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Best YouTube Channels To Learn Android App Development

Do you want to learn Android app development?

Are you looking for resources to start your learning journey?

If yes, then you are in the right place and hopefully at the right time. You might be a college student or someone who is already a working professional and wants to dive deep into new skills.

Mobile App Development is an important skill and the market is growing consistently. After learning to develop mobile apps, you can either work as a mobile app developer or can start your own development company.

That is totally up to you and we will not interfere in your choices.

With this article, we will be helping you by providing some of the best YouTube channels to learn Android app development. And, we have said it hundreds of time that YouTube is one of the best ways to start learning a new skill.

Even If you don’t know how to start and where to start then don’t worry at all. By the end of this article, you will have an abundance of knowledge about mobile app development.

We already have multiple other articles on skills that you can learn through YouTube. You can go through our list of Best YouTube Channels for online learning.

There is no doubt that mobile apps are dominating the technological world. It’s making the complex things easy, that anyone could do anything. If we go by a report from eMarketer than more than 88% of the time is spent on mobile apps.

Another report from Statista shows that mobile apps are expected to generate more than $935 billion in revenue by the year 2023. So, learning a skill that will have more demand in the future would allow you to have career stability.

And, Android is considerably a better operating system for developing a mobile app among other platforms. There are lots of things that can help you to launch your app.

Revolution In The Process Of Seeking Knowledge:

The process of serving knowledge has changed over the years. In the old days, people used to look up to conventional ways to seek knowledge about anything. For example, you can take reading printed books or, attending workshops, etc.

By the grace of superior technology, the conventional process has changed drastically for our better understanding.

Nowadays YouTube has everything that we could ever want. In this way, we get a better understanding of the knowledge and techniques that are inside there. And also learning something visually is always great fun.

Even if you are a business person and want to hire an android app developer for getting your apps developed, we would suggest you go through some YouTube videos about app development to have a better understanding of the field.

Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of learning from YouTube videos before knowing the best channels:

Benefits Of Learning From YouTube Videos:

  • When you take the help of YouTube videos to learn something you save a lot of money No instructor cost, no resource cost, or no traveling cost will ever bother you. You can get all the information about the world without even moving an inch.
  • The best thing about learning from android tutorial videos is that they are very much flexible and customizable. We can watch anything anytime anywhere and after times.
  • Videos grasp our attention better. That’s why watching a video is now preferable to reading a monotonous theory paper. When the video first killed radio it only had the entertainment value. But now it has great educational value also.
  • The very best android tutorials on YouTube are shareable with anyone. That’s why you can help your friends with these videos. And learning from videos also boosts productivity.

Best Android App Development Youtube Channels

The channels mentioned below are highly recommended for beginners as well as the others for learning mobile app development. You will get some of the best android development videos on these channels. After knowing everything about the channels it will be really good if you stick to one.

It will hard to keep up with all the channels. That’s why it is up to you to choose the best from the given channels and follow henceforth.

Let’s take a quick look at the best YouTube channels for Android app development,

1. Android Developers

The official developer team of android has also made this channel to help the larger community. Apart from providing short videos of android studio YouTube, it also keeps you update about the latest changes.

As this channel is maintained by the official group of android that’s why it is worth following. You will only get authentic and useful information about the topic. That’s why nearly one million people from all over the world this YouTube channel.

When you experience android development videos from this channel you get Google I/O for extra. Probably it’s the best way to keep yourself updated with the vast world of android.

2. CodingWithMitch

Mitch is now creating a buzz in the current market for it’s bigger videos. His channel mainly shows how to build real-life complex applications like Google maps or Instagram. When you continuously follow the channel, you get shorter podcast talks with other app developers as an extra benefit.

The videos of this channel are very well crafted. The sound quality is also a very high class that the complexity of simplified coding android gets lessened. The organizing members of this channel walks on the path of deep and thorough research before they upload anything on their channel.

The main motto of the team is to serve content to as many people as possible for free.

3. Reso Coder

Kotlin and Flutter, are the main things that Reso Coder focuses on in their android app development YouTube videos. Though his process of teaching and methods are impactful still we can’t judge the correctness of it. Reso Coder is also famous for it’s well crafted and deep researched videos.

If you follow this channel you won’t have to spend so much time beating around the bush. You can simply get to the exact point. Probably there will not be any java related videos on this channel. But if you want to gain knowledge about Flutter, Xamarain, Unity, and Kotlin then simply you can follow Reso coder.

Besides providing android development tutorials, Reso Coder uploads multiple life related, motivating videos also. This is good and it won’t let you get bored so easily.

4. Smartherd

The creative team of Smartherd creates hundreds of top-quality videos, especially on Android. And then they focus on other topics also, for example, you can take node. js and also java language fundamental rules. Like the other channels, this channel also takes the way of thorough research about the topic before making up a video.

Their videos are very concise and even a beginner who is learning Android development from scratch can understand them. The Smartherd team puts high logic behind the tutorials and uses of graphics and illustration. It will surely help people to understand things in a better and smarter way.

All these facilities you get here is free. You won’t have to spend a single penny on this. On the other hand, you could have paid a lot of money on other websites to seek such kind of quality content. That’s why people find Smartherd the best YouTube channel for learning Android programming.

5. Android Development Tutorial For Beginners By Derek Banas

Derek Banas is probably the best option if you want to learn android app programming or any other kind of it. They have a playlist of 25 consecutive videos on android programming. This is quite enough for beginners to understand programming. Videos of this channel are rich in quality and sound. You won’t face difficulty while understanding the crucial methods.

The team of Derek Banas explained every single video of this channel quite well with a lot of examples. These examples will play a vital role for you in understanding the programming.


So. here comes an end to the list of some of the top YouTube channels to follow in 2022 to learn Android App development.

These channels provide quality for years and that’s why there are here on the recommended list. From the official channel of Android developers to Derek Banas, everything is in front of you.

Now you need to choose one of them wisely and then stick to it. Learning from YouTube is similar to learning from any other conventional method. You need to be careful about the crucial things in a process and the rest will be done quite easily.

Enjoy learning android programming from the best channels of YouTube. We hope that this article was helpful for you to get the right information about programming.

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