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10+ Free Statistics Courses & Certifications

With the increased dependency of companies on Data, statistics skills are now in huge demand. Statistics has importance in various major fields and everything that revolves around data. So if you are someone who wants to learn statistics for your career growth then this article is just for you.

Also if you are searching for resources to learn statistics for Data Science and Machine Learning then you are good to go. Below are some of the free statistics courses that you can join and start learning statistics right away.

Some of these courses even come with a certificate which you can add up in your resume. Repeating one thing that i always mention in my articles is that students should always focus on gaining skills instead of collecting certificates. And many people do tell me that providing free courses is not good as they are not valued.

But there are students who appreciate the fact that with the resources i provided they got enough motivation to start learning new skills. So, you should use these courses to the fullest and prove everyone else wrong.

Enough of the introduction and we shall now move to the list of resources. Firstly i am mentioning some guides which will help you in getting started and then you can move to the statistics courses list.

Free Statistics Guides for Beginners

1. A Beginner’s Guide to Statistics

The guide justifies the title by sharing some important points about Statistics for beginners. This is specially for those who are just hearing about this word and want to know further. Then it goes onto explaining some important terms such as Population, Samples, Data Organization.

After going through the guide you will be having a basic knowledge about important statistics terms. You will also be knowing about different types of statistics.

2. Statistics Tutorials from Listen Data

Not everyone is good with video courses and some people prefer learning through textual content. If you are that someone then this statistics guides are good for you to start with. Divided into more than 50 simple and informational tutorials for students to learn statistics from scratch.

Not only statistics but the students will also be taught about the use of programming languages for statistics. Topics such as linear regression, logistics regression, cluster analysis are explained with both Python and R language. Some advanced topics for Data Science and Machine Learning are also explained in between.

3. Complete Guide to Statistics for Data Science

Statistics takes the major part in Data Science as all that revolves around data itself. If you are learning statistics just for Data Science then this guide could help you in that. As every field requires different approach and methodologies thus you should stick to the field itself. The guide first explains the need for learning statistics for Data Science and then moves on to share share some important terminologies that are commonly used.

After the basics it explains about the types of Statistics and their importance. These guides can help you in getting some starting points which are necessary when you are starting something new. You can follow the steps provided in the guide to get more out of your efforts.

Free Courses for Learning Statistics

If you have gone through the guides mentioned above then you are ready to take in these free courses. The guides are essential for you to know the real use of statistics and why are you learning it. The more you will query about things the better understandings of the concepts you will have. So, let us now move to the list of free courses for statistics.

1. Basic Statistics from Coursera

This Basic Statistics course is provided through Coursera by University of Amsterdam. In this course they have covered the basics of statistics and how to evaluate the things. This beginner level course suggests you to give at least 8 weeks for learning the course content.You can audit the course for taking it for free but if you want certification then you will have to pay for that.

Basic Statistics Free Course

They have divided the course in three basic parts where you will be learning methods of descriptive statistics, basics of probability and introduction to the methods of Inferential Statistics. After completing the course you will be gaining skills including but not limited to Statistics, Confidence Interval, Statistical Hypothesis Testing and R Programming.

Syllabus of the course is as follows:

  • Before We Get Started
  • Exploring Data
  • Correlation and Regression
  • Probability
  • Probability Distribution
  • Sampling Distribution
  • Confidence Intervals
  • Significance Test.

2. Python and Statistics for Financial Analysis

Python is now one of the most popular programming language across the world. Most of the analysis part is taken care by the libraries provided by Python. This course from Coursera provides the basic understanding of Python and Stats in Financial Analysis.

After completing the course you will have the knowledge about:

  • Importing, Pr-Processing and Visualizing Financial Data
  • Manipulating the Existing Financial Data
  • Applying Important Statistical Concepts
  • Building a Trading Model
  • Evaluating the Performance of Trading Model That You Created.

The course has 4 weeks of syllabus covering multiple topics around data and statistics. It will take around 11 hours for the students to complete the course.

3. Free Statistics Course (Udacity)

This course is provided on Udacity by San Jose State University. For taking in the course the learners should some basic understanding of proportions, negative numbers, basic algebra, exponents and square roots. After completing the course the students will be able to learn the applications of statistics to everyday life, methods of acquiring data from different sources, organizing data, searching and analyzing patterns and more.

Lessons included in the course are:

  • Introduction to Statistics and Methods
  • Describing Data
  • Normal Distribution Analysis
  • Foundation of Inferential Statistics
  • Comparing Means
  • Correlation, Regression and Non Parametrics

This course duration is of 4 months and has self paced learning so that you can start it anytime you want.

4. Fundamentals of Statistics edX

This course is provide on edX by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Students can take this course to develop an understanding of some important statistical topics including estimation, hypothesis testing and prediction. You will also be learning model testing, selecting variables in linear regression, modeling nonlinear phenomena and visualizing data.

This course is of 16 weeks and wants you to give at least 10 hours a week. Being an advanced course it needs you to have basic understanding of things before you start with it. Things that you will be learning in the course includes:

  • Developing Estimators
  • Using Confidence Intervals
  • Model Testing and Choosing the Best Ones
  • Making Predictions Using Different Models
  • Performing Dimension Reduction using PCA

5. Why Numbers Matters: Quantitative Research

This free course from Future Learn is all about numbers and why do they matter. You will be learning the process to use quantitative research in solving real world problems. Quantitative research is an important part in taking important business decisions that rely on data.

The course duration is 2 weeks with 3 hours a week time requirement. Content is provided for free and if you want some additional benefits such as certification then you can pay some fees.

Topics Covered in the course are:

  • Importance of Numbers
  • Using Statistics to Analyse Data
  • Formulating Research Questions
  • Finding the Best Research Methods
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research

6. Introduction to Statistics from Stepik

This is a beginner level course for learning about the basics of statistics and data analysis. It contains four modules which cover different important topics. After completing the course you will have a basic understanding of descriptive statistics, normal distribution, statistical inference. It contains 23 lessons and 112 quizzes to test your knowledge side by side.

The main modules of the course are:

  • Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
  • Categorical Data Analysis
  • T-test and Analysis of Variance
  • Correlation and Linear Regression

The course also comes with a certification which you can add in your resume.

7. Diploma in Statistics from Alison

Another great free statistics course from Alison with certification. The course starts with covering basic topics such as sampling and collecting data. You will also learn some important topics from probability and modelling. This course will not take weeks to complete and is of 10-12 hours of duration which you can cover in one week of time. More than 66,000 students have already taken the course.

Some important modules from this course are:

  • Collecting And Analysing Data
  • Types and Frequency of Graphs
  • Normal Distribution
  • Probability
  • Relative Frequency
  • Regression
  • Coefficient of Determination
  • Non Linear Data
  • Binomial Distribution and More

So this was all about the list of free statistics courses that has all the updated resources for learning. More courses and guides will be added in the coming future to keep it updated.

If you like this list then do share it in the comments below. Also share this list with someone in need. ♥

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