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Google Brings New Social Network Shoelace to The Market

Google after multiple times on the Social Network domain bring in Shoelace. It is the new Social Media Network currently under its testing phase in smaller space.

Earlier the company Google has invested so much of time and money on Google+. After so many years Google+ is now not available for general business accounts. With Shoelace Google is trying to enter the Social Networks again.

Although the network is quite different from other mainstream social media channels like Facebook, twitter, etc. The app could be used to get connected with people having similar interests. People then can have offline meetups and grow in a community together.

Shoelace is designed and developed by a small team from Area 120, A Google’s Workshop. The workshop is focused mainly on experimental products connected and related with technology.

For now the app is only introduced in New York and for only specific communities. After knowing further details of what its users want they will then increase the working space. This way they could handle the user feedback more efficiently.

The major Sholeace features include:

  1. Create a Profile on the Google Shoelace App
  2. Choose your interests to classify your community.
  3. Join crews related to your interests.
  4. Make plans with people having same interest or join others onto their plans.

According to the website the application is good for people just moved to a new city. It is easy for them to find like minded people. Joining crews and plans will help them meet new friends and will let them grow together.

You just need a Google account to sign up for the Shoelace Account. The app is currently available for Android and iOS operating system.

Lets just wait and watch if people will love the way how this app works. The concept is a bit different than other social media channels and this will help it to stand apart.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding Google Shoelace 🙂

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