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12 Things to Know Before Starting a YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second largest search engine after google. It has around 2 billion monthly active users.

That makes it an amazing platform to create content for. And that is the reason that around 400 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute.

Everyone starts creating content for YouTube to earn some passive income. Some people are professional YouTuber and are earning much money.

It might seem easy to earn money on YouTube but it isn’t. Like every other task it requires consistent hard-work and passion. In this article we will be looking at some important things that you should know before starting a YouTube channel.

So we should now move on to our tips:

1. Be Specific With Your Niche

Don’t start your channel until you have decided on your niche. It will give you much clarity about the type of content you need to create. I would suggest you to work on a specific niche at the beginning.

YouTube’s algorithm recommends your videos to people having interest in similar niche. If you are working on multiple domains then it might confuse the algorithm to decide on your channel’s content topic.

Like if you want to start a technology YouTube channel then decide the sub topics too. Many people are focusing on unboxing and testing gadgets. Some are focusing on ‘How To’ and tutorials.

2. Decide Your Channel’s Name

Next important thing with starting a YouTube channel is to decide a name. Don’t go with general names like Tech Sagar, Tech Funda, etc. Choose something unique that could help you make online presence.

Your name will also help you to get more exposure in YouTube search. Having a general name will reduce the chances to appear in searches even when someone write your complete channel name.

3. List Down the Requirements

There are no magic tricks involved in creating and uploading videos. You will have to take the responsibility of managing that. You will need multiple things including Camera, Editing Tools or other gears according to your niche.

List all of them and then surf the internet to get best deals and suggestions. Ask from your other people who are already running a YouTube channels about the best way to manage all these things.

“The most successful men work smart, not hard” ― Bangambiki Habyarimana,

4. Invest Money if it Requires

Don’t get scared of the word Investment as you hear. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars to get started with your YouTube channel.

For setting up things you might need some investment to be done. I would suggest you to think on it and make it clear that you really want to do it. Not everyone who starts a YouTube channel becomes successful. It will need all your focus and energy to get results.

If you are ready to give that efforts then go ahead and set up it to the best you can. Try to keep the expenses in your budget.

5. Be Ready With the Content

YouTube requires consistent material to be uploaded. We as a human being are not much consistent in our work. Soon as we some new opportunities we tend to move onto new things.

So, it is better to have at least 5 to 6 video ready to be published. This will also reduce the chances of yours to put down the idea of discontinuing the channel.

Every content creator would suggest you to upload one video daily for first 2-3 months. And to upload a video daily you need enough content created before hand.

6. Think About Branding

There was a time when no matter what you create you will get views and subscribers. Now, people have got choices to move on. There are hundreds of similar channels creating content regularly.

So, if you don’t have a unique identity on YouTube then you will suffer with competition. Branding makes it easy to retain viewers and also to get word of mouth promotion.

Start with choosing a color and then design Logo, Banners, Thumbnails, etc. You can use tools like Pixabay, Canva, etc to create amazing graphics.

7. Consistency is the Key

You might got fascinated with millions of views that some channels are getting. But stop for a second and look at their Channels’ start date. Almost every other channel that you will find would be a year old. Some are even ten years old.

This clearly shows that they are getting views and subscribers just because they are consistent. Uploading content regularly creates user flow and also builds trustful relation with your audience. People even wait for watching your videos while you upload them.

All this needs consistency in your work and schedule. Going off from your upload schedule might piss off many subscribers. Decide to be consistent before starting a YouTube channel.

8. Quality Versus Quantity

Every other new content creator is suggested to upload at least one video daily in the beginning. Even i would suggest you to do so.

But here is a catch to that thing as Quality of your videos matters more than the Quantity. Even if you will be uploading one video a week make sure that it is the best that you could create. YouTube is already filled with average videos and audience wants high quality engaging content.

9. Don’t Settle for Fake

You will come across people selling Likes, Views and Subscribers at dirt cheap rates. And everyone tries those things once in their YouTube journey. But i would suggest you to never ever buy these fake services.

YouTube’s algorithm uses artificial intelligence and Machine learning techniques. It can easily sense those fake subscribers and views which eventually could get your YouTube channel banned.

The only thing that matters is your Watch time and engagement that too from genuine sources. Buying likes and subscribers would only degrade your channel’s quality.

10. Start With Learning SEO

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and is the process of optimizing content according to Search Engine guidelines.

YouTube also works similar to a search engine. People write in their queries and the algorithm presents best suited video accordingly. For getting best out of YouTube you must learn the basics of YouTube SEO.

It includes keyword research, topic selection, using keywords, optimizing description and tags, etc. It will be easy to rank your YouTube videos after learning these important things.

11. Be Social – Starting YouTube Channel

For creating an audience that would support your channel you need to be social. It is good to start social media channels right from the beginning. Connect with your subscribers engage with them and build trust.

Not just connecting but you could share related content and graphics. Make content which people would love to share and in return you will get marketing.

A content calendar will hep you to manage all the social media channels. Social media will always help you in growing your channel effectively.

12. People Will Criticize

Just move on to any popular channel, play their videos and look for the comment section. You will see people criticizing the creator and spreading hate all over the comments.

Be ready to face that hate and no matter how good content you will create people will criticize. Some even go ahead and start abusing but you should learn to ignore bad things and learn from every criticism.

Never ever think to stop creating content just for those bad comments. Focus on what you are doing and continue to provide quality material.

These were some things that you should know before starting a YouTube channel. I hope you will get the best out of your efforts if you follow everything mentioned in this article.

Best of Luck 🙂

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