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Top 10 Marketing Podcasts You Will Want to Follow In 2024 [Updated]

Every marketing folks know how important it is to stay updated with the latest marketing trends, updates, and strategies.

And, one of the reliable sources to get expert insights, trend updates on marketing is podcasts. People were slow to accept Podcasts as a learning channel but now things have been changing for good.

If you will look at the stats provided by Convince and Convert then Podcast Listeners Have Grown 29.5% in the 3 Years.

But the truth is:

There are so many podcasts out there in the marketing space. So knowing which podcasts are valuable enough to follow is pretty challenging.

If you’re looking to find the top marketing podcasts that make you stand apart, then you’ll find this guide useful.

These podcasts will not only help you to learn digital marketing for free but also the fundamentals of marketing. It takes a great understanding of the marketing fundamentals, concepts, and techniques to market products or services in the best possible way.

Through this article, we want to help you find the top marketing podcasts that you‘ll want to follow in 2022. Make sure to go through them, listen to some of their episodes, and then join the ones that suit you the best.

Let’s get started.

[Note: the order of these podcasts isn’t based on any ranking]

Top Marketing Podcasts 2024

️ 1. Marketing Schools

Run By: Neil Patel & Eric Siu

No. of episodes: 1716*

Topics covered: Blogging, SEO, Marketing, PPC, Affiliate marketing, Online business, Influencer marketing.

Who should follow this podcast:

Neil Patel and Eric Siu both are experienced and skilled online marketers and running this podcast show since 2016. If you’re into blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing then this is a no-brainer option as every episode comes with short and valuable insights.

Listen from the website
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️ 2. Content Inc

> Run By: Joe Pulizzi

> #No. of episodes: 275*

> Topics covered: Content marketing, content entrepreneurship, building an online business

> Who should follow this podcast:

Almost every content marketing folk will appreciate the influence that Joe Pulizzi had on the content marketing community. Joe Pulizzi shares his wisdom from founding the world’s first content marketing resource center (ContentMarketingInstitute.com) to building a platform to turn content creators into content entrepreneurs (thetilt.com).

Every week you get 5-10 minutes of short podcast episodes that come with one simple piece of advice for content marketers that makes it one of the most popular podcasts in the content marketing field.

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️ 3. Search News You Can Use

Run By: Marie Haynes

No. of episodes: 180*

Topics covered: Learn SEO for Free, Google updates, Google algorithm changes

Who should follow this podcast:

Instead of covering the entire marketing topic, this SEO podcast is specifically dedicated to SEO professionals. This is a weekly podcast and each episode breaks down Google’s latest updates, algorithm changes. If you’re an SEO guy and don’t want to stay behind the competition, then this is the podcast you should be looking for.

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️ 4. Marketing O’Clock

> Run By: Greg Finn, Jessica Budde, Christine “Shep” Zirnheld, Mark Saltarelli

> #No. of episodes: 172*

> Topics covered: Digital marketing, SEO, Podcasts, social media marketing.

> Who should follow this podcast:

Marketing O’Clock is a part of Search Engine Journal and featured as the best marketing podcast by Ahrefs, Marketing Land, etc. This is a weekly marketing podcast that shares insights on the latest, trending marketing updates. Since marketing platforms and techniques are constantly updating, this weekly podcast may add a lot of value to you by bringing the most important news from SEO, PPC, SMM industries.

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️ 5. This Old Marketing

Run By: Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose

No. of episodes: 268*

Topics covered: Marketing, media, PR, content marketing, marketing case studies

Who should follow this podcast:

The combination of Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi surely makes this one of the most entertaining podcasts along with education.

Every week they publish a new episode with lots of marketing insights and interesting case studies.

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️ 6. Social Media Marketing Talk Show

Run By: Michael Stelzner

No. of episodes: 455*

Topics covered: Social media marketing

Who should follow this podcast:

This weekly audio podcast shares the latest updates and expert insights that will make you a better social media marketer. Whether you want SMM tips, strategies, and advice, or the latest news, trends you’ll find this podcast beneficial.

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️ 7. Everyone Hates Marketers

Run By: Louis Grenier

No. of episodes: NA

Topics covered: Building a business, marketing, marketing experts’ interviews

Who should follow this podcast:

‘Everyone Hates Marketers’ is a no-bullshit podcast that shares actionable insights from marketing experts that help you build a better business and excel in your marketing skills. Most of all, the host, Louis Grenier, interviews successful marketing entrepreneurs to get the secrets and strategies behind their success.

Hiten Shah, Peep Laja, and Seth Godin are a few of the hosts he has interviewed so far.

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️ 8. Niche Pursuits

Run By: Spencer Haws

No. of episodes: 215*

Topics covered: Blogging, website flipping, affiliate marketing, content strategy, SEO

Who should follow this podcast:

Spencer Haws, the host of this podcast, also founded LongTailPro, a keyword research tool. His podcast ‘Niche Pursuits’ has lots of episodes on blogging, affiliate marketing, and website flipping case studies.

Not only in the podcast segments but also in any form of content, Niche Pursuits provides some of the best, insightful content on the web.

This is a must for someone who is trying to build and sell a website and earn extra from affiliate marketing or blogging.

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️ 9. The Business of Content

Run By: Simon Owens

No. of episodes: 104*

Topics covered: Online business, newsletter as a business, content strategy, marketing case studies

Who should follow this podcast:

Nowadays every content creator focuses on building and monetizing the audience using content. If you’re also one of them the podcast series from the business of content will teach you how to do that. For free, you get some amazing interviews with successful entrepreneurs like Sam Perr, founder of TheHustle.

Listen from his YouTube channel
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️ 10. The Authority Hacker

Run By: Gael Breton and Mark Webster

No. of episodes: 256*

Topics covered: SEO, email marketing, blogging, online business, influencer marketing, Digital PR, etc.

Who should follow this podcast:

Here’s what Tim Soulo (CMO @ Ahrefs) says about the Authority Hacker podcast:

“Far too many marketing ‘experts’ give advice while never actually trying it themselves. 

That’s why I love Gael & Mark from Authority Hacker. They never talk about things that they THINK will work. They only talk about things that they’ve tried, so they KNOW it works.”

This podcast should be on your list if you want to level up your affiliate marketing, blogging, or SEO game as they share in-depth strategies and advice.

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Final Words

This was the list of some of the hand-picked and best marketing podcasts for the year 2022. But do you need to follow every podcast mentioned in this list?

Probably not.

Instead, prioritize them and follow the most relevant first.

So start exploring and sharpening your knowledge and skills with these podcasts.

Happy learning 🙂

Author Bio: Sk Rafiqul Islam is a content marketer and growth partner of HashTag Magazine, who has worked with small-to-medium-sized businesses to grow their audience and generate more leads. He also runs a Content Marketing VIP, a content marketing newsletter that shares actionable insights every Monday.

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