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10+ Best YouTube Channels To Learn Node.js

The digital era of today poses many challenges before us.

Continuous learning and upskilling ourselves to stay relevant in the market have become mandatory today. YouTube is one of the many free learning resources available today that helps us learn new skills effortlessly and that too without charging any money directly

Node.js today, without a second opinion, has proven to be one of the mandatory tech skills for any web developer. Node.js helps developers create server-side web applications.

Why Node JS Is An Important Skill?

Let’s understand the importance of node.js in today’s scenario. And then, we will have a look at the best YouTube channels to learn node.js.

1. Saves time

Node.js saves you time. 50,000+ bundles are available with Node.js, allowing the developers to import any package at any given time based on its required usefulness.

2. Runs fast and quickly execution

Being built on Google Chrome’s V8 engine, Node.js runs and executes quickly.

3. Asynchronous nature

The asynchronous nature of Node.js means it is entirely non-blocking. Node.js is vital to building data-intensive and real-time web applications since it does not require waiting for any API to return data.

4. Reduced loading time for audio or video

Node.js helps ensure ideal synchronization between the client and server code due to the same code base. It significantly reduces the loading time for audio or video.

5. A JavaScript framework

JavaScript makes the web page interesting by adding dynamism to the web objects. Node.js is an open-source JavaScript framework. So developers already using JavaScript can use Node.js easily.

6. Huge demand for Node.js developers

Netflix, PayPal, Trello, LinkedIn, and many other large organizations use Node.js. So any candidate with Node.js expertise has the potential to join such big companies and make a decent career.

7. Decent salary

According to Indeed.com, the average salary of a Node.js developer falls between $81,088 and $1,32,138.

Best Node JS-Related YouTube Channels

Let’s now dive in to look at the list of YouTube channels where you can start learning Node.js:

1. Academind

Maximilian Schwarzmüller and Manuel Lorenz founded this channel to impart web technology training to students worldwide. Here, you can train yourself in front- and backend web development, coding, data science, and programming.

This channel offers free training in Node.js that lasts for about 2 hours. Some of the most popular YouTube videos on this channel are:

You can also opt for a premium membership at $249 per year and $25 per month, allowing you to access all the existing and future courses.

Joined YouTube: Dec 4, 2015

Active Users: 867K

2. Edureka

Edureka is not new to web technology training aspirants. Edureka offers Node.js training for both beginners and professionals. The Node.js tutorial for beginners is about 7 hours long.

Some of the most popular YouTube videos on this channel are:

Edureka offers a paid Node.js certification training course. The course aligns with current trends, has the accreditation of NASSCOM, and has the approval of the Government of India.

Joined YouTube: Jun 29, 2012

Active Users: 3.75M

3. Intellipaat

Intellipaat provides online professional training on a global level. The courses from Intellipaat are the most updated and designed as per industry requirements.

Some of the most popular YouTube videos on this channel are:

Joined YouTube: Jan 24, 2013

Active Users: 1.67M

4. freeCodeCamp.org

As the name suggests, the channel offers free courses for coding in different languages. It has earned itself a reputation in the online training domain as one of the leading institutes providing quality education in coding.

Some of the most popular YouTube videos on this channel are:

The course is comprehensive, offering you the chance to learn the fundamentals of node.js and later be able to deal with more complex levels.

Joined Youtube: Dec 17, 2014

Active Users: 7.58M

5. Programming with Mosh

Founded by Mosh Hamedani, the channel provides programming language training using a simple and friendly approach. Mosh ensures his training is concise and free of complex jargon. He backs up his training with real-world examples, helping the students understand better.

Some of the most popular YouTube videos on this channel are:

You earn a certificate once you complete the paid course, which costs $10.

Joined YouTube: Oct 7, 2014

Active Users: 3.24M

6. ProgrammingKnowledge

ProgrammingKnowledge is another channel that provides training in Node.js and other coding languages. The free course on Node.js is around 4 hours long.

Some of the most popular YouTube videos on this channel are:

The course is capable enough to start working with Node.js effortlessly.

Joined YouTube: Mar 26, 2012

Active Users: 1.65M

7. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is one of the leading training institutes conducting online bootcamps to help students learn career-oriented skills. The channel boasts a strength of 2000 online trainers and, to date, has trained over 3,000,000 professionals.

Some of the most popular YouTube videos on this channel are:

The above course is ideal for beginners and professionals alike. It covers the required topics and provides hands-on demos for Node.js for better explanation.

Joined YouTube: Oct 29, 2009

Active Users: 2.96M

8. Traversy Media

Traversy Media offers training in web development and tutorials. The channel provides training in both frontend frameworks and backend technologies.

To help students learn Node.js the team has designed a crash course on Node.js which you can complete within a few days.

Some of the most popular YouTube videos on this channel are:

The course helps you explore the basics of Node.js, and you will learn to create an HTTP server from scratch.

Joined YouTube: Oct 31, 2009

Active Users: 2.06M

9. Telusko

Navin Reddy, a developer, corporate trainer, and now a YouTuber, manages this channel named Telusko. He develops tutorials for various programming languages for beginners and advanced users.

Some of the most popular YouTube videos on this channel are:

Joined YouTube: Apr 29, 2014

Active Users: 1.97M

10. thenewboston

thenewboston is a great YouTube channel for learning several skills and we have listed it quite a few times on our website. Here, you will find a massive amount of computer-related tutorials. The channel offers free training on Node.js for beginners to start with the skill.

Some of the most popular YouTube videos on this channel related to Node.js are:

The course helps you become familiar with installing Node.js on Windows and Mac, the basic concepts of Node.js, modules, creating a basic server, handling user requests, and many other topics that enable you to start working with Node.js like a pro.

Joined YouTube: Feb 4, 2008

Active Users: 2.66M


Node.js has gained immense popularity in the web development domain. It helps you build fast, scalable network applications. It effortlessly handles a large number of connections with high output, which is equivalent to high scalability.

Gaining expertise with Node.js helps you open vast doors to enter the best professional organization, as most tech companies have embraced Node.js technology.

Most of the above channels have free training on Node.js. They also offer in-depth training, which is chargeable. If we look at the current scenario, the fee structure looks minimal, when compared to the demand for Node.js developers.

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