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7+ Best YouTube Channels to Learn ServiceNow

Data serves as a currency.

The way in which companies collect and analyze data plays a big role in helping the business grow. One of the aspects that benefit from proper data analysis is service management. This IT sector is customer-oriented and provides businesses with the information that can help them improve customer relationships.

While IT service management or ITSM nowadays drives a business, there are challenges that hinder this sector’s proper functionality. These challenges are primarily in the form of silos being created by different teams and data sharing getting restricted.

This further increases operational costs. The best way to tackle this issue is to automate the workflow with the help of service management software. ServiceNow provides a proper solution to all these challenges.

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a SAAS or Software as a Service product that companies adopt as a business model to analyze, resolve, and automate the services offered by the company. The software developed by the ServiceNow company can be customized to suit any business that is looking to not only manage their digital workflow but also track progress and upgrade the said workflow.

Once the workflow is sorted and automated, businesses can scale without glitches.

Sectors like finances, healthcare, telecommunications, and even Government sectors are adopting the ServiceNow tool due to the following benefits:

  • Easy and userfriendly service: Many services like filling out forms or writing emails can be made automated to help the manual workforce provide more creative insights to the company. These automated tasks are tackled by ServiceNow tools.
  • Optimized processes: Scalability is a key criterion for small businesses and upscaling is possible when tasks are actively and efficiently tackled. ServiceNow provides insights and solutions to tasks to make them perform in a better way.
  • Improved workflows: When tasks are organized and teams are handling the correct tasks, workflow improves which further aids in scaling.

Best ServiceNow YouTube Channels

The ServiceNow architecture enables companies to have a better return on investment and people looking for a challenging yet interesting career can opt for handling the ServiceNow tool to help businesses understand the model and the tool better.

Learning ServiceNow via videos found on YouTube can help improve career growth. The seven  most popular channels that teach ServiceNow are:

1. ServiceNow

The official YouTube channel for the American company that has launched the ServiceNow tool, this channel aims to not only help learners understand the core concepts related to the tool and the business model but also news related to the development of the tools and proper customization and implementation of the services. The channel also has employee interviews and work experience videos that help learners to know what is expected from all ServiceNow employees in terms of launching the software and maintaining the workflows.

Some of the popular YouTube videos and playlists are:

  1. Now on Now
  2. Customer Stories

Joined YouTube: May 2013

Active Subscribers: 25.2K


The channel is an open-source teaching channel that provides ServiceNow lessons for free. Their tagline ‘No need to pay institutes for learning ServiceNow’ is backed by their dedication to providing free tutorials and learning and training materials to learners who wish to start a career in ServiceNow. Topics covered by the channel include ServiceNow Change Management, Integration, ServiceNow APIs, ServiceNow Development Training, Form Configuration, and Service Catalog. They also have a website that has blogs related to ServiceNow automation features and various use cases to help learners grasp the concepts better.

Some of the popular YouTube videos and playlists are:

  1. ServiceNow Guide for Developers
  2. ServiceNow Development Full Course

Joined YouTube: May 2015

Active Subscribers: 32.3K

3. edureka!

One of the leading learning channels on YouTube, this channel provides learning material for almost every topic imaginable. The channel and the website aim to collaborate with leading academia and corporates to enable learners to gain new skills without losing academic or professional years. The channel’s ServiceNow tutorials cover basics that are essential for beginners to advanced topics like Incident Management and ITIL Processes with the v3 framework.

Learners looking for proper courses taught by instructors can sign up for the courses offered through the website. But, the videos posted do cover all the essential concepts and are perfect for people looking to learn ServiceNow for free. Apart from ServiceNow, the channel also covers topics like Blockchain, DevOps, Python, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Some of the popular YouTube videos and playlists are:

  1. What is ServiceNow | ServiceNow Tutorial for Beginners
  2. ServiceNow Developer Tutorial | ServiceNow Developer Training

Joined YouTube: June 2012

Active Subscribers: 3.42 Million

4. GlideFast Consulting

GlideFast Consulting is a SAAS company and a partner of ServiceNow. The company offers ServiceNow’s tools and technologies to businesses looking to scale their companies and make the workflows better. The channel offers tutorials and practicals that are already implemented in various companies. The company consists of developers and architects who are dedicated to helping ServiceNow evolve along with upscaling businesses.

Some of the popular YouTube videos and playlists are:

  1. Playbooks in ServiceNow
  2. What is ServiceNow?

Joined YouTube: September 2015

Active Subscribers: 6.55K

5. ServiceNow Kida

Created during the coronavirus pandemic and handled by Anuj and Shrutika, this channel is not only dedicated to offering tutorials related to ServiceNow but also provides teachings and demos in Hindi for the local audience to understand the core concepts without suffering from the language barrier.

Apart from basic to advanced ServiceNow topics, the channel also covers interview questions and answers to help learners training for a career in ServiceNow crack the exams and ace the interviews.

Some of the popular YouTube videos and playlists are:

  1. ServiceNow Development Training Course
  2. What is ServiceNow | Steps to create Personal Development Instance

Joined YouTube: March 2020

Active Subscribers: 2.07K

6. ServiceNow Helpdesk

Founded by Runjay Patel, the channel focuses on providing in-depth training and tutorial materials to help learners understand the basics of the ServiceNow tool and also advanced topics like scripting and transform maps. While the channel does provide such advanced topics, it is also the best channel to learn ServiceNow from scratch, especially if the learner has no prior IT knowledge. The channel founder also runs a blog channel with the same name. The blog provides a written form of the various tutorials that are shown in the channel’s videos.

Some of the popular YouTube videos and playlists are:

  1. ServiceNow Development Full Course
  2. Full CMDB In 3 Hours with Real World demonstration

Joined YouTube: May 2020

Active Subscribers: 11.3K

7. SNow Knowledge

The channel provides detailed tutorials and courses that can be followed by both basic learners and advanced ServiceNow professionals looking to brush up their skills. All the videos are curated and the learning materials are designed by experts. The channel also has detailed guidelines on its ServiceNow Docs page.

Some of the popular YouTube videos and playlists are:

  1. Introduction to ITIL and ServiceNow
  2. ServiceNow User Interface/UI Features

Joined YouTube: January 2018

Active Subscribers: 5.99K

Wrapping Up

So, here comes an end to the list of some of the best YouTube channels to learn ServiceNow. We hope that this list would help you in finding the right learning resources. You can also join our ServiceNow community to get answers to your queries and doubts.

ServiceNow has opened new avenues in the IT field with professionals finding challenging and high-paying careers in all companies that deal with ServiceNow.

The core benefits that the tool offers in terms of scalability and automation integration make ServiceNow the future of cloud computing services and professionals will find this platform ideal to showcase their practical skills. Leaning ServiceNow will be beneficial as the competition is still low and professionals with ServiceNow skills can rise to the top.

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