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More Than 100 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

If you own a Blog you already know the importance of Blog traffic.People spend millions of dollars just to get enough people visit their blog. In the earlier years it was not that much hard to get traffic from organic ways. But as the competition on the Internet increase so as the fight to get enough web audience for each new blog.

Today in this post we will be looking at more than 100 ways for you to try. These ways will help you to increase your blog traffic.

This never happens with a blink of an eye and really takes much time. But its good to start applying these factors as soon as possible.

All the ways are divided into multiple sections accordingly. Lets get started:

Social Media Tips to Get More Traffic

1. Make your profiles on all leading Social Media Channels.

2. Create a Twitter profile and tweet all the latest posts with related hashtags and tagging people of that field.

3. Join the groups related to your topic on each of the Social Media Channel

4. Share all your new posts regularly on every platform.

5. There are multiple communities for content sharing, join them.

6. Do interact with your audience by having polls and competitions.

7. Take help from your relatives for sharing your posts.

8. Include the past blog posts while sharing the latest ones.

9. Upload pictures on sites like Pixabay and link back to your profile.

10. Try to promote the Facebook page for your blog with Facebook ads.

11. Other platforms like Instagram and twitter could also be promoted.

12. Search for question related to your niche and answer them on Quora to get high quality traffic.

13. Make blog on Quora and link that to your main blog. Write informative content.

14. You can create presentations and upload them to Slideshare to get traffic.

15. Make a group of people with same niche and share each other’s content on different platforms.

16. Tag people on your content everytime so that can like and share it.

17. Hire someone to promote your website through Google Adwords.

18. Create social posts on every festivals to get viral and have more likes and shares.

19. Share your blog posts regularly on Whatsapp groups.


Content Based Tips

1. Have quality in your content. Make sure you are providing enough value to your end audience.

2. Before writing the content read about the topic beforehand.

3. Install a comment plugin on your blog so that it is easy for people to comment.

4. Let people share your content with social media sharing icons on blog posts.

5. Ask for a feedback from your audience and reply as much comments possible.

6. Your article should have more than 1000 words as Search engine love articles with in-depth information.

7. Link other informative content on the Internet to help people know the content well.

8. Usually list posts are more attractive for audience. For example the post you are reading now.

9. Make a content calendar and update the blog as per schedule regularly.

10. Have contests on your blog and let more and more people share your posts for winning.

11. You can also give free stuff to people for sharing your content.

12. Create info-graphics, Videos, Presentations and share them across the Internet linking back your blog.

13. Create content on recent trending topics to get more shares and visitors.

14. Interview famous person in the same field as yours and let them share the post on their social channels. For example you could interview some famous person from Digital Marketing field.


SEO Based Tips

1. Always try to have a responsive theme for your website as more and more people are using mobiles to access websites.

2. The template should also be looking better to the users.

3. The blog structure should be easy to surf.

4. All the pages and links should be linked and updated regularly.

5. Submit the blog to Google – One of the most popular search engine.

6. Use platforms which can submit site to multiple search engines.

7. Comment with your blog on other blogs in same niche. But it should not look like spam. It will help you to Increase blog traffic too.

8. You can convert your posts into other formats and share them on specific websites like Docx or Scribe.

9. You can review products and services in your niche and then can ask the companies to share on their social handles.

10. Guest blogging is an efficient way to reach more people.

11. You can also have bloggers to write for your site.

12. You can use Quora to bring in more visitors to your blog. Write articles genuinely there.

13. Submit your blog to healthy Blog submission directories.

14. Add the blog to some famous social bookmarking websites.

15. Join communities like Indiblogger to have your blog reach more people.

16. Use Call to Action in your headlines so that people would love to click and read.

17. Indentation and Text formatting helps visitors to read and share your posts.

18. Never use ads that degrades user experience like popup and banner that covers up the screen.

19. Always proofread your posts before posting them online.

20. Encourage people to comment on your posts.

21. You can create your own RSS feed for blog and submit it to RSS directories.

22. Analyze your traffic with Google Analytics and focus on things that are bringing more traffic.

23. Use Google Trends to find topics that are trending and then create posts on the same.

24. Add images to the post and include alt text and caption so that they appear in Google Images.

25. Write a good search engine description for each post according to the focus keywords.

26. The URL of the blog post should contain your focus keyword.

27. Do not copy the post contents from any other blogs.


More Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

1. There are many websites which allow you to create your own forum. Create it.

2. Connect with influencers in your niche and ask them for guidance. This is a good way to increase blog traffic.

3. Develop a code for some applications and submit them to sites linking back to your blog.

4. Create themes and plugins for Blogger and WordPress and link to the blog.

5. You can organize events for the blogging community nearby.

6. Create your own Facebook group and help people with Blogging.

7. Create your subscriber list and send them regular email updates of your blog posts.

8. Use plugins like YoastSEO, RankMath to create content that Search Engines would love to rank.

9. Write a complete article for major problem in your niche. This article should contain all the details.

10. Combine two three base articles to create a Super Article with more than 5000 words.

11. Create Instagram profile and share content that people make viral with hashtags.

12. If you are good at doing some tasks then create a Fiverr profile and link back to your blog.

13. Create content courses on Unacademy and share your blog links there.

14. Always link to your other related content which creates a flow around your blog.

15. Write in-depth research studies about any topic in your niche.

16. Submit blog to website review sites and get a link back instantly.

17. Help other people in starting up a blog and let them share your content.

18. Do teach people what not to do in your niche and warn them if they are doing something wrong.

19. Push notification services can help you to reach more people out there.

20. Build progressive web app for your blog and get more quality visitors.

21. Watch out other people in blogging and check their tactics for getting visitors.

22. Make it easy for people to reach you for any help or feedback.

23. You can have more comparison posts for products and services in your field.

24. Make YouTube videos for teaching people tips and tricks of blogging.

25. Ask your working organization to link to your blog.

26. Tweet your post on twitter with trending hashtags.

27. Create online products related to your field and giveaway for free to get visitors.

28. Go to every seminar and webinar to interact with people in the field of Blogging.

29. Convert your posts into Ebooks and sell them for free.

30. You can use paid articles on other blogs to get reference link back.

31. Add all your social channels to your Blog.

32. Facebook allows you to add Facebook Page box in your page.

33. You can have polls and surveys on your social media channels.

34. Have a Email subscription box in your blog posts.

35. Try to delete any page link that is not there and showing error.

36. Keep an eye on Google Webmaster tool for any issue on your site.

37. Use a good hosting which can handle heavy real time traffic.

38. Use some conspiracy to get your posts in trending.

39. Never use illegal link building techniques which can hurt your site authority.

40. Always use genuine themes for your blog as other theme could have been hacked.

41. Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools like Mautic.

Here we come at the end of this huge list of ways to increase Blog traffic. This covers almost every aspect of getting more and more visitors and building blog audience.

We hope you liked the post, Do share it with your friends as Sharing is Caring 🙂

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