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10 Best YouTube Channels To Learn Copywriting

Gone are the days when copywriting was only kept for newspaper offices and advertising agencies. Instead, it’s a new era where everyone can do everything if only they have the right skills.

If you think you have a good grasp of marketing concepts as well as a language, then copywriting is one of the best career choices you can have right now.

You can’t even imagine the amount of money you can start earning right from the comfort of your home.

Another great thing about this skill is the availability of great resources to start learning. You will find a number of YouTube channels that can help you learn copywriting from scratch.

To help you find the best, we at Present Slide have created a list of some of the best copywriting YouTube channels for you. But before you start with the list, it is important to know the reason for you to learn copywriting and why this skill is in such a trend.

Why Are Copywriting Skills Essential?

Copywriting is not just a skill but an art form that uses words to persuade, inform, and engage an audience.

It has become crucial today, where businesses rely on effective communications to attract customers and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

You can drive sales, build awareness, and help businesses grow significantly with good copywriting skills.

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Best Copywriting Related YouTube Channels

Below is the list of some of the best YouTube channels to start learning copywriting:

1. Dan Lok

Dan Lok is one of the world’s most popular social media influencers and entrepreneurs. He is known for teaching various essential skills to young entrepreneurs who want to learn about marketing, copywriting, sales, etc.

With over 9 million followers across various social media channels, Dan Lok is your best bet to learn more about copywriting.

Copywriters willing to take their skills to the next level or start their entrepreneurial journey will find lots of valuable resources in this Channel. Dan Lok has created a unique Playlist of videos that includes something for everybody. So do check out this Channel and give your copywriting journey a head start!

Some of the most popular YouTube videos on this Channel are:

Joined YouTube: Jul 26, 2014

Active Subscribers: 4.55M

2. Roy Furr — Breakthrough Marketing Secrets

If you want to start your copywriting journey as a side hustle and don’t want to spend much time learning the basics, then this channel is your best friend. Following their simple yet effective strategies, you can learn everything related to copywriting.

Roy Furr, the founder of this channel, is a copywriter himself. He helps individuals gain all the necessary skills to become successful copywriters using his experiences from his professional life.

Some of the most popular YouTube videos on this Channel are:

Joined YouTube: Feb 25, 2009

Active subscribers: 6.68k

3. Copy School

This YouTube channel teaches you all the secrets of a successful copywriter. From actionable SEO to copywriting hacks, you can have it all from this YouTube channel.

The Channel publishes videos that focus on real-life examples, case studies, etc., that help the newbies better understand the real-world scenario.

Some of the most popular YouTube videos on the Channel are:

Joined YouTube on: Dec 17, 2018

Active Subscribers: 5.44k

4. Alex Cattoni

Alex is a copywriter, marketer, and founder of the company Copy Posse. So there is no better way to learn about a field than from the veterans themselves. Whether you want to begin your copywriting journey as a freelancer or want to scale your existing business, there is something for everyone.

Learning from the basics is very important when you embark on a new journey. Alex takes care of all the requirements and ensures you get a firm grasp on every subject before starting your freelancing journey. In addition, all videos are highly informative and easily understood because of her simple language usage.

Some of the most popular YouTube videos on the Channel are:

Joined YouTube on: Jan 17, 2017

Active subscribers: 258k

5. Game of Conversions

This is a YouTube channel that has been catching quite some attention since its launch. Csaba, being a copywriter himself, understands the problems of people from similar backgrounds who are willing to build a career in copywriting but do not know the right path.

He is a freelancing coach who teaches you all the details and tricks to start your entrepreneurial journey.

As a freelance copywriter, you learn how to start your business, the secrets to getting high-paying clients, and much more. So if you are looking for someone whose storytelling resonates with yours, this YouTube channel is the best choice.

Some of the most popular YouTube videos on the Channel are:

Joined YouTube: Jan 11, 2019

Active subscribers: 12.2k

6. Kopywriting Kourse

If you think only individuals are the ones who learn copywriting, think again! Because Kopywriting Kourse has a wide variety of learners. From entrepreneurs to agencies to start-ups, they teach copywriting tricks and tips to everyone.

Copywriting is not something that you can learn in a week or month. Regularly updating yourself with the latest trends and learning all the latest strategies is the secret of a successful copywriter. But how do you get all this information in one go? Well, subscribe to this YouTube channel, and you shall have all the latest updates, strategies, and tricks at your fingertips.

Some of the most popular YouTube videos on this Channel are:

Joined YouTube: Nov 12, 2012

Active Subscribers: 90.1k

7. Writing Revolt by Jorden Makelle

You know, no one can tell you all the truths about a field except for those who have built an empire for themselves from scratch!

Jorden Makelle is one such individual who created a business that earns her $5000/ month in just four months. Sounds pretty fascinating right? Well, even you can do that. Learn all the undisclosed strategies of copywriting that will help you grow at a significantly fast pace in no time.

Some of the most popular YouTube videos on this Channel are:

Joined YouTube: Sept 28, 2014

Active subscribers: 54k

8. Copy Squad

Are you also thinking of quitting your job and starting a freelance journey? Well, if the answer is affirmative, then look no further because Copywriting is one of the best choices in this era. Learn all the strategies, tips, and tricks from Copy Squad.

From the very basics of copywriting to the advanced level, this Channel has everything for everyone. This Channel helps you create an income stream that you can regulate anytime, anywhere.

Some of the most popular YouTube videos on this Channel are:

Joined YouTube: Jul 24, 2017

Active Subscribers: 17.9k

9. Ashlyn Writes

In the 21st century generating money from words is no more a journalist’s job. Anyone who is creative enough and can use the right words in the right places is capable of doing it. So if you think you are the one and want a YouTube channel that teaches you A to Z of the copywriting field, then Ashlyn is your best calling.

Being a conversion copywriter herself, she has known all the best-kept secrets of the field. With a new video every week, Ashlyn teaches you all the strategies that you must use to become a successful copywriter.

Some of the most popular YouTube videos on this Channel are:

Joined YouTube: Oct 3, 2015

Active subscribers: 34.4k

10. Copy That! 

It is a YouTube channel that is fully dedicated to the craft of copywriting. The videos are hosted by five people who are copywriters themselves. They share all the resources, latest updates, essential strategies, etc., that showcase the ways to create a copy that sells.

According to them, one of the most demanding jobs in a copywriter’s life is to switch from a learner mode to actually practicing copywriting in real life. Getting high-ticket clients, retaining them, and improving their skills are all parts of a successful copywriting journey. So if you wish to learn more about it, make sure to check out the super informative YouTube Channel.

Some of the most popular YouTube videos on this Channel are:

Joined YouTube: Sept 4, 2017

Active Subscribers: 26.4k

Final Words

Copywriting is like art!

You can’t flourish in this field by just learning the tactics. You need to practice it simultaneously to get a grasp on your skills and improve them. Use these YouTube channels to your advantage and learn all the tactics to succeed as a copywriter.

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