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5 Questions About College Placements That Every Student Asks

Choosing a college after completion of your schooling is a tedious task. While choosing the college students often look for one having good placement options. Many of them even promote the college with 100 Percent Placements offered.

The confusion never ends just at taking the admissions. After going through all the years of learning and examinations there comes College Placements.

Every student dreams of being placed in the best Organization with Higher packages. Most of them even get those lucrative packages and positions in Multi-National Companies. Some choose off-campus interviews and placement options to be better alternatives.

Students do get confused with all these companies and opportunities coming to them. So, here is an article with 5 most asked Questions about college placements. And obviously, these questions are general ones and so does the answers to them.

There is no perfect answer that suits every other person but you will surely get an overview. And we will try to make the answers as close to the point as possible.

Let’s get started with the list:

1. Are College Placements Worth My Time?

In recent years students have started asking about the credibility of College Placements. Reviews from senior students could be one of the reasons for this.

The answer to this question depends on many factors. These factors not only involve the company but you as an individual too. College Placements are a good way of starting your career right after your college degree.

Companies are hiring good students at even higher packages than their off-campus interviews. The reputation of that company and the position they are providing should be considered before choosing the right one. Not every field has the same growth and opportunities.

Even if you are paid well at the start, you will face problems while switching jobs. So, they are worth only if a good company hires at some role that will help you build a better career.

2. Good Package Vs. Better Profile?

This is one of the most confusing decisions you will ever make. You might get a chance to clear two interviews one having a better package and the other having better roles and responsibilities.

We would always suggest you opt for better work responsibilities. You will regret the decision to go for the higher package after a year or two. If you are not learning something new every day at your job then it’s of no use.

And being a fresher you need to have so many things in your list out there. You will face a lot of problems while switching for a new job. Because al you did was waste time learning nothing new.

3. Does My Field of Work Matter?

The competition in the private sector is real. If you have not chosen your field of interest then you will surely suffer. Students are getting trained on different fields right from their schooling. So the coming generation is already targeting their field of interest and passion.

Your experience only matters when you have a specific work profile. So, deciding your interests before sitting for a college placement is always suggested. This way you will be able to better assess the organization for that specific profile.

Jobs are never a One Way Process. Organizations need a Better Employee and Vice Versa.

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4. Should I Go With a Company Having a Bond?

Bonds are applied by companies so that they do not waste money on training someone. It requires multiple resources for a company to train individuals. And what happens mostly is that the employees fly off after getting trained.

Thus companies prefer to bind them for a 1-3 year of bond. But being a fresher every student questions like “Should i Choose the company with a Bond?”

The answer to this might differ from person to person. We would hardly suggest anyone to join an organization having more than one year of bond. You will lose many opportunities by relying on just one organization for so long.

5. Which Company is The Best for College Placements?

This is such a vague doubt and is heard many times from students. No company is best suited for every other person. It depends on so many unstable factors that only you can decide.

Don’t go with an organization just because your friends are doing so. There are so many websites like Glassdoor, GeeksforGeeks, LinkedIn, etc. for checking out the reviews. You can even ask your doubts on Quora about any specific company and how well it can help you grow.

But obviously, for assessing them you will need to decide your field. Like some companies might be good for Software Engineers but not for Marketers or other profiles.

Move to their websites and check all the details, their projects, teams, etc. Note them all and then choose the one that is best for you.

Have Some Other Questions About College Placements?

These were some of the questions about college placements that are mostly asked. Feel free to ask questions in the comments if you have any. We will try to give you better views so that you can decide it.


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