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Top 10 Tech Skills In Demand For Career 2024[Updated]

Are you a college student and want to learn some skills?

Are you a working employee and want to switch your field?

Or you just want to get knowledge about different Tech Skills in Demand for 2023.

Then this post is definitely for you and catered to answer all your questions. When it all comes to choosing a field we get confused as there are so many technologies out there.

According to LinkedIn’s Blog by Paul Petrone, there are around 50,000 professional skill. You can’t learn them all at once or in your career duration. So it is important to know about each and every skill and whether to go for one or not.

And when it is related to your career and the life ahead it is obvious to move steadily. Go with a Technical skill that you are comfortable with and is in demand for career opportunities.

In this article we will be knowing about the Top 10 Tech Skills that are in demand in 2024 and their demand is going to increase further.

1. Artificial Intelligence

If you are already in the field of Computer Science then this term is not new for you. Artificial Intelligence is all over the Internet and tech people are so much into its popularity.

It is the intelligence developed by machines after getting trained on data sets. AI could be used to make better decisions and the outcomes could be optimized as per the needs. Technology is proving itself in every field and people all over the world are using this technology.

Companies like Google, Instagram, Facebook, Uber, etc. are using AI to build better applications. This puts the field and its knowledge in demand as you will be working on advanced future projects.

You will need multiple skills to move into the field of Artificial Intelligence. All the base skills could also be used to get career opportunities like Data Science, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, etc.

Some Popular Artificial Intelligence Courses:

You might need other basic skills before moving into the field of Artificial Intelligence.

2. Cloud Computing

There was a time when companies were fearing to move their data onto third-party servers. It has been years now more and more companies are moving all their data to cloud storage.

Cloud computing allows companies to provide portability to their data services. The infrastructure is much more reliable and robust than traditional storage architecture.

Microsoft, Amazon, and Google Cloud are some of the most popular cloud service providers. They provide Cloud storage, Architecture, Networking, Maintenance, etc. For these services, all the companies require Cloud Specialists or Engineers who build and deploy cloud applications.

The field is seeing a huge surge in demand for cloud engineers. If you are looking for a new skill to learn then you can choose to work as a Cloud Engineer.

Some of the Popular Cloud Computing Courses:

3. Web Applications Development

We have seen the mobile application market growing day by day. Mobile applications are not suitable for every type of business or requirement.

Developers are now moving more and more to build web-based applications. These applications could be easily deployed onto the web servers and can be used directly on the websites. Web applications are as effective as Android or iOS applications.

Python and Django are mostly used to build web-based applications as they are easy to work with. Python provides thousands of libraries to effectively build robust applications easily. We have already written an article about Tech companies using Python language as their main development language.

So there are more than enough opportunities in Web Applications Development with Python and Django.

Some Resources for Learning Python and Django:

4. Mobile Application Development

Although mobile applications are not suitable for all business houses it is still very much needed. Companies like Uber, Swiggy, Zomato, Facebook, YouTube, etc depend so much on Mobile Applications.

There are around 3 billion smartphone users in the world right now. This shows how vast is the scope of Mobile Application Development. There are various technologies that need to be learned and practiced in order to work as a Mobile Apps Developer.

These skills include Java, Swift, Flutter, etc and you can build applications for Android and iOS. App Developers take a huge sum of salary packages so you don’t need to worry about your earnings.

Some Mobile Application Development Courses:

5. Digital Marketing/SEO/SEM

After building an application or website for a business the next step is to promote it. Companies spend millions of dollars on the promotion and marketing of their products and services.

Digital Marketing includes techniques and step-by-step strategies to create a market for any product/service. Every business either big or small depends largely on marketing techniques to reach its customers.

Due to increasing demands in promoting online content and competition, Digital Marketers are highly paid. You just need enough skills and experience to earn a good salary package. Even as a fresher, you will not regret becoming a Digital Marketing person.

Some Popular Courses for Digital Marketing:

6. Data Science with Python or R

Data is everywhere and we are covered all over by it. Every day using mobiles, and laptops we are creating tons of data and information. All this information is stored in servers all around the world.

Raw data collected from apps, websites, and machines are of no proper use. A Data Scientist helps companies to bring out important information from this raw data. By applying various functions and algorithms this data could help in making important business decisions.

Not only does the Data Scientist take out important information but he/she also can visualize it. This way it can be used to predict future outcomes based on patterns and classifications. The Data Science field is growing at a very fast pace and the career opportunities in this field are very much high. The average salary of a Data Scientist in India is around 6 lac per annum.

Some Important Resources for Learning Data Science:

7. User Interface Designing

Time has changed and so as the preferences of people. Earlier a simple application or website with good content was enough for the audience. But now people prefer a better design with a good user experience involved.

Lots and lots of technologies are coming in to provide better structure, design, and appearance to user applications. There are various design systems including Material Design, Fluent, and Atlassian Design.
All these designs are mastered by UI/UX designers and are used as per requirements.

Web designing has seen a lot of changes in the past years. Material designs have changed how people interact with static design. The need for UI/UX designers is increasing day by day with the introduction of new design systems.

This makes it an important Tech Skill to learn. If you are into the designing world and love to design elements then you can make a career in this field.

Some UI/UX Design Courses to Choose from:

8.Ā  Network Security/ Cyber Security

With so much information traveling all over networks, it needs to be secured. Companies are very much concerned about data security and data leak protection in the year 2023.

A data breach can cost millions of dollars to the company and the customer trust will be broken. Thus any business either big or small takes utmost care to secure its network services. For this purpose, companies hire Network Security Engineers or Cyber Security experts.

There are various career opportunities in the field of Cyber Security. As the field is not that promoted there is a lack of people aware of it. So you can easily get a good job after completing your training.

Some popular Cyber Security Courses:

9. Machine Learning with Python or R language

Machine learning is the basis for getting into the field of Artificial Intelligence. It is the process of training machine algorithms. It allows machines to perform specific tasks without any dependency on human beings.

Machine algorithms are trained on patterns and data sets to have knowledge of specific tasks. This field has seen exponential growth as most companies are getting into the pace of automation.

It is still a field of research and people are just finding new works that could be done by Machine Learning. Recently a Machine Learning algorithm with AI was able to make scientific discoveries that even humans were missing. It is among the top skills for 2023.

The learning path of Machine Learning will be:

  1. Maths and Statistics Concepts
  2. Learning a Programming Language
  3. Dealing with Database
  4. Learning Machine Learning Algorithms
  5. Having Knowledge of Libraries
  6. Deep Learning
  7. Learn to Handle Visualization tools
  8. Getting into Artificial Intelligence

Some important Resources for Machine Learning:

10. Graphic Designing and Animation

On top of everything that we have mentioned in the list is Graphics designing. For every business, Graphics are important factors to get ahead. It could be the Brand logo, Social media postings, Promotional Banners, Branding Materials, and many more things.

The market for Graphics Designers and Animators is too big and too few people are good at it. If you are good at imagination and at designing things then you can enter into the field to learn the fundamentals.

Animations are generally used for creating promotional videos for brands. You might have seen animating video ads on YouTube and Facebook. Animators create these all.

Courses you can take to learn Graphic Designing:

So here comes an end to the list of top 10 tech skills for the year 2024. We hope that it will help you to select the skill for your career.

Do share your feedback in the comment section and stay tuned for future posts.

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