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Funny IT Jokes

Some people might not be happy with us sharing funny IT Jokes and Computer Jokes on Educational website. But we are good with it because we know that learning should be fun.

You should never see learning as an additional activity. It should be in your daily routine and fun and entertainment make it relate to the real world.

And thus we thought to share some IT Jokes here and also you can find some of the most funny Computer Jokes. Don’t ever think that programmers and computer enthusiasts are not funny or they don’t have a sense of humor.

We have seen some of the funniest people and they belong to the programming and IT domain. So, let’s get started with some funny jokes on IT and Computer world.

Computer Screen: Press Any Key to Start
Computer Operator: Where is the hell that "Any Key"

What's a Computer's Favorite Snacks?

The Oldest Computer can be Traced back to Adam and Eve. It was an Apple but with Extremely Limited Memory.

Just 1 byte. And then Everything Crashed.

Question: How Do You Know When an Asian Broke Into Your House?

Answer: Your Maths Homework is Done, Your Computer is Upgraded, and 2 Hours Later He is Still Trying to Back Out of the Driveway.

Why Did the LAN and the Computer System Got Married?

Because, They Had a Connection!

Two Process Threads Walk Into a Bar.

The Barkeeper Looks Up and Yells, “Hey, I Don’t Want Any Conditions Race Like the Last Time”

The Programmer to His Wife:
“Darling, Here, I Brought a New Dress for You”
“Thank you, Honey, But Where is the User’s Manual for it?”

Two Database Developers Walked into a NoSQL Bar.

A Little Later, They Walked Out of the Bar. Because They Couldn’t Find a Table.

An SEO Couple Had Twins.

For the First Time in Their Life, They Were Happy With Even With the Duplicate Content.

Question: How Many PROLOG Programmers Does it Take to Bake a Vanilla Cake?

Answer: Yes.

Two Bytes Met at Movies.

The First Byte Asks, “Are You ill?”
The Second Byte Replies, “No, Just Feeling a Bit Off.”

Software Developers Like to Solve Problems.

If There Are No Problems Handily Available, They Will Create Their Own Problems.

Question: “What's the Object-Oriented Way to Acquire Wealth?”

Answer: Inheritance

Why Didn’t the Digital Marketing Couple Get Married?

They Weren’t on the Same Landing Page.

Interviewer: What's Your Strength?
Me: I am an Active Learner.
Interviewer: What is 12 Multiplied 12?
Me: It's 74.
Interviewer: You Are Not Even Close, It's 144.
Me: It's 144.

There Are Only 10 Kinds of People Living in This World:
Those Who Know About Binary and Those Who Don’t.

A Programmer Was Walking Out of Door for Work, Her Husband Said:

“While You’re Out, Buy Some Cheese” And She Never Returned Home.

Question. What is the Biggest Lie Ever Known?

Answer. “I Have Read All The Terms & Conditions and I Agree to Them.”

A Programmer's Husband Tells Her to Get some Grocery Items From the Market.

She Asks What He Needs, and He Tells Her to Pick Up a Gallon of Milk, and if They Have Bananas, Get a Dozen.

When She Returns Home, Her Husband Asks, Why She Brought Home 12 Gallons of Milk, and She Responded That They Did Indeed Have Bananas.

So, these were some funny IT Jokes. We hope you would have a great laugh reading them. We will be adding more computer jokes in the coming future and you can also comment down some funny computer and IT Jokes if you know any.

Do share the jokes with your friends and family, specially the ones who are in the field of IT and Computers.

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