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MongoDB University | Learn MongoDB For Free

So, You are someone who wants to learn MongoDb.

And you have heard a lot about MongoDB University and wanted to have an overview of the platform. Then don’t worry as we have got this article just for you.

In this article we will be sharing some of the best courses from MongoDB University. Students can enroll in these courses and start learning for free. Even if you are someone who have never heard about MongoDB you will be knowing all about it today.

We will be covering all the things in step wise manner so that it can help both the beginners and intermediates. So let’s get started with the basic question for those who are hearing the term MongoDB for the first time.

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a NoSQL , Open Source, Cross Platform, Document Oriented database system. It stores all the data elements in key-value pairs. It is different from the traditional database systems which stored data in row-column or tabular form.

More and more companies are adapting the MongoDb architecture as it provides a scalable database. Also the performance from MongoDb is quite better as compared with traditional approaches which were not able to store object functions directly.

As MongoDb Allows the storage of object function directly it lets developers create robust applications. And if you are still confused about the word NoSQL then it is a database that is mainly used to store unstructured data.

What is MongoDB University?

MongoDb University is the official platform from MongoDB providing free online learning resources for the same. Amazing thing about the university is that all the training material is available for free. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced level developer they have got free courses for you to learn.

All the courses are taught by MongoDB Inc. engineers who are subject experts. So, you don’t need to worry about the quality of information that you will be getting. The courses are divided into different levels based on the knowledge of learners.

You just need to Register on MongoDb University and you are good to go with the learning paths. Below are the learning paths that they offer for the students:

Developer Learning Path

This learning path is specially created for developers who want to learn MongoDB. You will be starting with the basic fundamentals and then will be building and deploying applications. Other included steps will be to set up a servers, analyzing data with aggregation framework, building your first app with Python or Java and then optimizing the performance of your app.

The courses included in this learning path are:

  • MongoDB Basics
  • Basic Cluster Administration
  • Aggregation Framework
  • MongoDB for Developers
  • Analyzing Performance
  • Data Modeling

DBA Learning Path

This learning path is a bit different than the above one. It is designed by MongoDB University for Database Administrators who want to deploy modern applications and then later administer them. They have created a curriculum to help the learners become an expert Database Administrators.

Here are the courses included in this learning path:

  • MongoDB Basics
  • Basic Cluster Administration
  • Performance Optimizing
  • MongoDB Security
  • Diagnostic and Debugging

How Do I Become MongoDB Certified?

There are mainly three steps in becoming a MongoDB Certified Professional.  Firstly you will need to learn the database system from the University provided courses. Then  you should be studying and preparing for the Certification Exam. The University has provided multiple resources for the preparation of Certification program.

You can find them here and here.

After completing the learning process you are ready to register yourself for the certification exam. The certification exam is not free and you will have to pay a fees to get registered for the exam.

There are mainly two certification programs as mentioned below:

C100DBA: MongoDB Certified DBA Associate Exam

This exam is for the administrators having knowledge of all the major concepts of MongoDB. You should be having enough understanding of the concepts and basic fundamentals before taking the exam. You can go through the courses and guide from MongoDB University that we mentioned above.

Required topics for the exam are: Philosophy & Features, CRUD, Indexing, Replication, Sharding, Application Administration, Server Administration and General IT Knowledge.

Some important Exam guidelines are as below:

  • The exam will be delivered by an online platform
  • Students will have 90 minutes to complete the exam,
  • Multiple Choice Questions will be there
  • No negative marking for wrong answers
  • Price for the certificate is 150 USD.

C100DEV MongoDb Certified Developer Associate Exam

This certificate exam is for individuals having enough knowledge of designing and building applications. This certification exam is not for beginners but professionals who have got some working experience on MongoDB.

Required topics for the exam are: Philosophy and Features of MongoDB, CRUD, Data Modeling, Indexing and Performance, Aggregation, Replication, Sharding and also some General IT Knowledge.

Some important guidelines for this exam are:

  • The exam will be taken through an online platform
  • Students will be getting 90 minutes for the exam
  • They will have to face multiple choice questions
  • No negative marking is their for wrong choices made
  • A working webcam and mic are also required
  • Price of the exam is 150 USD.

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