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How to Work For Yelp And Get Paid For Removing Spam Comments

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Recently, you might have noticed many TikTok videos and Instagram reels talking about how you can earn $769.23 or even $1000 a week by removing spam or promotional comments from Yelp.

Many people are wondering if this is a genuine work opportunity or not.

It may sound too good to be true. But

Yes, it is a real opportunity! 

Yelp is offering a job opportunity for the position of Users Operations Associate in content moderation. Seems like a great opportunity, and you might be thinking about applying ASAP.

But wait!

Before you apply, here are a few things you should know.

What is Yelp?

Yelp is a popular website and mobile app that provides crowd-sourced reviews for local businesses. You can find reviews and recommendations for shopping, restaurants, entertainment, nightlife, salons, and hotels.

Yelp has become a go-to destination for users to go and check the reputation of a business before doing any transaction with them. It has also helped decent businesses to attract a good following with positive reviews.

Yelp’s Battle Against Spam

Yelp’s top priority is to maintain the trust of the users by ensuring the quality of content on its platform. Their mission is to connect people with the best local businesses by providing genuine and unbiased reviews.

However, they still have to deal with spam in the form of user-generated content and photos uploaded on the website.

They work hard to ensure the source of information is trustworthy, and the information is reliable. To do that, they have to get rid of two types of photo content spam –

  1. Promotional Content
  2. Inappropriate Spam

More About the Yelp Removing Spam Comments Job

As thousands of reviews and photos are uploaded on Yelp every day, it becomes quite hard to maintain the quality of the content available. Therefore, Yelp takes safety measures strictly to filter unwanted content.

They also have an RTP (Review Then Publish) moderation workflow. That’s where your expertise comes in. A moderator’s job is to manually review the flagged content on Yelp and choose to make it public or remove it from the platform.

Responsibilities For Spam Comment Moderators

As a content moderator for Yelp, you will be responsible for removing spam comments, moderating the comment section, and ensuring that all the comments align with Yelp’s mission.

Yelp’s content moderation team is responsible for analyzing reviews, images, and user-provided information about different businesses to check their authenticity and whether or not they meet Yelp’s guidelines.

You will also review the content reported by users and business owners on the platform. This content may include reviews, photos, and profiles. You will be responsible for informing the users regarding the final decision made by you after implementing Yelp’s policies and guidelines.

Benefits For You As A Spam Comment Moderator

This is an easy job that offers multiple benefits, such as –

  • It is a remote job. So, people who cannot travel due to any reason can take this job.
  • You do not need to learn any advanced skills for this job. People with a basic understanding of the internet can do this job. You must be able to understand if something looks fishy or inappropriate.
  • The pay is decent and it is a good amount considering the job is relatively easy.

How to Apply As Yelp’s Spam Moderator

You can visit the job link mentioned at the bottom to apply.

On the job page, click on Apply, and it will take you to the application page.

You can choose to apply via LinkedIn, which will fill in all your details automatically from your LinkedIn profile.

Or, you can fill in the details manually.

Just make sure that you have your cover letter and resume prepared in advance before applying.

The application form contains a few easy questions that you can answer and then submit your application for review by Yelp.

We recommend you apply ASAP as it is a great opportunity, and might not be available for a long time.

Job apply link – Yelp

You can also check out their career page for more such job openings.

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  1. Hi there I did like to apply this job. is there a way so that i can get some links? or when will this job be avalaible again? thanks

  2. I took a proofreading course about a year ago, and have a good idea what a person can see as spam, or unnecessary mentioned in any written article or comment that has been published, and that needs to be removed.


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