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18 Most Useless Websites To Have Some Fun

For all these years you might have searched on the Internet for best websites. No matter for which topic you are searching you always need the best resources for your queries. But not everything that is present on the web is useful.

Here in this article, we have curated some of the most useless websites.

And we can’t actually describe anything about them because they are so useless. They are only created for having fun and to kill some extra time.

We have gone through more than 100 useless websites and have chosen the best of them. The reason to choose only a few of them was that mostly the sites had nothing to show. Some were just having a simple text or a button. So we got you the interactive ones only.

They are not ranked as they have got nothing to be ranked for. Just putting them down one by one in a useless manner.

Caution: Some of these useless websites have flashy graphics so if you are sensitive to them then please don’t use them.

List of Most Useless Websites

1. Passive Aggressive Passwords

Every time when you create online accounts you are shown with some guidelines. Mostly they are about the use of capital letters, numbers, and special characters. But what if your In-laws are helping you with a password?

The website has a box where you test out your password. You will get harsh suggestions based on its strength. It is a good website to waste your 5 minutes.

Go to PAP

2. Tiny Tuba

It is another useless website doing nothing for its users. There is a Tiny Tuba(Musical instrument) at the center of its home page. It makes a weird noise when clicked and that’s it. We wish we could have described it a bit longer.

Go to Tuba

3. Bury Me With My Money

A person keeps on falling from above and dies. While dying he speaks just a few words “Bury Me With My Money”.
Keep on clicking to get more falling people with the same wish.

Go to BMWM 

4. Bees Bees Bees

The name says it all as the website is about Bees and Bees only. At the background of their homepage, they have placed a GIF image. It shows how a box is opened which had millions of bees. They then attack people in which some are crying and some are enjoying it.

This GIF keeps on playing again and again.

Go to Bees Bees Bees

5. Endless Horse

They just have got a character encoded horse on their homepage. The horse is endless for sure and you can scroll down infinitely but there is no end. You will not be able to reach the end as well as the conclusion of why such useless sites are created.

Go to the Endless Horse 

6. Every Day I’M

What are you doing every day?

The creator of this website might be Hustling every day. So there is just a word written at the center Hustlin’.
The background color is white at the beginning but if you will hover on the word it will change. Also you will hear a pleasant sound while hovering on to the word.

Kill Your 2 Minutes 

7. Random Colour

Nothing fancy or interactive in this website. You will be presented with a new background color every time you reload the page. Nothing more left to describe.

Watch Random Colours 

8. I Has a Bucket

This website is based on a popular Meme featuring a Walrus. It has got only two pictures. One shows a happy walrus having a bucket and others shown someone stealing that bucket. The walrus becomes helpless and is asking for help.

No Walrus Was Harmed While Creating This Website

Check the Bucket Out 


The website features three letters R, G and B. Yes it is about the color format RGB. On mouse hover the background color changes to the letter we are hovering on. You will also hear a robotic voice speaking up the letter.

Caution: Contains Flashy Colors

Move to the Color World 

10. Pointer Pointer

It is better than most of the sites we have already gone through. At least it is an interactive website that can make you think. They have collected hundreds of pictures depicting people pointing their fingers. The website will show the location of your cursor with the help of a random picture.

And yes the finger of a person pointing will always be at the right position of your cursor. Thus, it is really an interesting concept.

Find Your Pointer 

11. Corn Dog

Corn Dog is one of the most useless websites. Thousands of Corn Dogs floating on the screen in multiple directions.

Go to Corn Dog

12. Eyes Only

Does the name is providing any hint about the website?

It is all about eyes moving with your cursor. By clicking on the screen you can add more eyes. There is no limit and every set of eyes will follow the cursor movements. Fascinating, Isn’t it?

Caution: If you are sensitive to holes then please don’t proceed to the website.

Go to Eyes Only 

13. Patience is a Virtue

Patience is really a virtue that only a few people have. This website is good for testing your patience. The main element of the website keeps on loading and loading.

There is a surprise at the end of the loading time. Wait for it as only a few will get it. Best of Luck!

Check Your Patience 

14. Trash Loop

It is always good to throw away the trash in Dustbins. But what if the dustbin refuses to take in the trash?

There is a piece of paper lying on the floor. You can pick it and try to throw it in the dustbin. And see what happens next.

Try Trash Loop

15. Space is Cool

Just a simple website showing Earth’s rotation around the Sun and the moon. If you will take your cursor to the left, the rotation will slow down and vice versa. You will also see a parallax effect while moving the cursor. Good for wasting 2-3 minutes.

Go to Space

16. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

We don’t think you need a description for this website. Still, let us clear your doubts about this amazing website. There is a static background showing waves of the ocean. And there is a timer which is set for 2 minutes. You don’t have to touch the keyboard and the mouse and feel relaxed.

If you will touch the mouse or tap the keyboard the timer will be reset. So it’s good if you have 2 extra minutes for relaxing yourself. Make sure you keep yourself away from mouse and keyboards.

Go to Relax for 2 Minutes

17. Age Geek

This website could be taken as a motivation. It allows you to enter your age and then lets you discover what other people achieved at your age. Some may feel bad by knowing that others achieved so much at the same age.

But you can always take it as motivation that if they can do it why can’t you?

Check Out Age Geek 

18. Potato

You will be in love with Potatoes after browsing this website. Let us leave this as suspense for you to check out. Do comment down if you loved this one.

Go to Potato

So, here comes an end to the article about some of the most useless websites present on the web. We hope you will have a great laugh viewing all these websites. They are good to relax down your nerves for some time and enjoy the creativity (If Any).

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