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Artificial Intelligence is Making New Scientific Discoveries

Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence that is showed by machines and coded algorithms. The coded algorithms could be trained over data related to any specific field.

After the training completes Artificial Intelligence could be used to make decisions. These decisions could include multiple instances like Behavior recognition, Information digging, Finding solutions to multiple problems.

Artificial Intelligence has seen an increasing demand in business houses to take complex business decisions. AI is proving its strength over humans as it is solving problems that even humans were unable to do.

Researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory worked with Artificial Intelligence. They used Word2Vec, An algorithm which was applied on scientific papers and found various new assumptions and discoveries.

These discoveries were very much new and were missed by Human Scientists working on Research. The algorithms used Machine Learning techniques to find out scientific information from old research papers.

The algorithm was not even knowing about these scientific terms in the past. After going through the scientific research papers the AI provided various information about thermoelectric materials. The information can be used to substitute the already used thermoelectric materials by scientists.

Only one thing guided the algorithms that was their ability to associate words with the help of neural networks. In the word association the network was able to guess the next most suitable word by knowing the context of any research material.

The algorithms were also tested on past data to test whether it could predict the occurrence of already founded materials. It was trained with millions of phrases and abstracts from science journals and research papers.

These papers were carrying information about Material Science and the AI was able to relate this information to find new information as well as discovered future Material Science Theories.

All the theories shows how powerful Artificial Intelligence is and how it could be used to predict better opportunities. The power is not limited to this particular domain and can be used in other fields as well to get predictions and build robust things.

Learning in most of the Artificial Intelligence programs is Unsupervised Learning so they are not given any fixed target or goals. All they do is to relate the information acquired in their training from millions of data abstracts.

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