills.

6. Intro to SQL from Khan Academy

This is a free SQL course from Khan Academy on the basics of Structured Query Language. You will be learning about querying and managing data with the help of this amazing database query language. The content is structured in multiple segments and after completing the course you will be able to use the language to perform major manipulation operations over the database.

Some important segments from this course are:

  • SQL Basics
  • More Advanced SQL Queries
  • Relational Queries
  • Modifying Databases
  • Further Learning

You can start learning from the videos one by one. It is suggested to take the course in a step-wise manner so that you don’t miss anything important.

7. Learn SQL in a Simplified Manner

This is a free course from Udemy especially for beginners to learn everything most easily. The course will help you in learning SQL in just 4 weeks.

After the completion of the free SQL course, the students will be able to understand and write some of the most complex queries on their own. Using this they could work on various databases including Oracle, Amazon Redshift, and others too.

The course is divided into 5 segments and has more than 2 hours of video content. Students will also get a certification on completion of the course.

Here are the segments from this course:

  • Introduction to SQL
  • Creation of Tables With Constraints
  • Table Alteration
  • Joining of Tables
  • Grouping of Data

8. Introduction to SQL from Coursera

This course is provided by the University of Michigan through the Coursera platform. This course will take you through the installation steps of text editor, MAMP, XAMPP, and with those creating a database.

After that, you will be learning about applying queries and working with the basic syntax of SQL language. After the basics, you will then learn to create multiple tables, foreign keys, and the popular JOIN operation.

You can audit the course for free and you will not have to pay anything for the course material. You can pay the fees if you want to get a certification too.

The major modules of this course are:

  • Installing PHP and SQL
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Database Design
  • Many to Many Relationship Model

It is a beginner-level course that will give you a basic overview of these concepts.

9. SQL for Data Science

Data Science is the field that uses different methods, processes, and models to extract useful information from data. That data could be structured or unstructured. We recently shared some free Data Science courses to help students. As Data Science is all about data it requires students to learn SQL.

This course is provided by the University of California on the Coursera platform. This course is specially designed to help students in learning SQL for Data Science purposes. You will be working with different types of data including strings, integers, and characters too. Students will also be learning about some advanced tactics to handle and manipulate data.

Anyone can audit the course content for free but if you need the certificate then you will have to pay charges.

10. Introduction to SQL from Cybrary

This is a free training course on SQL from Cybrary covering all the basics. They have created video lectures focusing on the core concepts and how learners could be able to apply them in a professional environment. Students will be able to query the database with SQL and also design database schemas.

Students will also be getting a certificate of completion which they can add to their resume. Below are the important modules from this course:

  • Course Introduction
  • Databases
  • SQL Programming Part 1
  • SQL Programming Part 2
  • SQL Development
  • SQL in Applications
  • Course Closing

11. SQL for Data Science from edX

As we already mentioned about the importance of SQL in Data Science, here is a course focusing just on that. You will be learning to use Structured Query Language to communicate with data, manipulate it, and use it well for Data Science purposes.

The course will also train you in creating a database in the cloud, using string patterns and ranges, sorting and grouping data, and analyzing that data using Python language.

Anyone can take the course for free but if you need a certificate then you will have to pay the charges. It is a 4-week course which requires you to have 2-4 hours a week of learning work.

So this course marks the end of this huge list of free SQL courses and certifications. I hope you will like the courses and will learn something valuable from them. You can share your feedback in the comments and also share this article with someone in need. ♥

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