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10+ Best YouTube Channels to Learn DevOps

The need for a united automation process is on the rise.

With the rise in hybrid working models and the constantly updated machines, software needs to be maintained and newer versions need to be deployed for better security. Software too has a lifecycle. Think of the phone operating system update that you receive.

But it is limited to a certain number of updates based on the model of the phone. This is an example of a software lifecycle where once the software is created, it needs to be maintained for a certain time frame so its security is not compromised.

Initially, two separate teams were responsible for both these jobs. But, this created a communication gap that had to be bridged for efficient software deployment. This need has given priority to the development of DevOps.

What is DevOps?

DevOps definition can be summed up as a process and a cultural philosophy that unites software developers and IT deployment teams to create a unified and flowing process that makes the deployment of software and other services easy.

In simple terms, what was once considered to be handled by two separate teams—software developers creating the program and IT management providers launching the program within the hardware—can now be tackled by a single team trained to perform all the processes that comprise the software lifecycle.

Best YouTube Channels to Learn DevOps

The need for a combined workforce for the development and deployment of software has given rise to DevOps engineering. A DevOps engineer is in charge of the entire lifecycle of the software, including providing feedback and updates of the software. While an IT specialist can become a DevOps engineer, they need to learn the basics like coding and understanding automation tools. These can be developed by watching videos that are dedicated to aiding beginners. Here are the 10 best YouTube channels to learn DevOps:

1. Bret Fisher Docker and DevOps

Bret Fisher is a DevOps consultancy and teaches DevOps courses on Udemy. He is a freelancer based in Virginia Beach, VA. The YouTube channel aims to provide a fun way for beginners to learn about DevOps.

For the advanced students and learners, the channels have tutorials on dockers and Kubernetes to teach the proper usage of these deployment tools. The channel also contains discussions covering topics like DevOps, containers, cloud, etc. where the panelists range from developers to sysadmins.

Some of the popular YouTube videos and playlists are:

  1. DevOps Basics
  2. DevOps and Docker Clips
  3. GitHub DevOps Automation

Joined YouTube: November 2018

Active Subscribers: 32.9K

2. TechWorld with Nana

Nana Janashia started with a business background but switched to IT while studying in Austria. She worked as a games developer and a software developer before embarking on a project that made her delve deeper into the DevOps world. With her experience in the k8s cluster, she was tasked with the development and deployment of software for a giant Austrian telecommunication company.

The YouTube channel covers everything from basic DevOps to deployment tools like Jenkins, Kubernetes, etc. The channel also provides Python tutorials for people looking to learn coding language and DevOps at the same time.

Some of the popular YouTube videos and playlists are:

  1. DevOps Concepts Explained
  2. DevOps Tool of the Month
  3. DevOps Bootcamp

Joined YouTube: October 2019

Active Subscribers: 565K

3. Stephane Maarek

An AWS-certified cloud practitioner and solutions developer, Stephane Maarek provides tutorials that range from basics like protocol buffer courses to advanced guidance that can help others achieve the AWS certification and gain worldwide recognition. The channel deals with topics like  Apache Kafka, gRPC, and AWS Cloud along with DevOps tutorials.

The channel founder is a certified DevOps consultant and also has courses developed on Udemy on all the above-mentioned topics.

Some of the popular YouTube videos and playlists are:

  1. AWS Certified DevOps Engineering
  2. What is CICD?
  3. Kafka Connect Concepts Deep Dive – Connectors, Configuration, Tasks, Workers

Joined YouTube: January 2011

Active Subscribers: 69.9K

4. KodeKloud

Founded by Mumshad Mannambeth, the channel aims to simplify complex DevOps topics to help beginners have a better grasp of the subject. To make the topics interesting and help the concepts be memorized better, the channel and the course developers use games to train the learners about the basics and the DevOps tools that are essential for maintaining the software lifecycle.

The channel founder also curated courses that can be found on the website. These courses cover more detailed discussions on more advanced topics. The topics that are covered by the channel include Introduction to Docker, Kubernetes architecture, installing Kubernetes, GitLab, etc.

Some of the popular YouTube videos and playlists are:

  1. DevOps Pre-requisites
  2. Docker for The Absolute Beginner
  3. What is Git? | GIT Basics for DevOps Beginners | KodeKloud

Joined YouTube: December 2006

Active Subscribers: 118K

5. Hitesh Choudhary

Founded by Hitesh, the channel deal with everything related to becoming a DevOps engineer. The channel founder is a programmer and loves to teach others coding and the basics of every DevOps-related topic to help learners become an expert in the field.

Apart from DevOps, the channel also teaches basic coding languages like C++ and Python. Learners looking for tutorials related to software development, Javascript courses, and machine learning will also find relevant videos for the said topics. Hitesh also conducts live sessions and communicates with his followers and learners to help clear their doubts.

Some of the popular YouTube videos and playlists are:

  1. Docker for beginners
  2. What is DevOps? Easy way
  3. AWS Architect for real world | LearnCodeOnline

Joined YouTube: October 2011

Active Subscribers: 720K

6. Simplilearn

Hailed as one of the best online platforms for learning the basics of programming and software development, Simplilearn offers a plethora of courses on various topics that can be suited for all levels of learning. The tutorials present in the channel cover basic concepts like defining DevOps to complex subjects like proper deployment techniques and correct usage of AWS tools.

Simplilearn also has a website that offers both paid and free courses on various topics like machine learning, cloud computing, Big Data, cyber security, etc. all the tutorials are conducted by industry experts and learners gather both theoretical and practical application knowledge through these tutorials.

Some of the popular YouTube videos and playlists are:

  1. DevOps Tutorial For Beginners
  2. AWS Tutorial Videos For Beginners
  3. Introduction To DevOps

Joined YouTube: October 2009

Active Subscribers: 2.19 Million

7. Jeff Geerling

Based in St. Louis, MO, Jeff Geerling is a software developer and provides many free tutorials and open source projects that help learners to begin their journey into the software development and DevOps engineering world. The channel provides detailed tutorials on almost every topic conceivable.

Be it Raspberry Pi, K8S, Ansible, or anything tech-related, all topics are covered in detail and certain DIY projects are also shared for learners to get the concept clearly via practical applications.

Some of the popular YouTube videos and playlists are:

  1. Kubernetes 101
  2. Ansible 101 – Episode 1 – Introduction to Ansible
  3. Top 10 Raspberry Pi Projects for 2022

Joined YouTube: June 2006

Active Subscribers: 346K

8. freeCodeCamp.org

Another massively popular YouTube channel, FreeCodeCamp offers Bootcamp courses and learning material tutorials on anything related to software, programming,  and tech. Being completely free, the courses cover detailed and curriculum-based material that is fit for beginners.

But, people who already know DevOps are also taken into consideration and advanced courses are provided by the channel.

The topics covered range from basic programming languages to complex projects that built tech devices from scratch.  Some of the most popular topics apart from DevOps are Javascript tutorial courses, Machine Learning courses, Python Automate projects, and building a Chrome extension for beginners.

Some of the popular YouTube videos and playlists are:

  1. DevOps Engineering Course for Beginners
  2. DevOps Prerequisites Course
  3. Docker Tutorial for Beginners

Joined YouTube: December 2014

Active Subscribers: 5.86 Million

9. tutoriaLinux

Founded by Dave Cohen who is a professional DevOps engineer with over a decade worth of experience, the channel was initially developed as a guide for his friend to help the friend learn technology and engineering.

Being a DevOps engineer with experience filling various roles within this scope of work, the channel primarily focuses on everything related to DevOps—from software development to deployment and feedback generation.

The majority of the topics covered are DevOps, Python,  Kubernetes, Terraform, Linus, and Git. All the tutorials cover everything from basics for beginners to detailed practical courses for advanced learners.

Some of the popular YouTube videos and playlists are:

  1. A Day in the Life of a DevOps Engineer
  2. DevOps Resume Projects
  3. Kubernetes

Joined YouTube: March 2014

Active Subscribers: 191K

10. Cloud Advocate

Founded by Krishna Gadhiraju who has been associated with cloud technology since 2013, the channel provides tutorials on DevOps and AWS architecture. He is a DevSecOps Expert and AWS & GCP Architect by profession, he shares his passion for creating projects and deploying software on YouTube to help others know more about DevOps.

The channel also covers basic questions related to cloud technology and DevOps along with pipeline projects that will help learners to get practical applications on the things they have learned.

Some of the popular YouTube videos and playlists are:

  1. Is Coding a requirement for DevOps?
  2. Google Kubernetes Engine
  3. Learn DevOps

Joined YouTube: July 2019

Active Subscribers: 125K

Wrapping Up

DevOps is a budding career with good pay. Whether you are a beginner who wants to learn DevOps and cloud technology from scratch or looking to change your career track to becoming an IT professional with a DevOps specialty, these YouTube channels offer the perfect tutorials for all to pursue. You can go through our DevOps community for more details about this skill.

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